Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Padma telling Mangal that they will not stop the partition from happening but will give away the jewellery to Pankhudi and she will be happy. And her Anu daughter will be happy with Adi. Anu is not happy with Padma’s decision. Pankhudi says sorry to Adi for dealing with Padma. Adi says, you are a obedient wife even now. Pankhudi says sorry to Nanu’s photo and goes to get jewellery from Padma. Adi tells Rubel that time have come to save Nanu’s dream. Padma gives Nani’s jewellery to Pankhudi and asks her to fulfill the promise. Pankhudi says, I will fulfill my promise soon. Shanky cries while sitting infront of Nanu and Nani’s photos. Avantika comes there and says sorry to Nanu’s photo. She says, we couldn’t fulfill your dream. Preeti comes.

Shanky goes to call Sheela. Avantika tells Preeti that lets get the partition soon.

Sheela comes. Avantika shows the things and jewellery plus the FD’s which she got as a gifts from this house. Anuj asks her not to make them shy. Anuj asks the lawyers to start with the proceedings. Rubel tells Adi that they have to strike before the things go out of their hands. Pankhudi asks Padma, you said naa that you will stop the partition. Padma asks her to be happy with the jewellery and keep quiet. Kaira asks Sheela, where is Dadi’s jewellery. Sheela asks Mangal about the bag. Sheela says, I want my mom in law’s jewellery to be distributed as well. Mangal says, bag was not in that room. Padma says we checked the room. Avantika asks, where it went? Sheela says, I kept that bag there. Preeti says, she is lying. Avantika says, I am not surprised. I have seen that you can fall at his level.

Pankhudi says that she has the jewellery bag. Sheela taunts Avantika and accuses Pankhudi. Avantika says, Pankhudi can’t steal the jewellery. Sheela says, I gave that bag to give to my bhaiyya and bhabhi. Mangal instigates Sheela against Pankhudi. Sheela says, I will get peace after the partition. Pankhudi comes and gives the jewellery bag. Sheela asks, how did you steal this bag from my room? Pankhudi says, I didn’t steal it.

Pankhudi says, it is given to me by your close relative. Padma and Mangal get afraid. Padma says, I didn’t give that bag to her. Sheela asks, how did you steal it? Pankhudi says, Padma and Mangal have given that bag. Padma says, she wants us to fight. Rubel asks, what will Pankhudi get with the fight. Adi says, deal was Pankhudi gets the jewellery and leave me so that Anu can take her place in my life. Sheela says, my bhaiyya and bhabhi can’t think like that. Adi says, it is reality. They want their daughter to get married to their enemy. Avantika says, how cheap. And asks Pankhudi, how she can agree to them. Adi says, it was our plan. Mangal says, it is their trick to frame us. Padma asks for the proofs. Adi plays the recorder where Padma confesses to their crimes. Sheela is shocked to hear the recorded proof. Pankhudi shows her dictaphone.

Pankhudi asks her to believe that it was all Mangal and Padma’s doings. Mangal says, we didn’t do any deal with Pankhudi. Padma acts innocent and says that the recorded voice isn’t hers. Adi asks Padma not to worry. Anu says, Pankhudi is behind all this and it is proved. Rubel says, I heard that you are searching for a job. Kaira says, You didn’t tell us that you are a journalist. Pankhudi shows Anu’s press card to everyone. Adi asks Sameer to bring the newspaper editor. Editor apologizes for publishing the false news and says I did it because of Anu’s sayings.

Mangal tries to manipulate Anuj and Sheela. Latika comes and calls for Anu. Everyone turn and look at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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