Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal asking Rubel to bring medicines for her. She tells Pankhudi that they have to meet Varun. Pankhudi says, we will meet Varun and then we will tell them. Preeti asks Sameer, are you okay with my job? Sameer says, I am very lucky. I don’t have any problems. Preeti says, I will talk to Kapoor and will ask him to employ you. Sameer says, you are more capable than me. I am always with you. Varun calls Anisha and tells him about his location. Anisha thinks to go to meet Varun. Payal and Pankhudi come there. Pankhudi and Payal ask him to say the truth. She asks, what is the real reason behind your visit to Australia. They ask about the girl with whom he was talking to. Varun says, she is my teacher.

Adi and Rubel see Anisha on the road. They offer her

lift as her car break down. Anisha thinks, who are they? She sits in their car. Varun says, my teacher name is Anny. I met her during my studies. Pankhudi says, I want to meet her face to face. Varun says, she lives far. Anisha asks Adi, did you find her? Adi says not yet. Anisha asks, are you friends? Adi says, Rubel is his brother. Adi says, they are Deewans. Anisha is shocked. Varun calls Anisha and says she is not picking the call. Anisha says, Mr. Deewan has three kids, I read in the newspaper. Adi says yes. She asks about Anisha? Adi says, she is my Nani’s sister. He tells her they didn’t know about her. They thought to meet her. Anisha asks Rubel to stop the car. She says, I left something behind. Rubel says, we can get back your things. Anisha says, just pull over. She gets down in the middle of the road. Adi says, we are glad to meet you. Anisha says bye. Anisha thinks, why Purushottam Deewan remember her after so many years.

Varun says, Anny is not picking the call so we will go to her house. Pankhudi agrees. Adi and Rubel search for Payal and Pankhudi. Varun requests them not to tell anything about him to anyone. Pankhudi says, we can’t promise now. She says, it is about Kaira’s life. Rubel says, they might have went to search Anisha. He calls Payal. Payal wonders what to do? Payal picks the call. Rubel asks, where were you? She says, we will come back. Rubel hears Pankhudi asking about the place. He tells Adi that they are going to search for James Waterson.
Adi says, we will reach before them.

Preeti comes to her new office. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to take the charge. Preeti asks her to send the records. Mrs. Kapoor gives her cheque and asks her to repay the loan. Preeti thanks her. Vikram suggests the date for Varun- Kaira’s marriage. Sheela says, I will manage everything. Anuj says, I really appreciate. We will discuss with the kids and will inform you. Vikram says, we are ready to take Kaira. He asks about Avantika? and says she was looking like a guest. Sheela says, I asked her to take rest. Anuj says they are coming after 3 days. Amrita says, Varun will come back from Australia then covers up and says from Chennai.

Varun brings them to Anisha’s house. Payal checks the address and says it is the fourth James Waterson. Varun tells them that his teacher name is Anisha and her husband name is James Waterson. Adi and Rubel come there and is shocked to see Varun.

Avantika asks Harish, can you plan an attack on yourself if you are on Vikram’s place. Harish says, may be yes. He asks, why Adi and Pankhudi reached there. Avantika says, it is not a coincidence. She says, he might have kept an eye on us. Harish says, Kaira is getting married to Vikram’s brother and says you will be responsible for Kaira’s future. He asks her to give preference to relations.

Pankhudi and Payal say sorry to Adi and Rubel. Adi thanks Varun for bringing them to Anisha’s home. Varun says sorry. I couldn’t arrange the meeting. He says, I know that your family have hurt her. I saw her crying. She is like a mother to me. I can’t do it. Payal asks Varun to tell them. Rubel asks him to arrange the meeting. Varun says I can’t. She won’t be happy. Adi asks, don’t she deserve to forget her sadness and unites with her family.

Payal invites Anisha for Kaira’s wedding. Anisha refuses and says that family forget her since years. I won’t go back to India.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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