Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela repenting for her mistake. Avantika says, partition will happen today only. Adi says, now everything is sort out and misunderstandings is cleared. Sheela says, I was manipulated by my brother and forgot other relations with this family. Please don’t punish everyone. Avantika says, I am trying to find a solution. Sheela says, I won’t repeat it. Avantika says, whatever you have said can’t be forgetten. You didn’t forget the past then how I shall forget the recent happening. Anuj says, Sheela did it because of them. Avantika says, Partition will happen. We will live seperately. Pankhudi asks her to change the decision. Avantika says, I can’t change my mind. Sheela’s words is engraved on my mind, it will refresh whenever I see her. Kaira

says, Dadaji’s dream was to see us united. Avantika says, it is better than we get seperate. We can’t make relation with each other.

Rubel says, we don’t want partition. Preeti agrees with Avantika. Pankhudi asks Harish to speak up. Harish says, I am on Avantika’s side. She is thinking practically. Rubel asks Anuj to stop the partition. Anuj says, I am also feeling that Avantika is right. Dad’s dream was to see us happy and united but if we fight like that then his dream would be a dream only. We shall seperate. Sheela too agrees with Anuj now and says tell everyone how a bhabhi is responsible for the partition. Avantika asks to call the lawyers. Adi says, ok. Partition will happen for everything. Everything will be divided into three parts.

Adi and Rubel take out Nanu’s photo frame. Adi says, first of all there will be a partition of Nanu’s photo, dream, values etc…..Adi says, Nanu’s dreams will be mine. Rubel says, Dadaji’s philosophy and values will be mine. Avantika says, what is the nonsense. Adi asks her to do the partition of his photo and dreams. Sheela says, we don’t need anything. Preeti says, we can’t do the partition after hurting Dad. Pankhudi asks Avantika not to do the partition and within an hour all the investors and media will come for the meeting. Adi says, you have 1 hour time, because Nanu’s grandchildren are going to attend the IPO conference with Shanky, if others respect Nanu’s dreams then they will surely come. Adi says, Nanu’s photo will be kept here until his children keep it at its place.

Nirmala and Sadanand talk with each other. Sadanand says, I want to gift this book to Sameer and Preeti on their first anniversary. Preeti and Sameer come and Preeti tells them that Partition didn’t happen for now. Nirmala says, I hope you will not resign from the hospital. Preeti says, we have decided not to join the hospital. We will do some other business. Sameer says, Preeti is right.

At the IPO meeting, people start gossipying about the crack in Deewan Mansion family. Adi and Rubel are welcome on the stage. Adi says today is the important day of our lives. In our family, crores of people will join as investors. Rubel says, our company is on the top position. Adi says, media gave us free publicity. Rubel asks the media to start with their questioning. One person asks them about the differences in their family. Rubel asks, I came to know that you have differences with your brother. That guy says, it is rubbish. Someone asks, did Rubel asks for the chair. Adi says, I gave that chair to Rubel. They asks, what was the pressure. Adi says, I was concerned about my brother. They ask, who will be the MD then? Adi says, there will be no MD and CEO. We will follow one ambition and vision and the MD will be…….Shri Purushottam Deewan. Nanu’s big photo is shown. Rubel says, we will work and will take his dreams forward. Adi says, Shanky kaka is like our family member that’s why he is here. They ask about Avantika and Anuj’s fight? Adi says, point of difference is normal. Everyone waits for the elders.

Avantika tells Anuj that they will leave now from the IPO meeting. Anuj says, will meet tomorrow at the party. Pankhudi tells her that Nanu’s photo is still kept at the place.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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