Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kittu asking PaYa if they are married or not and they both shout Obviously.
Kittu says they are boring, and goes off to sleep

Sheila meanwhile had to push the taxi at the insistence of the cabbie and finally the taxi starts

Someone came to collect payments for Sheila’s travel and for the prepaid cab, and Anuj says she has gone to her father’s place, Nana says why she has to hire a cab, she can take the car of house, and further warns Anuj before Avantika that if now sheila goes anywhere else and for that a new travel arises, then he will take steps and make sure something is done to her

After Anuj is gone, Avantika asks Nana regarding the divorce papers and if he has given those to Harish and what was his reaction. Nana says Harish was silent and so he gave him 7 days more time to think about the issue, Avantika was angry and says what was the need to give him extra time and the divorce formalities would have been completed in this week itself based on mutual consent

Meanwhile the taxi driver is sometimes driving fast, sometimes stopping on Mami’s orders and he is frustrated Mami wonders how come there is three people in car and gets confused

Adi takes a tea break, arranges for tea, but is on phone talking to someone and first offers it to Kittu, and later to Pankuri, Pankuri says she won’t take and Kittu says the tea is so nice and she & Adi teases Pankuri.

Pankuri doesn’t take the teasing lightly and is getting jealous with every passing minute

Meanwhile Kittu’s would be husband (Aakash) came and met Adi & Pankuri, and Kittu finally goes with her But before going, she says Adi is too good and speaks well about him while for Pankuri she said she almost forgot about her and introduced her to Aakash just before leaving

After Kittu left, Pankuri says she cannot change herself and she will remain the same as she was, may be that is boring and uncool and Adi will have to accept that and live with that.
She goes to washroom to refresh herself.

Adi feels Pankuri got jealous and so hid himself in forest when Pankuri was refreshing herself.

Pankuri couldn’t find Adi and kept calling her, Adi carved PaYa name on a tree trunk, signalling her to go deeper into forest and himself hiding there.

After a minute or two, Pankuri’s call stopped, Adi got tensed by the minute and calls out Pankuri Pankuri now.

Finally when he finds her, he says this is not a joke, and says he got too worried.

Pankuri is shocked and says how come Adi is creating a big issue out of it

Adi says he was too tensed, and stresses the fact that he was all along leaving in false belief that they are just good friends when fact is just the opposite. Adi says he changed many of his habits, started paying respect to the elders by touching their feet, went to temples, started believing in God, started eating karela-ki-sabzi though it is awful, and had started liking homemade food and all this indicates just one thing, that he is in love with Pankuri, and finally says—>

“I love you Pankuri ”

Pankuri stood there amazed after listening the hurricane words of Adi terminating into love confession for Pankuri finally

PaYa dances to the tune of the song “Aate jaate haaste roote”

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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