Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel telling his family that Anisha is coming for Varun only. He says, why we are forcing her if she don’t want to be involved with us. Adi and Pankhudi determine to unite her with the lost family. Varun comes home. Amrita says, it is good that you are back. Vikram says, welcome back. He asks him to rest.

Avantika asks Adi, do you think Vikram is forcing Varun to marry Kaira. Adi says, I don’t think so but he is very protective about him. He is a good man. Amrita is surprised to know that Anisha is a member of Deewan. Varun says, they doubted him but their doubts have been cleared. Amrita asks, are you sure about marriage? Varun says, Anny tried to convince her but he is still not sure about the marriage. Vikram asks them to be happily involved

in marriage.

Anisha calls Varun. Varun asks, when are you coming to India. Anisha says, I am coming tomorrow. She asks him not to inform the Deewan family. Varun tells everything is complicated.

Everyone are happy as Anisha is coming. Adi says, our mission won’t be successful until Anisha Nani unites with our family. Sheela comes and says I have decided to go to Australia with you after Kaira’s marriage. Anuj pulls her leg. Sheela pulls Payal’s legs. Amrita calls Vikram for dinner. He asks her to do the puja until the verdict comes in their favour. Varun asks, will you break my alliance if the verdict is not in our favour. Vikram is confident though. He says, why you want to spoil my and Kaira’s life for small case. Vikram says, it is 200 crores land. He says, our good days will start again.

Harish tells Avantika that today is the important day in her life. Kaira’s life is involved. Avantika says, don’t know who is right and who is wrong. I think to ask Adi and Pankhudi for help. Avantika calls Adi. Avantika couldn’t talk to Adi and Pankhudi about Vikram. She gets confused and tensed. Harish asks her to have faith in God. Adi and Pankhudi are in the car. Adi says, Varun is different and honest. Pankhudi says, why did he lie to Kaira? She has her doubts on him. They see Kaira with Varun and goes to her. Adi says, caught your lie. Kaira says, I got a call from Varun so thought to meet him. Varun says, I thought to give her gift.

Adi tells Varun that everyone knows about his visit to Australia. Kaira says, I will come with you to the airport. Adi asks him to give the details of the hotel. Varun says, can I drop Kaira. Pankhudi says ofcourse. Amrita gives prasad to Vikram. He asks her to take an appointment from the jewellery designer as he wanted to buy something for her. Vikram says, women will be happy with gifts. Amrita says, women needs love and it is the best gift.

Adi says, wedding should be traditional. Rubel says, it should be designer wedding. Adi gets Varun’s message saying Anisha reached India. Pankhudi asks him to call the reception. Vikram calls someone and asks them to deliver the papers to the chamber.

Vikram tells in the chamber that Avantika didn’t reach on time. Avantika is seen driving the car. He says, she might be busy. Avantika hits someone’s car in a hurry.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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