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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling everything to Avantika. He says we are marrying tomorrow. She says you can’t be foolish, you won’t take any step till I come. He says come and bless us. She says this decision affects Ayesha too. He ends the call. Avantika breaks down and says how can he do this. Nilofer asks Adi to understand that he can’t go against his family. He says my decision won’t change. Ayesha says everyone told me, now I want to say. She cries and thanks him for supporting her, this is enough for her, but she can’t marry him, as it will break all his relations. Payal says wait Ayesha and comes to her.

Payal asks her why is she acting now, as she has already trapped him. Adi asks Ayesha to trust him and no more discussion now. He asks Nilofer to go and take rest now.

She takes Ayesha and leaves. Sheeha scolds Adi. Ayesha thinks only Pankhudi can help me now. Sheela asks Adi to do anything and gives him outhouse keys. Bau ji encourages Adi. Nani says don’t worry. Adi says its not easy to convince mum. Avantika calls Harish and leaves.

Harish meets Nilofer and says I m very sorry, I want to say please you all stay here and trust Adi, he will not trouble Ayesha, he will always keep her happy, I m happy she won’t leave them now. He says I know it’s a compromise, but a best decision. Nilofer says if everyone are against, how long will you support her. Harish says once she knows this, I m sure she will support Ayesha. He says no one can be annoyed with Ayesha. He opens the outhouse and makes them go in. He thinks to talk to Avantika and calls her.

She asks him whats all this. She says this is not your tv show, this is my son’s life. He says let me explain, come back. She says she is coming and will stop Adi. Nani talks to Bau ji and says she is worried about Avantika. Adi comes to talk to them. He says he did this for Ayesha. I know she will some dreams to marry, which have broken. Nani says you did the right thing. He asks how are you sure. She says I know she………… she will be happy with you, I know. Adi apologizes to Bau ji for huting their sentiments. He sees Pankhudi’s pic and talks to her.

Nilofer talks to Ayesha and says everything will be fine tomorrow, this family will accept you and my worry will end. Ayesha asks does she have any right to marry Adi. Nilofer says yes and explains her that she is not forcing her, but trust me, I want you to be happy. She asks is she annoyed with her. Ayesha says no. She thinks I m sad that the man I love will be near me but far. Sheela waits for Ayesha and she comes.

Sheela says I knew you will come here by my sms, this is blank cheque and can fulfill all your dreams, just don’t be in my house and Adi’s life. Sheela taunts her and says fill this cheque and get lost, before Adi does something in his madness, just go from here and take your family away. Ayesha is shocked. Sheela leaves. Avantika is leaving for airport and says I miss you Pankhudi. I won’t let anything wrong happen with your Adi, never.

Its morning, Adi says we are ready, come with the papers. Payal asks Adi to think again. Anuj says the same. Adi says don’t start again. Payal says let Avantika come. Adi says don’t scare me by her name. Nafisa comes and asks where is Ayehsa, she is not in outhouse. Adi says I will go and stop her, if she leaves the city then. Sheela knows why Ayesha went. Nani goes to talk to Niofer. Sheela tells Payal that she did this, she has scolded Ayesha well. Payal says if Adi finds her again then. Sheela says Avantika will come and you know no one can win over her. She thinks where did Ayesha know and don’t know what big amount she wrote in the cheque.

Avantika meets Harish and scolds him a lot. He says sit in the car, I will explain. She says Adi will ruin his future. He says Ayesha is a very nice girl. She says this is a compromise, not marriage, give me the keys. He says I will drive. She says you cheated me, I don’ trust you. She leaves in the car. Adi looks for Ayesha. Nani calls him and he says he is going to check on station, he did not get Ayesha yet. She says registrar came. He says make them wait, I will bring her soon. Nani says come soon, everyone is waiting for you. Nani tells this to registrar and asks her to have tea. Avantika thinks to reach soon and stop this marriage.

Sheela tells Nilofer that Ayesha has run away. Nafisa says I know her well, she will not run like this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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