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HI GUYS. I’m gonna use my pet name to write the fan fiction. And to be frank, I’m a fan of Swaragini. If any readers can accept the storyline, you can just ignore this fan fiction. I didn’t mean to be rude because I don’t want any haters or bashers. Thank you.



Sumi, Shekhar, AP, DP, Adarsh, Parineeta, Nitin (Parish’s son’).

Episode One:

A fully decorated house was shown. The servants were walking here and there with trays of flowers and decoration items. A lady in Bengali saree (Sumi) comes down the stairs looking around the hall. She comes to a man (Shekhar) supervising the decorations.

Sumi: Shekhar, is all the decorations down here completed?
Shekhar: Haan, Mishti. Everything is almost to be completed. Leave this to me and go to check at the kitchen.
Sumi: I’ve checked there already. All the food and drinks are ready. Now, I must go and see if they are ready or not.
Shekhar: I think you should. It’s about time.

Sumi again runs up the stairs and reaches a room. She knocks on the door and goes in. she gets teary eyed looking at both her beautiful daughters standing in front of her. She hugs them and places a black dot behind their ears.

Sumi: I’m the proudest mother ever, I guess. The God gave me two angels as daughters.

Swara in her orange lehenga and Ragini in a simple light yellow salwar kameez hugged their mother again.

Sumi: But, Ragini. Why are you are still wearing dull colours, beta? Forget the past and move on, beta.
Swara (trying to change the topic): Ma, you go down first. The panditji should have arrived.
Sumi (understanding Swara): Teek hai. Come down quickly, beta.

After Sumi left, closing the door, Ragini sits on the bed and starts to cry while Swara tries very hard to pacify her.

Ragini: Why, Shona di? Why can’t I just forget everything and move on as Ma said?
Swara: Ragini, whatever happened that day was not in anyone’s control. And that incident have left a deep scar in you. But, you have to face it and come out of the past. Aaj Holika Dahan hai (Today is Holika Dahan). Just burn all the bad memories from the past and start a new, colorful life from tomorrow, ok? Now, let’s go down.

Ragini wipes her tears and goes down with Swara.


The scene shifts to another house. The Maheswari Mansion.

A guy in a red sherwani (Laksh) comes down with a small boy in his arms.

Laksh: Bhabhi, where are you? How long will all of you take to get ready? We are getting late.
AP: We are all ready, but where’s Sanskar?
Laksh: Bhai is in a meeting at the office with Papa. They’ll be joining us soon.
Adarsh: If that’s so, then come let’s go.


At Maheswari Private Limited.

DP: Then, it’s a deal. It’s nice doing business with you, Mr. Khanna.
Mr. Khanna: Pleasure is ours too. You should join us for dinner today.
Sanskar: Sorry, sir. But, we have a function to attend. Maybe some other time.

After Mr. Khanna left, even DP and Sanskar leave the office.


Gadodia House.

The Maheswaris reached at the Gadodias. They were welcomed by Shekhar and Sumi. The aarti of Durga Ma’s idol was done by everyone.

Sumi: Where is this Swara and Ragini?
Swara: I’m here, ma.

She takes the Aarti’s taali and searches for someone. Then, she takes it to Ragini who was standing far from everyone, alone. Swara drags Ragini to the idol. She holds Ragini’s hand and both Swaragini does the aarti.

Later, all the women do the puja for the Holika bonfire and later Shekhar burns it. Everyone was taking rounds bonfire with their own wishes in their heart.

Laksh (in thoughts): The last Holi was celebrated in our house was 3 years ago. I just want my family to be as happy as it was before this. Our happiness depends on Sanskar Bhai’s. Please, send someone in his life who can make him live again.

Swara (in thoughts): Whatever happened 3 years ago have left a deep scar on my Ragini. I know that it will take some time for her. But, I can’t see her like this. Always sad and lonely. I want to see my fun, care free Ragini back. Please send someone who can rejuvenate her life.

Ragini (in thoughts): I can’t forgive myself for whatever happened 3 years ago. But, still I want to forget everything and move on in my life, for Ma, Papa and Shona di. Show me the way to out of this maze of my life, Durga Ma.

Ragini opens her eyes and at the same time Sanskar enters the Gadodia House. Both of them looked at each other and share an eyelock. They had a feeling that both of them have known each other for a long time. Ragini shoves away the thoughts from her mind. She walks inside the house, meanwhile, Sanskar was still looking at her.

The screen freezes on Sanskar’s face.

To be continued………

Credit to: One Love

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