Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Varun calling Anisha and asks her to meet. She says, we will meet tomorrow as my mood is not good. Adi says, we will wait for tomorrow. Harish tells Anuj that everything is happening so fast. Sheela says, we will inform Pankhudi. Anuj says, they might be sleeping. Sheela says, I know. Anuj asks Harish about Avantika’s opinion about Dhanrajgir. Harish says, she likes them. Anuj says, Avantika is also right. Sheela says, she was not always right. She misunderstood Pankhudi at first. Harish hopes for Kaira’s happy life. Sheela asks him to have dinner and asks Harish to inform Avantika that she is sending tiffin for her.

Varun requests Adi not to tell about his Australia visit to Australia. Adi asks, why did you lie? Varun says, I was nervous and that’s

why I came here to meet Anny. She matters to me a lot. Pankhudi calls Avantika. She tells her that they came to know about Anisha’s address. They are going to meet her. Avantika says, I am sure she will be happy to meet you.

Vikram asks Amrita, when Varun is coming? Amrita says, I told you naa that he will be coming in 2-4 days. Vikram says, ask him to come soon. Amrita says, he will be back in 2 days. Varun says, I will meet Anny first. Anny hugs her. Anny says, yesterday I was upset. Varun says, I want you to meet someone. She turns and looks at them. Adi and Rubel recall meeting her.

They come to her. Adi says hello. Namaste. He says, we didn’t recognize you yesterday. He introduces themselves. Payal takes her blessings the Pankhudi touches her leg. Anisha pushes Pankhudi. She says, I don’t meet the strangers. She recalls the past happenings.

Anisha starts walking. They try to talk to her. Anisha says, you talks like your nana. Pankhudi says, we want to apologize to you. Anisha says, nobody had forgiven me. She asks them to go back. She says, I don’t have anything to do with you. Rubel says, he is your jijaji. Anisha says, no only Deewan Saheb. Just leave me alone. Pankhudi says, our relation won’t break. She says, may be something happened else you would have come back. Anisha says, nobody called me. Adi says, Nanu didn’t tell us anything. Anisha says, he promised me but couldn’t fulfill his responsibility. I won’t see her face. Adi tells her that Nanu is no more. Anisha gets shocked. She asks, how did it happen? Adi says, one year back. He wants his family to be complete.

Pankhudi asks her to keep the wedding dress which Nanu kept it for her. Anisha asks her not to joke with her. Pankhudi says sorry. Anisha says, your sorry can’t return my 35 years. She tells them that everyone turned their faces as she opted to marry James Waterson. She cries. She says, your nani and my sister also turned her face from me. Your Nana promised me that he will make everyone accept my marriage. I came to Australia with that hope but no one called me. She says, I didn’t see my father’s face when he died. Who will return my 35 years.

Adi tells her that Nanu always remembered her. Anisha says, he didn’t call me when James died. Anisha says, you can’t clear my sadness with your sorry. Adi says, we understand your anger. We came to take you to India. Pankhudi says, your famly is calling you. Rubel says, that kaira is getting married to Varun. Anisha says, I won’t go back. I forgot that family.

Adi tells Anisha, you have to come with us. We won’t let you go. Anisha slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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