Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela asking about Avantika. Harish says, she is tired so thought to relax. Sheela feels bad. Pankhudi says, shall I talk to mom? Adi says, no we shall give her space. At the party, everyone are representing the classic era and wears the 70′s outfits. Harish says, lets celebrate the new era. Pankhudi tells Adi that Mom will come. Harish starts acting…Adi says, my wife is becoming hitler’s nani. Pankhudi welcomes her family. Anuj thanks Dadaji. Adi asks, you didn’t wear according to the theme. Dadaji says, I am from that era. Govardhan mama jokes with him. Dadaji gives his congratulations to Nanu. Sheela tells him that he did a mistake. Dadaji asks her to keep the family united. Sheela praises Pankhudi. Dadaji says, it is the your responsibility

to hold the family.

Rubel tells Ambika that Adi and Pankhudi had to suffer because of him. Ambika says, I can understand being a mother. Don’t blame your mother for the happenings. Kaira tells Harish that Avantika will surely come. She says, I am Dadaji’s grand daughter and I know. Harish and Adi speak about the values and teachings of their ancestors. Anuj misses Avantika. Sheela says, we shall cut the cake. Someone asks Harish about Avantika. Harish says, she is not well so didn’t come. Sheela asks all the kids to cut the cake. Dadaji says it is a good thing. Avantika comes, Adi goes and hugs her. Everyone is happy. Adi says, I told you naa that I will bring mom. Pankhudi says, I said that mom will come. Anuj thanks her. All the youngsters cut the cake…………….

Adi and Pankhudi sing the song Khushiyan Hi Khushiyan Ho Daman Me Jiske….followed by everyone. They start dancing happily on the song. Sheela sings the apologetic song for Avantika. Everyone clap for them. Govardhan mama tells Anuj that they will leave now. Anuj asks them to stay for some days. He asks him to search a good groom for Kaira. Dadaji blesses her. Diwakar leaves. Avantika tells Anuj that she wants to say something. She goes on the stage and says I hope the new generation won’t repeat the same mistake which we did. I will miss my office and so do Anuj Bhaiyya. She says, misunderstandings was really bad and to stop having it in future, I took a decision….I will not have any connection with Deewan Mansion, not as a advisory member. She says, I have decided that I will live at Harish’s home and Adi and Pankhudi will stay here. Adi and Pankhudi ask, why you don’t want to stay at home. Avantika says, so that I can come in future. Rubel asks her to rethink about her decision. Avantika says, it is good if we stay far but be united. Let me go. I am not taking decision to hurt anyone or take revenge. I won’t be happy here. Sheela agrees. She says, we won’t force you.

Sheela says, I also took a decision. I will wait for the day when you accept me from your heart. She asks her to take back the jewellery and things which she brought for partition. Avantika says, no. I will give it to Kaira. Sheela says, that will be yours only. Avantika leaves. She gets emotional while driving the car. Someone ( Apoorva Agnihotri) is seen coming to the Deewan Mansion.

Anuj tells everyone that Mr. dhanrajgir called us and he wants Kaira to get married to his brother. Rubel asks, what is the problem. Kaira gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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