Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mamaji telling Nanu that they could not find Adi and his phone is switched off. Nirmala says they will leave now and talk about the marriage later. Sameer says if he needs any help then tell him. Pankhudi is searching for him. Meanwhile Avantika and Harish are searching for him in another call. Avantika says may be he went to police station to surrender himself. Harish says but no case can be file against him and police can’t arrest him. They decides to go to the police station.

Dadaji comes back to his home and tells his family that Adi will be fine soon. Pankhudi’s mother asks him about Avantika. He tells she is bothered about her son as you are bothered about your daughter. Kailash says she must be very tensed. Dadaji asks about Vedika, Kailash

says she will come today.

Mamaji blames Rubel for the happenings. Preeti gets hyper and says nobody shall be like you in any family. Avantika and Harish enquire with the police, he says he didn’t arrive her. Avantika wonders where he might have gone. Pankhudi comes to the park and finds Adi. She asks him why he left home like this. She says everyone is in tension. Adi says my family have to face problems because of me. Maasi’s marriage broke off, nani died because of me. Pankhudi says maasi will change her decision once her anger lowers down. Adi says he knows maasi well and she will not change her decision. Pankhudi asks him to come home. Adi says he don’t want to go home. Pankhudi tells him that mom is tensed about him.

She says will you blame yourself for all the problems. she tries to make him understand that they need to find a solution for the problems. Adi says he will not go home. Pankhudi says ok, and thinks to inform Mom, but Avantika didn’t pick her calls.

Mamaji asks Rubel to leave the Dewan Mansion and asks Sheela to go with her son. Latika says you can’t say that. Mamaji says leave this house within an hour. Nanu asks him not to go anywhere. Mamaji says why you are stopping him. Nanu says he is stopping him because of his prestige and because his wife is pregnant. he says but you will get the punishment and tells his son Anuj to freeze all accounts of Rubel and cancels his credit cards. Rubel says he will take him to court. Nanu says but do you have money to give to lawyer. Rubel starts acting and says sorry. he says he will not do it again. Nanu says he wants him to realise his mistakes. he asks him to proof that he is the rightful owner of his business.

Adi tells Pankhudi that he has decided to leave for Kulu. Pankhudi says lets go home and meet everyone. Pankhudi calls Nanu and informs him that she fond Adi in the park. She says Adi wants to go to Kulu. Can we go dadaji.

Dadaji gives her permission to go to Kulu and says do as whatever he says. Nanu talks with Adi, Adi says him sorry. Nanu tells him to go and take care of yourself. pankhudi thinks to call Mom and inform her, but Adi takes her phone and switch it off and says mom will not allow him if they informs her that they are leaving for Kulu.

Kailash tells his wife that he wants to adopt a child and also about some project.

Sheela comes to Rubel and tries to cheer him. She gives him some money but he says he dont want money from her. Sheela asks him to obey her, but he throws her out of his room. Sheela gets shocked and hurt.

Dadaji asks Kailash and Vedika to go out together. Dadaji gives blessings to Vedika. Pankhudi calls her dad and informs him which is muted for us.

Avantika says lets search in park. Just then Nanu calls them and informs that Adi is found and he is going to Kulu. Avantika is shocked. Nanu says Pankhudi called her but she didn’t pick her call. Avantika says she cant give them permission and says she will not allow Pankhudi to take this step. Harish says lets them do what they want. Avantika says to stop Pankhudi. Avantika calls Pankhudi but her phone is switch off. Harish asks her to be calm and trust Pankhudi.

Avantika tells Pankhudi on call that she didn’t inform her about going to Kulu. She cries saying you took my son away from me and asks why?

Update Credit to: Hasan

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