Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachaji stopping Chachiji from slapping Revathi. He says if she wants to learn music then what is the problem. Our happiness lies in our child happiness. He says he did gave his childrens to her with truth, and hopes that she didn’t break his trust. Chachaji asks Revathi to go. Chachiji thinks everything is falling from her hands and thinks she have to do something.

Adi and Pankhudi talks about the photo frames. Pankhudi asks him, where to tie the frames. Adi says there is one place and ties the frame on the wall, while the PKDH plays in the background. Pankhudi hugs him and says it is getting late. Adi asks will you manage alone. And asks her to call him if she feels scared. He gives her instructions to close the door properly, don’t open the

doors for strangers etc etc. Pankhudi asks about Rubel’s operation tomorrow. Adi says it will be successful. Chachiji talks with Latika and says Adi and pankhudi are getting divorced. She asks latika to do something so that Rubel doesn’t get well. Latika says she will do something. Sheela comes and asks, with whom she was talking. Latika says she was talking to her mom. Sheela asks her to give her phone. Latika says my husband is fighting with his life and you are asking me this. Sheela says Rubel is fine and asks her to go out. Sheela sits beside his bed side and looks at him. Adi asks Pankhudi to close the windows and picks his call. Pankhudi asks him not to worry and go home.

Adi and Pankhudi hugs each other emotionally while the sad music plays in the BG. Adi says you are fine, I will go. Chachaji recalls Adi’s words about a mother that Mother is like Avantika, Sheela and not like Chachiji. He is in thoughts. Harish is talking with Avantika, Avantika says it is impossible to convince Adi and Pankhudi. Harish says he is just upset. Kaira talks with Adi and Adi says Rubel’s operation will be success. Kaira says yes. and says why you did this. Divorce is not the option. Adi says he did it to save Rubel, Pankhudi and to save Nanu’s dreams. He says Nanu is not with them, but they have to keep his dreams alive. Kaira says I understand and asks about pankhudi. Adi says Pankhudi agreed with him. She cried but agreed. Adi says I have to seperate Pankhudi with me. I had to take this extreme step. This is right for everyone’s betterment. Kaira says I hope your sacrifice will not go waste. Adi says his sacrifice won’t go waste.

Dadaji tells Govardhan mama that Ambika and Diwakar went for his relative’s marriage. Govardhan mama says he is not interested to know about the far away relatives. He says he got a good news for him and says Some sanstha wants to felicit you. Dadaji says it is a good thing and hopes to surprise Pankhudi.

Adi and Pankhudi are talking on phone. She asks him to sleep. Suddenly she feels scared with coming winds and asks him to keep on talking. Adi asks what is the matter? Pankhudi says she is feeling strange. Adi jokes with her. And says he will come there. Pankhudi asks him to keep on talking until she gets sleep, while the song PDKH plays in the BG. Adi tells Pankhudi that it is 5 am now, Pankhudi says she is getting sleep now. Adi says he will get breakfast for her. And asks her to search a job and be independent.

Sameer asks Preeti about Rubel’s operation. Preeti says Jiju will informed her. Sameer hopes that Adi and pankhudi’s sacrifice shall not go waste. Preeti asks did you talk to Dad. Sameer says no. Preeti says she will return the money to Chachiji. But Sameer says he won’t take money from her. Preeti says Chachiji told her that you knew everything that Dad took money from her. Sameer gets angry and thinks she doesn’t believe him.

Pankhudi is waiting for Adi, and opens the door to find her parents. She asks them to come in. Adi comes and asks why the door is open. He is surprised to see Pankhudi’s parents.

At the hospital, everyone waits eagerly as the operation is going on. Kaira asks Sheela to drink water. Sheela asks her to be with her. Latika gets a call from Chachiji, but she didn’t pick the call.

Adi tells them that they were coming tomorrow. Diwakar says his daughter’s home is broken. He was ashamed to call Deewan Mansion to get Pankhudi’s new address. Pankhudi asks him to listen. Diwakar says separation is not the solution. Adi says only her surname will change and everything will be same. Diwakar says for Pankhudi her identity is her everything. And declares that Pankhudi will not stay here anymore, and they will take her to Kulu. Adi and Pankhudi are shocked.

Latika requests the nurse to permit her to sit with Rubel. Nurse says ok and goes to get his medicines. Latika take out the blood pipe syringe from Rubel’s hand and says sorry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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