Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi coming to the hill temple. Pankhudi puts the coconut in the Havan (fire). Pankhudi and Adi prays with folded hands while the song of Pyaar Ka Dard Hain plays in the background. Avantika calls Adi. Adi says he is not able to hear him and says he will call him later. Avantika gets tensed. Pankhudi asks him to call Avantika from outside the temple and says she will manage alone. Adi says ok and leaves.

Rubel tells Kaira that she must be happy that she will get his shares also. Kaira says she has guts to accept her mistakes and rectify it. She says she realised her mistakes. She says this is our family, dont keep hatred towards them. Rubel says he dont want her lectures, she leaves saying to rethought her words.

Pankhudi’s turn comes

for the darshan, she goes inside the cave. It is shown that one of the firelights drops the fire and it lits onto the grass.

Mamaji tells his wife that Pankhudi came to Kulu and they were not informed. She says shall we invite her for the meals. Mamaji says no, and may be diwakar babu will feel bad. He dont want Pankhudi to suffer. He says their relation with Pankhudi and Neha will never change.

Adi calls Avantika and tells her that he came to the temple with Avantika. Meanwhile Pankhudi is praying in the temple. Adi tells Avantika not to do like this or else he will be stressed. Suddenly fire breaks out and all the devotees rushes outside but Pankhudi gets stuck inside. Avantika hears about the fire and asks Adi, who cancels the call saying he will call her later. Avantika gets even more tensed.

Adi asks someone who informs him about the fire. Adi runs towards the mandir to save Pankhudi. Pankhudi feels suffocating and gets unconscious. The police officers stops Adi, but he enters the cave anyhow. She rushes inside like a hero and saves Pankhudi and takes her in his arms.

Pankhudi is taken to the hospital. Adi shouts at the doctor. He urges her to wake up. Doctor says she have to give her an injection and asks him to put the mask on Pankhudi’s nose. Adi gets flashback of Nani’s death. Somehow he places mask on her nose. Pankhudi regains consciousness, and Adi is relieved. Police officer says he saved this madam. Doctor says she is fine as the injury is minor and she will be alright. Pankhudi and Adi looks at each other lovingly while the song Pyaar ka dard hain plays in the BG.

Harish tells Avantika that accidents and natural calamities can happen at anytime, and it is not in anyone’s hand. He says you are over concerned and insecure. He says Pankhudi is Adi’s wife and she can take decision concerning Adi. He makes her realised that Adi is married and they have given Adi to Pankhudi.

All the ladies sit beside Pankhudi. Avantika calls Adi and asks him about Pankhudi’s health. She asks him to come home. Adi says he will come soon. Dadaji tells Adi that whatever God has ecided for us will surely happen and no one else can change it. He says today you saved Pankhudi as God has chosen you to saved Pankhudi, so it happened.
Adi says my guilt had effected my thinking to that extent that I was unable to do any work. I was unable to differentiate between right and wrong. He says whatever is destined to happen will happen and we can’t change it.

Adi and Pankhudi returns home and Adi tells Preeti that he is absolutely fine. He says if she wants him to be fine then please marry Sameer. Sameer looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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