Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat (Part 14)

Hii doston! sorry to all that I was not able to post these days… Actually while playing football I got hurt …i was suffering from severe leg pain.. Still now I’m at rest…. Thank you all for your support and lovely comments that inspired me… U guys are the real heroes in my life who works as a power booster… I promised u all that I will post a “MAHAEPISODE” …so, today I m going to start the episode “pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat”
Let’s start the story
Recap : kanchi ‘s confession on the beach…..

Today’s episode

Scene 1
Jaya ‘s home :
Three sisters were busy in discussing what to wear… They teased sanchi by a song ” aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai ”
Sanchi glared angrily : o please isha pragya.. Shut up… What yaar! U two are always after me and my kabir..
Isha : oho my kabir…. Waah! Kuch hi minute huye en dono ko bichre… Look how she is restless to meet jiju… Phone karke jiju ko bulaye kya?
Pragya (teasingly) : bula lete hai… Otherwise koi intezaar mein pagal na ho jaye….
Sanchi : no need to call him… Why u want to disturb him? Chen nahi hai tum dono ko..
Isha : OK OK… Nahi karenge sweetie..
Pragya : let’s sleep.. It’s already very late… If maa comes to know all these she will kill all of us…
Sancho : hmm let’s sleep…
Isha : thik hai pragya.. Let’s sleep… Now someone will be busy.. Let’s not become” kabab mein haddi ”
Sanchi pouts…..
Everyone slept by switching off the lights….

Scene 2
Kabir ‘s farmhouse
Kabir is very happy that his life took such a turn over…
He tells his mother “maa I never thought that my life will give me a second chance ” but…..
Kusum : what beta ? Are you thinking something?
Kabir : maa… I fear that if something bad happens then what will I do?
Kusum : don’t ever think like that.. Now nothing bad will happen in your life.. I’m sure sanchi will always be there for you… Sacche pyaar mein bohot taqqat hoti hai beta ” no one will be successful in his bad attempts…….
Kabir (tears rolling down from his eyes) : thank you maa… I love you….
Kusum : I love you too beta….
Kabir : maa! Have you got any information regarding my brother.. Where is he? I want to see him…
Kusum (tears in her eyes) : no beta.. Abhi tak toh nahi.. But I will find my son anyhow…
Kabir after hearing her words hugged her n said : don’t worry maa… We will find bhai… For that I will do everything… Kusum too hugged and kissed him in his forehead…. God bless u my son..

Scene 3
In the hotel room, shraddha wearing a sleeveless nighty holding a glass of wine…. “Cheers shraddha “…at last, tomorrow I will be there to meet my kabir… Kabir darling, you don’t know how much I missed you these years.. But promise, from tomorrow I will change everything… I will love you so much that u will forget about the past incidents…. (laughing evilly)..
She took out her phone and called someone.. “hello main bol rahi hu ”
Anonymous : tomorrow u have to meet kabir at any cost…. Apne pyaar k jaal mein usey fasa lo so that he can never leave u….
Shraddha : don’t worry… Relax… I have planned everything… I know how to handle kabir aakhir main uska pehla pyaar ho n aakhri bhi..
Anonymous : if someone came in his life then our plan will be failed
Shraddha : chill dear… Nothing will happen like this… I know he loves me… No one can take my place in his life… Understood
Anonymous : OK… Good luck
Shraddha cuts the call and break the glass of wine with her hands… It bleeds… She murmurs “you are mine kabir only mine ”

