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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha telling everyone that she does not want to get married. He scolds Adi asking him not to do any favor on her. She refuses to marry him and leaves. Sheela stops Adi, but he goes after Ayesha. Adi comes to Ayesha and says he wants to support her. She says you want to do a favor. He says you also did a favor on me, you agreed to become my wife without knowing me. She says I wanted to make your dad happy. He says I want to do this for your mum, I want to see you fly, and respect in society. She asks why, as my face depicts Pankhudi. He says there can no one be like her, I m not doing this for her.

He says I don’t want your face to be get reminded and linked to my Pankhudi. He says if you feel my decision is right, then a friend will wait for your yes. He asks

her to think ass he is not pressurizing her. He gives her his hand and she holds his hand. He says I promise you I will never leave you alone, a friend will always be with you. He says lets go and tell everyone our decision, don’t be nervous, you are member of this family and I will get you all the rights.

Sheela asks Harish not to be quiet. Harish says they are mature, let them take the decision. Sheela says Adi will take wrong decision. Nani says lets hear them first. Adi holds Ayesha’s hand and brings her inside the Diwaan mansion. He says I have taken my decision. He says Ayesha and I are marrying, tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Sheela says no, you won’t do this. Adi says my decision won’t change. Rubel says I m with Adi in his decision, this is big decision and about your lives, just think again. Adi says my decision is because I m her friend. She needs my support.

Adi goes to Bau ji and tells him what Pankhudi use to say. He says I know you all will be very upset. But I m doing what I feel is right. Bau ji understands him and says he is not annoyed, what he did, they all are with him. Ambika says sorry, but if Adi gives this girl Pankhudi’s place, we are not with you in this decision. Adi says I m not giving her Pankhudi’s place, she is in my heart. Mama asks then why are you marrying her. He asks him to think again.

Adi explains. Ambika says we are feeling bad that you forgot so soon, if he does not value my daughter, what will he value us, I promise I will not even come here and won’t have any relation with Adi. Mama says come, lets go. Adi stops them. Mama says tell me Pankhudi did a lot for you and your family, she forgot us but kept you all united, and you forgot her in two days. Bau ji says wait and says Ambika will find it tough, but you understand. Diwakar says it will be better if we go from here. Bau ji says fine, you all can go, I will bless Adi and Ayesha, as what Adi is doing is not for himself, but to blossom Ayesha’s life.

Mama says but we can’t stay here. Harish stops them and says Pankhudi was our bahu, our life. Ambika says yes, she was bahu, so filling her place. She says but she was our daughter. They leave annoyed. Bau ji asks them not to feel bad, as they are not understanding. Adi asks him is he doing right, will they get annoyed. Bau ji says no, Pankhudi will be proud of you. Nilofer tells Adi that she respects his decision , you will accept her, but if your family does not accept her, then what.

Adi says I can promise you I won’t let her suffer. Harish says I understand, but don’t take tension about her, as I will always support him and also Nani. Rubel says even I will support him. Payal taunts Rubel about Nafisa. Nani says Pankhudi’s family are leaving for Kullu. Sheela asks Adi to think as other relations are breaking. She says give them money and send them. Nilofer says stop telling against my daughters. Sheela says their drama is to make you feel guilty and marry Ayesha. Adi says I will feel guilty if I could not support my friend and left her alone in problems.

Sheela holds Ayesha’s hand and takes her to the door. Adi stops her and asks her not to do this, as he will leave this house if Ayesha leaves. Sheela is shocked and says Adi, you will go far from us for this girl, fine, I don’t have anything to say but don’t think you will be married, no way till I m here. She says I know who to call to stop you. Avantika is shown. Adi asks Sheela not to take this matter further. Adi says do anything, we will sign marriage docs tomorrow. Sheela says it won’t be signed. She calls Avantika. Nani asks her to stop it. Sheela says she will regret later. Adi takes the phone and says I will her myself.

Adi calls Avantika saying I need to tell you something. Sheela says I will talk to her, give me the phone. Avantika asks him what does Sheela want to tell me, is everything ok. Adi says Pankhudi is no more.Avantika is shocked and says what. He says Pankhudi will never come back. She asks where is Ayesha. He says she is not Pankhudi but her look alike. He tells her everything about Harish and Nani’s plan to bring Ayesha in his life. Avantika cries. Adi says I m marrying Ayesha. Avantika is shocked again.

Adi says we are marrying tomorrow. Avantika says no, I m coming tomorrow. Adi asks her to support him, as his decision won’t change.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stop dis show now its trchr how can u kill pankuri if she can still act as aisha wats her gain in life wen u kill her after all her suffring ,no child to b remember hr wit and soon d dewans will forget her so much for ur happy ever after rap it up pls dont disgust us

  2. Adi never relly luv her if he can get married two days after knowing abt her death ,was he pretending to b mad b4

  3. If adi still loves pankuri then why he is marrying Ayesha for is he not going to make the relationship of husband and wife with Ayesha or is he be just friend with her for whole life

  4. Werz today’s ep yaar

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