Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi saying he wants that Kailash & Preity gives a second chance to their love, and Pankuri says she doesn’t favor it and moreover without Adi even asking Kailash regarding Preeti, how can he pass such kind of judgement, and Adi says Pankuri is arguing just for the heck of it and she has no valid points, he asserts that he is right in this matter and he will support Kailash and Preeti whole-heartedly if they want to give their love a second chance

Pankuri comes inside Preeti’s room and Preeti asks if Vedika told her anything, and Pankuri says Vedika told her everything, now Adi too comes in and a call of Kailash comes and Preeti cuts the call, Adi seems upset and says that Preeti maasi should have atleast talked over phone instead of rejecting

the call like that

Sheila plans to get rid of maasi by having her remarried and so she will be able to lord over the Diwan Mansion, and asks Anuj to wait for some days before resuming work and taking control of the whole Diwan group of companies.

Rubel offers to handle Adi and says he will make sure they see the end of him

Sheila says to Pankuri (who was busy watering plants in garden) that Preeti is very much upset after meeting Vedika and tries to convey Pankuri that marrying off Preeti to someone will make her forget the past Pankuri is in thoughts, seeing that Mami asks her to take care and she will eater the plants on her behalf and so Pankuri leaves, but Sheila while planning what to do next, accidentally hurt her nose with the watering pipe

Kailash calls Preeti, and Preeti receives the call finally now in front of all the family members and says that she wants to move on in life, Kailash says he is happy and would love to see Preeti moving on in life, their talks end and Adi is upset on seeing Preeti sacrificing her love for the sake of betterment of family, so he goes away and goes to sleep

PaYa argues during the sleeping arrangements over a separator of pillows and both states they know the centre of bed right and was placing pillows there and in the process their head collides with one another, and Pankuri says Adi to collide again otherwise they will be fighting forever and goes after him to strike his head with her and in the process Pankuri fell on top of Adi

PaYa embarrassed finally got up and they struck head and still argument continues, finally they made peace and says they both expressed their vies openly and it is a good thing, Adi says he is just upset over Maasi’s feelings and says this is what hurting him

Precap–> Sheila saying to Avantika that Anuj is telling Rubel that Avantika is enjoying the biggest room of Diwan Mansion and Avantika looked at the room keys in anger and disgust ..

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