Episode Four:

Ragini and Sanskar were in the room when Swara comes there with Laksh.

Ragini: Swara?? What are you doing here?
Swara: I came to check on you. You’re fine, right?
Ragini: Haan, baba. I’m fine.
Sanskar: Laksh, did you had fun?
Laksh: Very much, bhai. You know what? Swara and I made everyone dance, even Papa danced. By the way, what are you doing here?
Sanskar: Nothing much. Just found a new friend (indicating Ragini).
Laksh: Well, Miss Ragini, this is not fair. How can you only befriend with my bhai and not me?
Swara: Exactly!
Ragini: Ok, fine. From now all four of us are friends. Happy?
Swalak: Yeh hui na baat.

Swaragini and Sanlak were having some conversation when Sumi calls them.


DP: Achcha, Shekharji, we will take leave now.
Shekhar: Sure, Namaste.

Sanlak greeted Shekhar and Sumi went to Swaragini and wished them goodbye.

After the Maheswaris left, Sumi and Shekhar went to their room and only Swaragini were at the hall.

Swara: Waise, Laado, I have something to tell you.
Ragini: What is it, Shona di?

Swara smears Ragini’s cheeks with colour and shouts “Happy Holi” . She then runs from thre and Ragini starts to chase her. Both the sisters had lot’s of fun especially Swara as her Laado is finally laughing and smiling after many days.


2 DAYS LATER. . . . . . .

Gadodia house.

Sumi: Swara! Ragini! How much long will you both take to come down?
Shekhar: Let them come.
Sumi: Stop it, Shekhar. You are pampering them too much.
Swara: Oh my cutie Ma, we are ready. Stop scolding Baba.
Sumi: Aagayi, Baba ki lawyer. Where’s Ragini?
Ragini: Comimg, Ma.

Shekhar and Sumi were surprised and happy to see Ragini wearing bright coloured Salwar suit.

Shekhar: Misthi, look at our Ragini. She’s looking like a pari.
Swara: What about me, Baba?
Sumi: You’re our Gudiya.

She kisses both Ragini and Swara’s forehead, while Shekhar hugs both of them.

Swara: Abh, chale?

They leave from their house.


Swaragini, Sumi and Shekhar reached the venue. Both the girls are unaware of the reason they were there. Suddenly, someone pats on Swaragini’s shoulders and it was Laksh.

Swara: Laksh??? What are you doing here?
Laksh: Then where should I go? This is my house.
Ragini: Your house???
Laksh: Hmm. Please don’t tell me that you don’t know where and why you came here?
Swara: We don’t know anything. Ma and Baba didn’t inform us about this,
Laksh: Then let me tell you. Today is Sanskar bhai’s birthday. So, we are planning this party for him. And the special part is…… it’s a surprise for him.
Swara: But, where is he?
Laksh: On the way from office with Papa. So, what would you like to have?
Swara: Orange juice?
Laksh: Coming right up.
Ragini: How childish is he?
Swara: That true.

Suddenly, all gets alerted by the car’s honk sound. The goes to their places while Adarsh switched off the lights.

When, Sanskar and DP entered, the whole house was dark. Suddenly, the lights comes and Sanskar looks at the people present at the hall (Maheswaris and Gadodias). He looks at the decorations and gets angry.

Sanskar: What the hell is all this? Who arranged this?
Laksh: It was me, bhai.
Sanskar: Are you out of your mind, Lucky? When you know everything, why are you planning something that will hurt me more?
AP: Beta, talk slowly. The guests are here.
Sanskar: I don’t care Bade ma.

He comes to the table where the cake is placed and pushes it away. Everyone was shocked. He then walks up the stairs to his room while all look on. Laksh had his eyes all welled up so, Swara places her hand on his shoulder. Meanwhile, AP started to cry while Parineeta and Adarsh console her. Ragini who was silently watching the scenario, walks up to Sanskar’s room.


At Sanskar’s room, Ragini slightly opens the door and sees Sanskar sitting on his bed with a photo frame in his hand. She knocks on the door and Sanskar looks at her. She comes in and sits beside him while he looks at her.

Meanwhile, Laksh goes out to the front lawn sits on the bench there and swara comes there following him. She too sits with him.

Swara: What happened? Are you angry with your Bhai?
Laksh: I am angry but on myself.
Swara: Yourself? But why?
Laksh: I can’t make my brother happy on his birthday. Instead, I made him more angry and hurt by planning all this. How will I face him?

Here at Sanskar’s room, Ragini took a long breathe before starting to talk with Sanskar.

Ragini: Why?
Sanskar: I hate my birthday. The very day that my parents left me.
Ragini: Left you means?
Sanskar: Both my parents could not live with each other and applied divorce. And after that, my Papa and Ma married someone else. They totally forget about me. Whenever it’s my birthday, I can only remember their fights and quarrels.
Ragini: But what’s the connection of everything that happened and your birthday?
Sanskar: They always used to say that I was the reason of the fights. That’s why I hate my birthday.
Ragini: But, whatever Laksh did was not to hurt you. Even I have a dark past in my life but I’m trying to move on. Look Sanskar, whatever happened have finished. This is your life and no one should control it. Moving on in life is always the best choice than sticking to it.

She takes hold of his hands with hers.

Ragini: You have a big family that wants you to be happy. They’ll be your support to move on. And now, you have me…… and Swara as your friends. Now, let’s go down and you have to apologize to Laksh and everyone. Ok??
Sanskar: Fine. And I promise you to move on in life.
Ragini: That’s like a good boy. Shall we go?

Sanskar nods and Ragini walks in front of him while he smiles looking at her.

The screen freezes there…………

To be continued…………………

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