Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Intro

Hi Guys!! I’m finally back and I’m sorry but I am discontinuing My Time To Shine, because I did not like writing it. It wasn’t entirely my writing. So I am starting with this ff and hopefully I will complete it!! So just to introduce the characters…
Sanchi Mishra: A sweet innocent girl, who has just moved back to Delhi. Sanchi is innocent but not too naive, always stands up for what is right!! She has two best friends, Isha Negi and Pragya Yadav, and these three are the life of a party!! Oh and she can’t stand rude people(Female Protagonist)
Kabir Kapoor: A handsome doctor, who steals every woman’s heart with one glance. He always shows himself to be a rude and arrogant person but has a heart of a child (but no one knows that). Best doctor at SDCH. (Male Protagonist)
Isha Negi: Beautiful doctor working at SDCH, HUGE fashionista and an amazing doctor as well. When she is with her besties, Sanchi and Pragya, just assume that anything is possible!!! (Female Supporting)
Veer Malhotra: Another heartthrob doctor working at SDCH. His father owns SDCH but has never been rude about it!! A good friend of Kabir, and a great prankster. Without him SDCH wouldn’t be the same. (Male Support)
Pragya Yadav: Another great doctor, not a fashionista but somewhat a prankster. Pragya can be stubborn but very determined. Just like her friends yeh dekti kuch aur hai parunto karti kuch aur hai!! (Female Support)
Kunal Kapoor: Yeh hai Kabir ka asli bhai!! Unlike Kabir he is nice and sweet and doesn’t mind showing his soft side but is a ruthless businessman. Nothing can come between work and Kunal(alot like his brother) (Male Support)
Garv: Veer ka chamcha but another hard working doctor. Stands up for what is wrong unless it’s a prank (Male Support)
Now that we have our “gang” listed lemme just list all the other people
Anand Malhotra: Owner of SDCH, a nice cute Punjabi uncle. And father of Veer
Savitri Malhotra: Wife of Anand, mother of Veer
Suraj Kapoor: Rich business tycoon, father of Kabir and Kunal Kapoor
Kusum Kapoor: Wife of Suraj and mother of Kabir and Kunal
Suniel Mishra: Father of Sanchi Mishra, rich industrialist
Jaya Mishra: Mother of Sanchi Mishra
Any other characters will be introduced later on… these were just the main ones!!! I really hope you guys like this ff, Pyaar Ho Toh Aise!! Episode 1 will be out very soon!!!!

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  1. Aafiya

    Nice intro..
    Post soon

  2. interesting
    update soon

  3. Amazing intro, Post next one soon

  4. Dhruti

    hi palak,
    nice intro but that ff is also awesome if you have a time wrote that ff also please………… next one asap………………….tc………………….love you…………….bye…………..

  5. Ziyarasheed

    Hi palak, gud to have you back. Always loved your FF. This one seems interesting. And the characters also seem positive. Eagerly waiting

  6. Swethaa

    amazing intro dear..waiting for first part…plz if you have time just finish that ff in 1 or 2 shots when you feel like it…eagerly waiting for the first soon..

  7. Its amazing… Nice

  8. Anee

    amazing palak dear.

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