Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi saying he doesn’t know what Pankuri is thinking at this moment, but asks her whether she is ready to make this day, this moment special and says he would like to make the moment special and for that he needs her assurance, Pankuri turns and they embrace, Adi puts his face near Pankuri’s ear and they are intently looking at each other, and trying their best to make the Valentine’s Day memorable

Avantika enters Harish’s house, someone (new character) opens the door, Avantika enters, and Harish looks a bit surprised.

Avantika says she has came here to start life afresh with Harish and asks Harish to give one last opportunity to her to redeem herself, and to start life anew.

Harish, much to Avantika’s dismay, says he has already

started life afresh and Avantika is too late, he waited for long but then thought to move on in life, the other woman is now standing beside Avantika

PaYa in romantic mood, they are hugging themselves, and Adi removes hairs from Pankuri’s face, and caresses Pankuri’s face, both keeps on looking at each other and Adi starts admiring Pankuri’s beauty and makes a pleasant face.

Avantika is shocked and Harish was about to say something in return, but Avantika says him not to say anything and not to feel guilty regarding the matter, says the fault is with her and she shouldn’t have interfered in the life of Harish in such a sudden fashion, says she will go away from her life.

PaYa out of control now both are busy looking at each other, and Pankuri was about to turn her face, and Adi holds her by saree and embraces in a tight hug, they share some romantic moments, and Adi carries Pankuri in his arms and slowly lowers her in bed, and both were busy looking at each other when Shanky knocked the door and says Avantika has returned.

Everyone comes down, Nana is shocked, says how come all these happened, Avantika is numbed by grief and just about manages to say that Harish has started life afresh, shocking everyone, Preeti fires a barrage of questions but Nana shuts her up, says this isn’t time to ask such questions and says Avantika is in no mood to listen to them.

Adi is very much in grief over the sudden turn of events and says to Pankuri to convince Avantika that his Dad (Harish) is only in love with Avantika, and says he is going to have a talk with Dad and ask him regarding it and will come only after getting some satisfying explanation from him. Adi is confused and fails to understand why his Dad is behaving in this weird fashion when 2 days before he was very happy with the turn of events.

Avantika says to Adi not to go there and says it is all her fault that she left Harish after doubting on his character and if at this stage of his life, he has decided to move on, then she doesn’t want to stop him or pressurize him into changing his decisions.

Rubel says maybe Harish wanted to take revenge.

Adi says his Dad is an actor and maybe this is a joke from his end but inside his heart he always had genuine feelings for his Mom.

Avantika cannot bear to listen anymore and pleads Adi and others to stop asking Harish about this matter or influencing his decision in any fashion.

She cries and runs away after telling all these

Sheila asks Nana what will be the future course of action now, Adi says he is immediately going to meet Harish to settle the issue.

Precap–> Sheila says last time Avantika came crying in this fashion but this time Anuj should tell her that this is his house and his business and shouldn’t allow her interference now, even though Avantika will be in the house. On the other hand, Dadi says to Harish that whatever happened with Avantika is very bad

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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