Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anu refusing to know the newspaper editor. Pankhudi and Adi ask her not to lie. Mangal says, Anu is a journalist but she didn’t do anything. Sheela asks, why did you hide with me. Harish says, because they wants to manipulate you and break our family. Mangal says, I will explain you, come to the room. Anuj asks him not to provoke his wife further. Mangal acts innocent. Latika enters the Deewan family and calls for Anu. Everyone turns to see her. Rubel says, did you know Anu? Latika says, I will go now. Rubel says, everyone are waiting for you. Payal says, I talked to you on phone. Latika is shocked. Sheela asks Latika, from where did you get those papers? Adi asks her to tell the truth. Rubel says, you have to go to jail. She looks at Anu.


tells them that those papers were given to her by Anu. Latika says, she wants to take revenge from you. And says, we made phone calls to Avantika and Anuj. Anu says, I doesn’t know her. Sheela asks Mangal, why you did this to me? Why you provoke against my family? I want an answer? Mangal says, your inlaws rejected your niece Anu for Adi as she has dark complexion. Avantika says, I rejected her because Adi and Anu’s thinking are different. Padma says, we couldn’t forget it. Avantika says, your misconception polluted her mind. Avantika tells Anu that I didn’t reject you for your complexion. Pankhudi says, you betrayed your profession. Sheela starts crying. Rubel asks, what you have done? Your one wrong decision have broken our family. Sheela says, I can’t look at my son’s eyes. Anuj says, I didn’t know that you can stoop so low. Mangal says, I want your happiness but wants revenge also from Avantika. Sheela asks them to leave from her home. They go to their rooms. Latika is about to flee.

Rubel stops her and says you can’t go now. Adi says, police is on the way. Latika says, Anu asked me to give the papers. Sheela accuses her. Pankhudi says, that Latika even know about Mannan. She wanted Mannan to marry Kaira. Kaira confirms. Latika says, I am changed now and that’s why I showed you Rohit and Payal’s photo. Latika says, I clicked their photo accidently. Adi says, how did you know about Payal. Latika says, I have seen her in the party. Payal asks, it means you was with Rohit. You spiked my drink. Latika says, Rohit spiked the drink. Adi says, it is amazing that you meets our enemies. Rubel says, you will go to jail. Latika asks, what is the proof? Adi shows the forged signatures. Latika says, I am your ex wife. Rubel slaps him. Police comes and arrests Latika.

Before leaving, Anu says sorry to Avantika. Avantika gives her best wishes. Anu asks for forgiveness from Sheela. Anu said I cheated with my profession and that’s why decided not to continue with my profession. Adi and Pankhudi asks her to repent and continue with the profession. Mangal tells Sheela to keep coming to Dholpur. They leaves. Sheela closes the door and cries miserably repenting for her mistakes. Adi and Rubel console her. Sheela blames herself. Rubel says, situations was bad. Avantika thinks about Sheela’s words about the partition. Sheela says, it is good that the truth is out before the partition else partition would have happened. Avantika says, partition will happen today.

Adi tells everyone that they are going for the IPO meeting after 1 hour with Shanky kaka. And if anyone cares for Nanu’s dream then they will surely come there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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