Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi revealing his plans to his Mom ( Avantika ) regarding the mini surprise planned by him and tells Mom that he is now going away otherwise Pankuri may come here anytime looking for him and will get to know of the plans. Adi wants to keep this a secret as of now as he will be paying back Pankuri in the same coin (by surprising her).

Adi comes down and immediately Pankuri asks why he hasn’t told Pankuri bforehand that he came back here in Diwan Mansion. Adi says he came here to see off mom as she is leaving. Pankuri says he did the correct thing as it will please Avantika as well. Pankuri asks whether he has time for dinner or not. Adi says he is busy as mom is also leaving, and he has to do additional work today and so is not that much sure whether

he can make out time for today or not. Adi consoles Pankuri by saying that if not today they can go for dinner on any other day, as he believes that everyday there is love day and there is no special day to be so afflicted towards it, Pankuri completes the remaining sentence and was about to go away when Adi says he will be doing some work in his room now and says to Pankuri to make sure that no one disturbs him. Pankuri nods, and Adi gave a chivalrous smile on turning back before going upstairs

Sheila Mami finds Preeti maasi and tells her that though she is sad with Avantika leaving the house, but at the same time she is happy on seeing Avantika getting reconciled with Harish, and says this same state of mind she will once again have when she will be witnessing the marriage of Preeti Maasi. Preeti is getting infuriated by the passing minute and says she isn’t interested to talk as of now, Sheila asks whether she isn’t keen on marrying, and this evokes even hardened stand from maasi’s end. She says she doesn’t make false claims or goes back with what she says/ promises, and Geeta now offers to find a suitable match for preeti and asks her to see some photos which she had brought with her. Maasi is totally enraged and asks Mami to shut up, says she has said yes to marriage but it doesn’t mean that she is going to wed any boy chosen by mami and asks if she has plans to drive her out of the Diwan mansion pretty soon.

Sheila asks her to cool down and says she has aged and it will be hard to find a good match by herself.

Maasi asks Sheila to mind her own affairs or do other works as there are lots of works and says mami to keep out of this matter and if she brings pics next time she is going to tear them into bits

Now everyone gathers with Avantika about to leave. Preeti says she will miss her fights with Avantika and Avantika asks her to take care of herself and have medicines in proper time.
Avantika gets an emotional farewell. Nana Ji asks her not to loose her happiness now and hopes she makes most of her life, and Avantika assures that she will do everything possible to regain the lost happiness.

Sheila says she knows the pain of leaving house and feigns that she is very much distressed, and asks Avantika to hug her for the last time but Avantika ignores her chatter and goes towards pankuri and asks her not to speak anything for today. Avantika gifts something to Pankuri and asks Pankuri to stay the way she is and never change. She asks Pankuri to be natural and take care of herself and Adi as well, and with a warm hug finally turns to Adi now. Adi does a pranam by touching feet of Avantika and now finally Avantika is all set to bid adieu to Diwan Mansion.

Nana waves goodbye, Preeti does too and Avantika, misty-eyed , finally leaves.

PaYa together, Adi asks whether she is going towards room or not, Pankuri says yeah she is going as she will change dress, Adi asks her to change in a different room as he will be working there and so doesn’t want to lose his focus while working

Saree clad Pankuri finally comes to room and is shocked to see the room beautifully decorated with candles and hanging curtains. She searches for Adi and finally found him. Adi explains her that he did all this to celebrate Valentine day and make it a special day for Pankuri. He profusely praises Pankuri’s beauty and says though Pankuri is wearing designer saree and jewellery but still she has a natural beauty which makes her all the more attractive and he is really thankful to God to get a lovely wife like Pankuri. Pankuri smiles and Adi says it is not fair she never praised Adi or said anything about the efforts which he undertook. Pankuri said somethings are never told and they are meant to be understood only. Adi smiles and Pankuri thanks him for doing so much for her. Adi says it is for both and blindfolds her first and leads her to a decorated hallway and a spendid room for having dinner and opens up good food, Adi was going to say something but Pankuri asks if all these food Adi has cooked or what, Adi says he has ordered by himself, not cooked.

Pankuri serves Adi food and was about to take a separate plate when Adi offered her to eat from same plate as he remembered his Dadi’s saying that when a couple eat food from same plate, their love manifolds and Pankuri helplessly obliges

After dinner, Pankuri still was looking at the decorations of the room when Adi asks her to offer her feet and touches her feet to decorate it with a payal (nupur) and Pankuri touched it to make the fitting well, their hands converges, and Adi stood up, Pankuri was about to move away from Adi when Adi holds her back and hugs her from backside, and touches her face and haors, and they have some romantic moments.

Avantika reaches Harish’s residence, someone opens the door, and Avantika seemed surprised.

Precap PaYa in some romantic sequence, an eye-lock happening and the song Jab tum rahoo, jab hum rahe is playing in the background, Pankuri moves her face aside and turns back but in one twirl Adi brings her even more closer to his face

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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