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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arif telling Adi that Ayesha did the photoshoot to take Pankhudi’s death proof so that Adi can’t get hurt. Arif clarifies to his mum. Police comes to arrest Arif. Adi thanks him for coming. Arif and Jackie is taken with the subeditor also. The editor apologizes to them and says we will publish the truth with an apology in our next magazine. Nafisa says its my mistake, please forgive me mum. Nilofer says are you not ashamed. Nafisa says she will be accept any punishment. Ayesha hugs her and cries. She says what happened is good, else I would have not got my sister. The sisters cry. Ayesha asks Nilofer to forgive her as Nafisa has realized her mistake. Nilofer hugs Nafisa.

Nani and Harish try calling Adi and hope he is not in any problem. Sheela says Ayesha’s

truth is out, why are you taking her side. Nani says she is our responsibility till she is here. Sheela says send her, Adi will not move on. Shanky comes and says Bau ji came with his family from Kullu. Bau ji and everyone come in. Nilofer asks Farida to check all the clothes and jewellery. Farida apologizes to Ayesha. Ayesha says no. Nilofer says we have to forgot bad happenings, we will go from here tomorrow.

Adi says I m waiting outside for you all. Mama asks Harish whats this and shows the magazine. He says this girl crossed her limit, whats the meaning of this vulgar pics. Harish says its fake. Mama says we can’t tell this to everyone, she is Pankhudi for the world. Ambika says she has ruined our daughter’s goodness. Bau ji asks them to be calm. Sheela says they are right, I can’t think how can she do this. Adi comes home with Ayesha and her family. He says Ayesha did not do anything wrong. Everyone look at them. Harish asks what happened in meeting. Adi says Ayesha is proved innocent, Arif did this to make Ayesha helpless and marry him. Nani says how digusting, how can he do this with anyone self respect.

Nafisa accepts her mistake in this matter. Sheela taunts Nafisa. Payal looks at Rubel and says he does not understand this. Rubel says let her complete first. Nafisa cries and leaves. Sheela says they want money from here, and wanted to settle with Adi or Rubel. She taunts Ayesha and says you would have not done the photoshoot even if Arif blackmails. Adi says do you know why she did it, for me, so that I can live happy and smile with the fake hope, she knew that Pankhudi is dead and Arif had the proof, she agreed to him to take the proof from him.

He says I respect her a lot. Bau ji says I knew Ayesha won’t do anything wrong, I see your goodness and remember Pankhudi, be happy. Nani apologizes to Nilofer. Nilofer says I don’t want to discuss, we will go tomorrow. Sheela says that’s good, marry all your daughters there, else they will stay with you forever. Anuj scolds Sheela. Sheela says few things don’t leave us, if society knows this, who will marry her. Adi says why will anyone not understand truth. Payal says you won’t tell anyone, no family will accept her.

Adi says you are saying this, Rubel and we have forgiven you at the time of marriage for what you did. He says marriage is not everything, Ayesha has her dreams, her career building. He asks Nilofer not to force her daughters for marriage, let them fulfill their dreams. He says Ayesha lives for her dreams, don’t punish her. Nilofer says I have to get them married, I don’t want to break their dreams but don’t want them to be unmarried whole life, the society does not hear anyone. Adi says you mean you will not see their happiness for society.

Nilofer says I have to live in this society and follows its rules. Adi says I don’t agree. Nilofer says you heard what everyone said, they knew the truth still………..Bau ji says the bad thing is people don’t think good about daughters. Nani requests Nilofer not to do this being in pressure. Sheela taunts Nani for going against society and bearing so much. Harish asks Nilofer to think. Nilofer asks what now, I regret why did I agree to you for the first time, this would have not happened.

Ayesha cries. Nilofer says ask Ayesha what is she going through, the truth is its tough for my daughters to get good home. Harish asks why are you thinking. Nilofer says don’t say big things, tell me will you make Ayesha your bahu, will Adi marry her. Everyone is shocked. Will Adi accept her by heart, will he do Nikaah with my Ayesha. Everyone looks on. Nilofer says daughters are known by the name of the inlaws. She says lets go Ayesha. Adi stops them and says if a girl needs a husband’s name, to fulfill her dreams and live in society with respect, then I will give her my name. Everyone is shocked. Ayesha looks at Adi stunned. Jai Jai Ram…………plays………..

Adi says I will marry Ayesha. Adi and Ayesha look at each other. Adi says I m her true friend, I m trying to keep my friendship. Sheela asks him is he mad, what magic did they do. Rubel says stop mum, let Adi say what he wants. He says I m with you Adi, I hope you know what you said. Harish asks Adi not to decide being emotional. Adi says I have thought about this. I will do Nikaah with her if Nilofer agrees. Ayesha says stop it, no one is asking me what I want, I won’t marry anyone. Adi looks at her.

Adi tries to convince Ayesha to marry her. She asks but why, as my face is like Pankhudi’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i though ayesha loved adi then why is she saying no. ayesha will say yes just watch

  2. pankhuri and adi’s relation started with friendship and then turned into love 🙂 and now adi and ayshaa ‘s relation ship is starting with friendship

  3. anjalikarayil

    no this is not fair we will not allow this nikaah

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