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Episode Two:

Gadodia House.

Ragini was about to go upstairs to her room when a guest stops her.

Ragini: Namaste, Mrs. Jha. How are you?
Mrs. Jha: I’m fine, beta. Why are you so dull like this? Today is a very special day, then why this sadness?
Ragini: There is nothing like that. I’m totally fine, aunty. Excuse me.

Ragini runs from there as she was almost to cry in front of Mrs. Jha. Another woman comes and joins her.

Mrs. Jha: Hello, Mrs. Malhotra. Kaise ho aap? (How are you?)
Mrs. Malhotra: I’m fine. So, what were you talking to Sumiji’s daughter?
Mrs. Jha: Nothing. I just asked about her being so dull.
Mrs. Malhotra: That means you don’t know what happened to her 3 years ago? That girl loved some. But that guy….
Swara (from behind): Will you shut up?

All the guest including the Maheswaris along with Sumi and Shekhar comes there.

Mrs. Malhotra: Is this the way to talk to your guest?
Swara: If you’ve behave like one then it’s different. How dare you badmouth about my sister? What do you know about her?
Mrs. Malhotra: Everyone knows about her. She was the talk of our society 3 years ago. She didn’t have shame before doing that.
Swara: Society, my foot. Your so called society only knows about Kitty parties and gossiping about others. You have no rights to talk about my sister.
Mrs. Jha: How rude? Sumi, is this the way you raised your daughter? Badtameez ladki.
Sumi: Enough, Mrs. Jha. Don’t dare to speak up another word about my daughters. Or else, I’ll forget that you are my friend.
Ragini (coming down again): Ma, let them say whatever they want to. So, Mrs. Malhotra and Mrs. Jha, what do you want to know about me? Yes, I loved a guy from a low class family. What’s wrong in it? Love doesn’t depend on money and my love was true. Who are you to question about it?
Swara: leave it, Ragini. It’s awaste of time and energy talking to people like this.
Ragini: You’re right, Swara. Especially, they who can’t take care of their own family matters. Do you think that I don’t know that your son have divorced his wife, Mrs. Malhotra? If I want to talk then I can let out all the truth of your family. But, I’m not such a disrespectful girl as you think. I think that you should leave from here.

Mrs. Jha and Mrs. Malhotra leave from there. Swara goes near her mother who was crying. Meanwhile, Ragini who was standing near the stairs holds her head. Suddenly, she faints and was about to fall.

Sumi: Ragini!!
Shekhar: Ragini!!
Swara: RAGINI!!!

But, before she falls a pair of hand grabs her by the waist and holds her. It was Sanskar and Ragini took a glance of him before she completely loses her conscious.

Swara: Please, take her to the room. Papa, call the doctor uncle.

Sanskar carries her in his arms and walks up the stairs. While walking, his full attention was on her face, it was tensed at the same time very innocent. He couldn’t resist himself from looking at her. Shekhar shows him the room and they entered in. Sanskar slowly places Ragini on the bed and stands up to go. But, something stopped him. Ragini’s sleeve was entangled with his watch. He tries to untangle it, but in vain.

Soon, the doctor arrives and does her checkup.

Doctor: There’s nothing to worry about. It was probably because of tension and stress. Just ask her to take complete rest as she really need it.
Swara: Sure, doctor. I’ll always be right beside her.

Laksh who was standing behind he was surprised to see such love of a sister for hers. He smiled at Swara who was listening to all the instructions of the doctor. After a while, Ragini gains her consciousness. She looks around and finds everyone, especially Swara really worried and tensed.

Swara: Ragini? How are you feeling now?
Ragini: Shona di, I’m absolutely fine. Why are you so worried?
Sumi: Swara, let’s go down let her rest like doctor said.

All of them went out of the room, except for Sanskar as his watch was still tangled with Ragini’s sleeve. She raises her hand up and Sanskar falls on the bed, above Ragini. There was only a small distance between both their lips. Sanskar looked at her and vice versa.

>>Heere moti main na chahoon
Main to chahoon, Sangam tera,
Mai to teri saiyaan, tu hai mera,
Saiyaan, saiyaanaaaaaaaaaan
Tu jo choole pyaar se, araam se mar jaaun
Aaja chanda baahon mein tujhmein hi ghum ho jaaun mai,
Tere naam mein kho jaaun,
Saiyaan, saiyaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
Finally their eyelock breaks and Sanskar tries to get up but falls on her again. Ragini, then untangles the watch from the sleeve and Sanskar gets up.

Sanskar: I’m really sorry. Woh…
Ragini: It’s ok. Actually I should thank you as you saved me from falling.
Sanskar: You’re most welcomed. Achcha, I should leave now. Take care, Miss.

She nods and Sanskar leaves from there. He comes down and sees his family waiting for him. Then, they greeted the Gadodias and starts to leave. Laksh before going looked at Swara once and smiles. She too returns it for him.

After all the guest left, Sumi, Shekhar and Swara went to bed. Upstairs at Swaragini’s room, Swara was caressing Ragini who was sleeping peacefully and soon she too falls asleep.

The screen freezes on Swaragini.

To be continued…..

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Credit to: One Love

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