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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa defending Ayesha. Ayesha calls Adi and says she is at registrar office as she came to check the apology. She says she will come home. Avantika is angry on Harish. She drives the car very quickly to reach home and stop Adi’s marriage with Ayesha. Sheela says she will not come back, she does not want to marry, else where will she go without telling her mum. Ayesha comes home and Sheela is shocked. Ayesha tells about the apology in the magazine, sorry to go without informing. Nani says we all were worried, you could have told us, its fine, I will call Adi and he will come. She says I called him and he will come. Nani says lets do the paper work.

Avantika breaks the signal and traffic inspector stops her asking her to come with her to police station. Ayesha

tells Sheela that she has filled 50 lakhs rupees amount in blank cheque and donated it in old age home. Sheela is stunned losing so much amount in charity. Ayesha says now you will get many blessings. Payal says she is very smart. Sheela says I will see how she becomes the bahu, why did Avantika not come, call her. Avantika says I have to go. She gets Sheela’s call and says I m coming, but stop Adi. She says she will talk to commissioner.

Adi comes. Nani says lets start. Sheela says but Harish and Avantika has to come. Adi says but I won’t change my decision. Anuj scolds him and says if you don’t need your parents, then why me. He leaves. Nani asks Adi to come, let other things go. Sheela says Payal do something and stop them. Adi signs the papers and Ayesha sits beside him. Sheela says wait for 5mins, its not good mahurat. Rubel says come on, Adi you do it. Avantika and Harish come. Some mantras play in BG.

Ayesha looks at the papers and is about to sign. Avantika is rushing towards the house. Ayesha signs on the papers. They become legal wife and husband. Avantika comes and shouts stop it. Everyone look at her. She walks in anger. She asks Adi whats the hell is doing on, I told you won’t do anything till I come. Adi says I m sorry., I wanted to do what my heart said, so I did not wait for you. Avantika looks at Ayesha and sees the papers.

Avantika says I don’t care about this, this marriage will not be accepted. Adi asks why are you reacting like this. She says why, should I be happy as you are doing wrong. She says then convince me this is right, then I will support this marriage. Adi says I don’t have anything to say. Avantika says answer me, Did you love Pankhudi. Adi says ofcourse I do. She asks you miss her. He says yes. She says have you accepted that she is dead. He says yes. She says no, why are you marrying her, as she looks like Pankhudi. She says you were desperate to marry her. She says you want this face to be infront of you.

She says why were you hurrying, as you were scared as your mum won’t let this happen. He says I was scared of Ayesha and her family’s suffering. Sheela says they have trapped him for money, kick them out. Adi says enough. Avantika says you shut up, I don’t care about Ayesha, even if she is good, I won’t accept this marriage. Adi says Pankhudi and Ayesha are different, no one can take Pankhudi’s place in my life.

Bau ji says yes Avantika, they are different persons and we should not punish Ayesha. Avantika says Ayesha will be punished after marrying Adi, whole life, as he won’t love her. She asks Adi not to be emotional, but this marriage is contradictory. The bitter truth is you have to move on, you have to give her rights of a wife and Ayesha’s face won’t let to move on, and this will happen with us, we will find Pankhudi in her and compare her. She tells Nilofer that she understands this, then why is she ruining Ayesha’s life.

Nilofer says you can’t understand our situation. Avantika says what will Ayesha with this marriage, just a surname. Harish asks who do you know they won’t be happy. Avantika says I m his mum, I know whats right and wrong for my son. Avantika talks to Ayesha and says I have no grudges against you, but you can’t marry Adi, you know Adi did not forget Pankhudi, do you want to be Pankhudi’s shadow all the life, why are you ruining your life, tell me can he forget Pankhudi. Ayesha says because I…. Avantika says no, you don’t have any answer, we can null and void this marriage.

Harish asks are you mad, what are you saying. Adi says mum enough, I know elders have to agree. But its important that Ayesha and I agree, and we are, this documents will not be null and void now. Avantika says fine, but I will not accept Ayesha as your wife and my daughter in law. I will not accept this decision of yours. Adi looks at her. Ayesha cries. Everyone is shocked.

Avantika scolds Ayesha for breaking her family. She says I m scared Sheela’s words can become true.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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