Scene 4
Kabir in his room can’t sleep… He thinks about the confession of sanchi… How he kissed her and all the moments that took place within them… After a while he decided to call sanchi…
Sanchi ‘s phone rings…. She yawns and pick up the call…
Sanchi : hello! What happened kabir? I will come by 9 am to the studio… You sleep…
Kabir : sanchi listen to me… I m not feeling sleepy n was restless …
Sanchi (half conscious) : why u r not feeling sleepy? Kya tum bank lootne ja rahe ho,? … Go and rob it… Why u r disturbing me? Wait I m coming… Time kitna hua isha
Isha (in sleep) : paanch baj gaye hai… Veer aur main ja rahe hai date par… She comes near pragya n kisses her “I love you veer ” I love you very much…
Pragya (rubbing her eyes) : kaun he be? (screamed louder)
Sanchi (switching on the lights) : what happen pragya? Arey from where this phone came in my hand…. Suddenly, she came to her sense : oh my God, sorry kabir… I didn’t knew that u called me…
Kabir : sanchi r u okay? Why u told me to rob the bank?
Sanchi ( laughing) : kabir why you are joking? I didn’t tell you.. I was sleeping but this idiot pragya screamed just like a hell
Kabir : u only told me to rob the bank as I was not feeling sleepy…
Sanchi : sorry sweetheart! I might have seen a dream… U sleep now.. I will meet u tomorrow…
Kabir(lovingly) : OK but I need a goodnight kiss
Sanchi : no,
Pragya isha : u continue.. We will close our ears.. Don’t worry
Kabir : please na sanchi…. Please
Sanchi : no ..i m keeping the phone… Goodnight my bhonduram….
Isha : offo! Kitna accha romance chal raha tha… This sanchi is always like this only… Dumbo
Pragya : shut up! Firstly tell me who kissed my cheeks…
Sanchi : I don’t know… I think it’s isha… She might have dreamt of her prince charming…
Pragya : keh dete hai hum Next time se hamara gal koi gila nahi karega… I will kill both of u…
Isha : sorry sorry… Let’s sleep…

Scene 5
Savitri is gaining conscious… She screamed “nahi ” mat maaro…. She again faints…
Doctor calls kusum to come to the cottage immediately… Kusum on the other side, took her car and went directly to savitri…
Kusum : what happened doctor? Why you called me so urgent?
Doctor : mam, there is a good news… Savitri has gained conscious but due to weakness or might be some bad dreams is haunting her…
Kusum sits near savitri n touches her forehead : I know savitri… U will become alright… Don’t worry nothing will happen to you.. I will take care of yourself…
Doctor : mam, I think u should leave.. We will inform you about her health…
Kusum nodded : OK
She leaves the place and told the driver to start the car… On her way, she thinks …now, I will get to know where is my son and who murdered my husband?
Time has come to get all the answers…

Scene 6
Malhotra mansion
Gayatri has been discharged from the hospital… She came back to malhotra mansion… Rahul and other members including anand welcomed her…
Rahul : come mom! I will take you to your room… U will rest completely… If anything is needed just call me OK….
Anand : yes, gayatri… We are there… U don’t worry about household chores… Take rest dear… U don’t know how much I was scared… Ek pal k liye aisa laga mano I have lost u…
Gayatri : don’t worry honey! Itni jaldi main nahi Marne waali… Many works are left and I have to finish it…. I mean to say how can I die? I have such a loving son and off course my caring husband(glaring at anand)
Rahul : bohot ho gaye batein… Now come let’s go to your room…
Anand( thinking) : what is gayatri trying to say? Oh no I m sure, she is up to something.. I have to talk to her before it’s too late…
Just then, Jaya calls and threatens him : Mr malhotra, only 24 hours left…. I think u didn’t forget the deal….
Anand : yes yes… I know… Please give me some time… My wife is not well. Just only she is discharged from the hospital…. I will give you your son.. But my daughter..
Jaya : don’t worry! I m not like you… Mujhe waada nibhana acche se aata hai…. She cuts the call n went near her husband’s photo : sunil! U know I m very happy today, after 24hours I will get my son…. But what will I tell sanchi…. I know she will never accept Mr malhotra as her father…. O God please show me some way….

