Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi telling Pankhudi that he is determined to bring happiness on his family face. Pankhudi and her mother smiles. Dadaji tells him how God solve the problems. Nanu asks about Adi and Pankhudi to Avantika, she says Pankhudi is fine. Nanu says he will call Gupta ji and prays for Adi and Pankhudi safe return. Nani comes in Adi’s dream. Adi starts crying and kisses her hand. He wakes up with a smile. Pankhudi asks him, he says everything is fine.

Adi and Pankhudi leaves from Kulu. At Sameer’s house, his mother asks him to have food. Just then someone comes with Sherwani for Sameer. Sameer says he doesn’t need it anymore but he says, will do the payment in the evening.
Adi and Pankhudi comes there, Sameer and his family looks on. His dad sadanand

about to leave, but Adi requests him to stay as he is the head of the family. He asks Sameer why he wants to return the sherwani as he wants to marry Preeti. Adi says how will you come to the marriage without the sherwani. He makes the situation light and smiles. He says he wants them to come to the Deewan Mansion and says he will held himself responsible if this marriage breaks. He asks for Sameer’s mother permission who reluctantly agrees. Adi tells Sadanand not to think about the past things. Sadanand says he feels guilty and not able to change his mind set.

Adi comes back with Pankhudi like a hero. everyone gets happy. Adi asks Nanu about the marriage preparations and says I am back. He says he brings Sameer and his family. Sheela, Rubel and Latika comes there. Avantika says you should have taken rest. He says he went to Sameer house and took them here. He asks for Maasi. Avantika gets emotional and cries. Adi jokes that she is crying like Pankhudi. Nanu thanks pankhudi, who says this all happened because of Mom’s prayers. She says sorry to Avantika. Adi says he is happy and will make everyone happy. He announces Maasi’s marriage on the same date as scheduled. Sheela gets happy.

Preeti comes with Kaira and asks Adi, when did they come. Adi says he is fine and if she wants him to be happy then she have to agree to marry sameer. He requests her to agree for the marriage.
He says I know you all are upset. He says he don’t have any problems with Sadanand uncle and hopes to start afresh. Adi requests again to Maasi who happily agrees. Adi brings Preeti and Sameer closer. Everyone feels happy.

Rubel tells Sheela that he will never accept defeat. Latika says if they wants to be in Dadaji’s good books then we have to involved in this marriage. Sheela says we have to happily involve in the marriage and be patient for the right moment.

Nanu says marriage will be traditional. Adi cheers up maasi and says to think about Sameer. Sheela comes there and says she is excited about the marriage. Sheela asks Rubel and Latika to come. Adi asks them to sit. Pankhudi gets food for all. Nanu asks did anyone call Harish? Adi says he tried this number but it is unreachable. Nanu says he will eat pakodas happily as he is unsure whether he will be able to attend any marriage thereof. Adi says you have to attend even Kaira children’s marriage. Adi gets a call and he leaves. Harish comes and is in thoughts. Nanu sees him lost and asks are you alright. Avantika too asks him. Harish says nobody told me about Adi’s return. Avantika says she forgot. Preeti cheers him. Adi comes and hugs him lovingly. Harish smiles. Nanu says still you are childish, Harish says I am your son in law. Pankhudi goes behind Avantika. The episode ends on her tensed face.

During the haldi ceremony, Adi sings Meri har baat bas tu tak…….. and dances with Pankhudi.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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