Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2014 Written Update

The episode with the voiceover of Nanu and he says 6 months have passed. My family is happy but certain things doesn’t change. Shanky tells Pankhudi that everyone are late. Pankhudi says, we will see about the food. Nanu praises Pankhudi for uniting his family. Sheela tells Anuj that alarmed didn’t ring today. Anuj says, you stopped it. Sheela promises her that she will wake up early tomorrow. She asks, where is Kaira. Kaira comes. Sheela asks her to drink juice else she will look bad. Nanu’s voiceover says, she shall get marry, this time Sheela is right. Anuj asks Kaira to get ready for marriage. Rubel says, we will make sure that we will approached rich businessman. Nanu introduces Rubel to be just like his reflection. Rubel tells Sheela that we Deewan’s needs to be

trend setter. Payal says, everyone wants to know about the interiors of our office. Nanu says, she thinks of luxuries.

Payal says, our interiors will be published in international newspapers. Sheela says, I am a designer herself. Everyone laughs. Pankhudi suggests her to design Anuj’s cabin. Rubel asks, where is my brother? Adi is not ready yet. Nanu says, he is still same, innocent and carefree. Nanu says, everything is changed but everything is same. With time, memories gets forgettable but Avantika didn’t forget anything. She started her own business. Nanu tells that his son in law have increased his weight. Avantika asks him to finish the breakfast quick. Sameer tells Preeti that 6 months have passed since we started our handikraft’s business. Preeti tells him that Dad started his business with handikraft and she wanted them to follow her Dad’s foot steps.

Dadaji tells Nanu that your family is very happy, enjoy your holiday at God’s place. Nanu says, time starts his own play. Adi is talking on phone, Pankhudi cuts his call and asks him to have breakfast. Rubel says, you would have come for the award ceremony. Adi says, I don’t like that. Anuj says, you should have gone. I am getting calls from media for interviews. Sheela says, I will do dieting then. Adi praises her. Anuj gets Mr. Dhanrajgir’s call. Anuj says, we will meet surely. He tells Adi that he wants Kaira to marry his brother. Rubel asks, what is the problem? we have met him a couple of times. Pankhudi asks Kaira, are you ready? Kaira says, we can meet. Adi says, we have to check family’s background. Rubel says, Dhanrajgir name clears every doubt. Adi says, we have to talk to mom. Sheela says, I will talk to her. Avantika didn’t step in Deewan Mansion in these 6 months.

Harish reads the newspaper for Avantika. Avantika says, I am proud. Harish says, success is Adi’s and Rubel’s. Avantika says, it is about me and Sheela bhabhi. I don’t it to repeat again. I am just living far from them, didn’t break my relation. Harish says, it is difficult to argument with you but why you didn’t enter Deewan Mansion even once.

Adi is speaking on phone and searching an envelope. Pankhudi asks God, why you make the phone. Adi asks her to complain to him. Pankhudi asks him to come home early as Mr. Dhanrajgir is coming and asks him to get the cake from the bakery. Avantika calls him and says well done for getting the award business family of the year. adi says, it is for us all. Please come home. Avantika says, we will talk later.

Sheela says, we are not less than anyone, we are Deewan’s. Mr. Dhanrajgir ( Apoorva Agnihotri) comes. Everyone look at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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