Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Diwakar saying nothing is important than the seven vows of marriage. Pankhudi tries to defend Adi and says Adi did everything to protect her, to save nanu’s dreams, to fulfill the marriage vows. Diwakar says he can’t understand and asks Ambika to pack her bags. Pankhudi tries to say but he says you are a kid. Adi says everything will remain same, Pankhudi will live like his wife. Ambika says they can’t go against the society. Adi says he don’t care for society. Pankhudi says she will live here and will come Adi’s strength. She tells Diwakar to agree and says her happiness is with Adi. He needs her. She asks Ambika, whether she shouldn’t support him. Diwakar says Adi has a clean heart but this world is bad. Adi says if you have confidence and

trust on me then leave her here. He promises her. Diwakar agrees and says he can’t see his kids sad, though he is not happy with their decision but he will not take Pankhudi with her. He says but Ambika will stay here with Pankhudi. Adi agrees and says he will be relaxed if maa stays with her.

Doctor informs Sheela that operation is successful but he is still in coma. But he will come out of Coma soon. He says he is completely out of danger. Sheela smiles a bit. Kaira tells her that Rubel is out of danger now. Sheela cries being emotional. And asks whether everyone eats idli dosa in Chennai. He asks the nurse to distribute idli dosa to everyone and give the bill to her. Kaira says give them sweets but Sheela insists on idli dosa. She asks her to bring the ghee laddos. Harish says he wants to taste it. Sheela says no, she wants Rubel to have it and promises that she will prepare for him after reaching Mumbai. Harish asks her to sign on some papers. She says she will call Anuj.

Diwakar asks Ambika to talk to Adi and Pankhudi. He says he is getting late. Adi says bus will be hectic, so he booked the flight. Adi says he will be with Pankhudi all his life. Diwakar says he understands but taking divorce is a big step and hopes he understands him soon. Harish calls Adi and informs him that Rubel’s operation is successful. Adi gets happy and informs everyone. He hugs Pankhudi and says he will be fine soon.

Chachiji tells Latika that they got a last chance and Rubel shouldn’t get out of coma. Latika says what she shall do? If anything happens to him. Chachiji says you will get your shares? Latika says she will do something. Pankhudi tells Ambika that everything will be fine as soon as Adi gets the original will. Ambika says she hopes so and says you might be missing your home. How can you live alone here. Pankhudi says Adi is with her and you are also with me naa, there is no need to get tensed.

Diwakar tells Adi, why you booked flight tickets, I feel suffocated. Adi says shall we return home. Diwakar says no. Adi says Pankhudi will be fine. Adi says everything will be fine.

Nurse asks Latika to go outside. Latika requests her to allow her to sit on Rubel’s bedside and says she will not bother them. Nurse agrees and says she will get the medicines for him. Latika sits and takes out the blood syringe pipe from Rubel’s hand inorder to kill him. And says sorry.

Anuj informs Kapil that Rubel’s operation is successful and hopes he gets out of coma soon. Kapil says he needs some signatures of his. Anuj says ok, I will sign. Adi comes and asks him to read the papers before signing on the papers. Adi insists. Anuj asks him not to make an issue of it. Anuj reads and says it is routine account papers and asks Adi to read it too. Adi leaves. Kapil asks, why Adi always doubt on them. Anuj asks kapil to relax and says no one can tell you until I am there. He says nothing can happen with truthful people.

Pankhudi calls Sheela and says she and Adi are happy to know about Rubel. Sheela taunts them and says you are responsible for his condition. Just then she comes in Rubel’s ward and sees the blood pipe on the floor. She shouts for the nurse. Pankhudi overhears everything. Nurse says everything was fine, and says Latika was here. Sheela suspects her.

Latika asks are you out of your mind? When I came out everything was fine. Sheela threatens her and asks her to stay out. Pankhudi hears it and gets tensed. She prays for his well being. Pankhudi calls Adi, Ambika asks her to sleep. Pankhudi says she isn’t getting sleep. She messages Adi asking him, why he is cutting her call. Adi gets the sms and says I will irritate her. Adi comes to Pankhudi’s home but the watchman stops him. Adi says she is my….. then pauses. Rahul comes and greets Adi. Adi tells him that he came to meet Pankhudi but he is not allowing him. Rahul asks the watchman to let him go. Adi signs on the visitors book and goes. Pankhudi is waiting for Adi’s phone call. Adi rings the door bell, Pankhudi thinks thief must have come and hits him. Adi pretends to be hurt.

Adi enters Kapil’s room and sees him standing on his legs. Adi and Kapil are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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