Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi hitting Adi. Adi says ohhooooo…… and says he thought to give her surprise. Pankhudi says sorry. Adi tells Pankhudi that they should not allowed Latika to go to chennai. He says he shall go now. Pankhudi asks him to stay. Ambika wakes up and asks, she is speaking with whom? Pankhudi says she is talking to herself. She asks Adi to go. Adi says I will take a good night kiss and goes near to Pankhudi. Some lady sees them. Pankhudi smiles.

Dadaji tells Govardhan mama that Rubel is now out of danger. Govardhan says but Manorama may try to hurt Rubel but Dadaji says they will not do as such.

Adi calls Pankhudi and says he will call her after getting in his room. He hears Kapil singing a song aaja shaam hone aayi and goes towards his

room. Adi opens the door to find him standing on his legs and gets shocked. Kapil is shocked too. Adi sits on his wheel chair.

Diwakar returns to Kulu. Govardhan mama asks about Ambika and about the relative marriage. Adi asks Kapil to smile while he was taking his pictures. He says we will give this good news to Anuj mama, he will be happy. He says it is a miracle. Kapil is silent. Adi says lets go out and everyone shall know that you can walk too. Kapil asks him not to share this with anyone. Kapil says he did this drama to get their sympathy. He says he did, what he was asked to do? Adi asks, don’t you have brain and asks you did this on whose insistence? Adi says, you did this on chote nani’s compulsion.

He says, he will get Anuj mama here. Kapil cries and requests Adi not to tell anyone. Adi says you have made your mom as God, but she is misusing you for her selfish motives. She has misused you, revathi and chachiji for her motives. Kapil says she loves us. Adi says mother’s love is not like that. She spoiled you, your thinking. She made you a bad person. Adi says, he will not tell anyone about this, but he have to do his work whether he like it or not. Adi asks him to decide. Kapil says he will do your work. After Adi leaves, Kapil thinks he have to hide this from his mom.

Neighbour comes to Pankhudi’s house and asks about them. She asks Pankhudi, whether she got a job? Pankhudi says she is searching. She asks whether she is married? And says yesterday she saw some handsome guy going from this place. Pankhudi tells Ambika that he was Adi. Neighbour leaves. Ambika tells Pankhudi that Adi came. Pankhudi says don’t listen to her. She says she is not modern like Avantika. Pankhudi says Adi did everything for her. Ambika says she will go to mandir.

Chachiji asks Anuj about Rubel. Anuj says operation is successful and he will come out of coma soon. Chachiji taunts Anuradha. Adi shows his mobile to Kapil, fearing him. Kapil tells Chachiji that why you are making an issue, it might be a mistake. Chachiji is shocked. He asks Anuradha to put some ghee on her khichdi. Adi asks Revathi to get ready and he will drop her to the academy. Revathi nods in a yes. Chachiji looks at Kapil.

Latika thinks she needs to send Sheela to Mumbai anyhow. At the other end, Sheela thinks she has to send Latika to Mumbai else she will not allow Rubel to get well. Sheela is coming from the opposite side, Latika sees that the floor is slippery and prays that Sheela should get the fracture. But Sheela doesn’t slip, Latika follows her and accidently slips. Sheela laughs and says you have fallen down. She says I shall give support to you. But falls on latika. Latika then gets up and thinks her time is wrong.

Chachiji scolds Kapil for talking to her in that tone. Kapil says sorry. Chachiji says don’t dare to speak with me in that tone and tells Kapil to look after the office. Adi tells Pankhudi that Kapil is not a handicapped. Pankhudi wonders, why Revathi and Anuradha didn’t tell them. Adi says he has threaten him but didn’t have his pictures. Adi says they might have thought that we are broken but it is not like that. Adi says we are together. We will break them.

Pankhudi says it is difficult for maa. Adi says people will talk like this. Ambika asks him to come after informing them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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