Scene 7
In the guestroom, Ajay n veer both are talking about pragya and isha…
Veer : yaar! I thought I will meet my sanchi but my bad luck…
Ajay : come on yaar! I think u should stop thinking about sanchi… Who knows she might have a boyfriend! Dekha nahi that industrialist ” what was his name” …some Mr kapoor. might be…. When u and sanchi were dancing, he was eyeing you with anger….. I think he is her boyfriend…
Veer : shut up! I don’t think so… He is only her boss… Nothing more than that… I can’t see sanchi with anyone…
Ajay : yaar! Your love is one sided.. How will sanchi know what is in your heart? I think u should confess your love to sanchi… If sanchi rejects you than isha is there…. (teasingly)
Veer : u idiot! Why you are breaking my dreams? Kuch accha soch nahi sakte toh bura bhi mat soch… Nalayak kahi ka” mere pyaar ka dushman ”
Ajay : sorry yaar! U do whatever u want… Just go and confess your love… Do something special for her…
Veer : what to do? Suggest me some ideas.. How to confess my love in a unique style…
Ajay : take her to a date and dedicate some romantic songs… Baaki toh tu samajdaar hai mere Romeo…
Veer : good idea! Hmmmm I will definitely plan something… Tomorrow itself I will confess whatever is in my heart …

Scene 8
Next morning, sanchi with her gang reaches kk studio for the recording… The recording artist with other musicians ready to record her voice… Kabir too reached at the spot…
Musicians : let’sstart the recording..
Recording artist : ready! Play the music…
The gang wishes her luck including kabir….
Sanchi started singing : albela sajan aayo re……( the song is from the film “hum dil de chuke sanam 🙂

The song ends

All the musicians clapped for her excellent singing…

One of the musician: wow! Wonderful…brilliant… We never heard such a soothing voice… I must say kabir has found a diamond… He patted kabir’s back : I must say kabir.. She is fantastic… Her voice is magical…. Great job….

They congratulate sanchi for the successful recording… The gang excitedly hugged her.. Kabir too congratulated sanchi….

Kabir : guys guys.. Let’s go… Already it’s 1.00 clock… Maa must be waiting for us…
Sanchi : but kabir! First time I m going to meet her.. How can I go like this? I should go home and change..

Kabir : no need… U r looking gorgeous in this attire…come let’s go…
Ishagya : yes jiju… Let’s go… I’m dying of hunger…
Kabir n sanchi giggled by hearing their words… OK saali Sahiba… Whatever u say?
Time skips… Kabir and trio reaches home… Kusum excited.. She welcomed everyone….
Sanchi n ishagya took blessings of kusum…
Kusum : it’s okay beta! No need of all these… U r like my daughter…

She praises sanchi : my daughter in law is very beautiful… Kabir beta… Thank you for giving me a daughter… Now I don’t need you.. ( laughing)
Kabir pouts : Wow maa! This is not fair.. After getting a daughter in law, how can you forget your son?
Ishagya : jiju! Auntiji is joking….
Kusum : how can a mother forget her son? I m very happy today.. Finally I got everything today.. She hugged kanchi and kissed them…. OK come first have the lunch then we will talk…
Suddenly, doorbell rings.. Kusum thought “who can come at this time? “…no one knows here about us… Then who can come… She called one of her servants to open the door… The servant opened the door…
Kusum and kabir were shocked to see shraddha standing…
Shraddha : hi aunty! Hi kabir darling! How are you?
Ishagya murmurs : who is this n how she knows jiju?
Sanchi too was shocked…
Kusum : how dare you to come here?
Shraddha : o auntie! U know na… I can’t leave u all especially my sweetheart ..
Kabir : just leave from here! Right now..
Shraddha : I know dear! U r angry… Please give me a chance so that I can rectify my mistakes…. (full of lust in her eyes)
Sanchi : kabir! Who is she? Why she is saying like this?
Shraddha (walking forward) : kabir darling! Who is this behenji? Seriously kabir! Don’t tell your taste has become behenji type..
Pragya (angrily) : abeo! Behenji hogi tu! Churail kahi ki! Daant tod k haath mei de denge..
Sanchi n isha : calm down pragya…
Shraddha : whatever… I came here for my kabir…
Sanchi : kabir! I think we should leave…we must not disturb u… She cries n ran outside followed by ishagya…

Precap : veer confess to sanchi… Misunderstanding too rise between kanchi…
Shraddha is ready with her evil plan….

Hope friends, u will like it… I don’t know what waste I have written… If u liked it then please drop your suggestions… Please ignore grammatical mistakes… I know I haven’t written well… If u want to throw anything then you are free to do so… At last I m very sorry for not commenting on many of your ff… I was not feeling well….

With love

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