Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 8

Dinner Party At Sanchi’s
Sanchi Says “I love you” To Kabir
A little bit of Kanchi Romance

Early In The Morning
Sanchi wakes up before Kabir and finds herself in between his arms and she lovingly stares at him…
Kabir: Your eyes will turn red if you continue staring
Sanchi looked away
Kabir: Good Morning Precious
Sanchi: Morning
Kabir: So what’s the routine
Sanchi: Breakfast, body wash, makeup, clothes, and work
Kabir: Okay
Kabir gets on Sanchi,
Kabir: Might want to add romance …
Sanchi: If I am late and my khadoos boss cuts my paycheck then it’s on you
Kabir: What did you say…
Sanchi wraps her arms around his neck
Sanchi: That I love you
Kabir took Sanchi to her kitchen and made her sit on the counter…
Sanchi: Let me do it
Kabir: Sit!!
Sanchi: Fine
So they both breakfast and get ready to go to work…
Sanchi: You want to drive??
Kabir: Sure
Sanchi and Kabir enter together and everyone looks at them
Nurse: She took our hottie
Ward: He took my chance
Isha: You mean they look cute together
Nurse&Ward: Yes
Kabir: I will see you at lunch
Sanchi: See you then

The day goes on and they perform their duties…

Kabir made Sanchi sit next to him …
Veer: Yaar stop this gushy mushy love
Sanchi: Shut up, so how’s the Dubai plan
Isha: Everything is ready
Pragya: We just need to buy tickets
Sanchi: I have an announcement
All: What
Sanchi: Since because of me the trip was delayed… I will be buying all your tickets for you. First class tickets
Isha: Sanchi no
Kabir: That’s too much
Sanchi: Not when my Dad is giving me the money
Veer: No Sanchi
Pragya: No
Sanchi: Yes!! And I already bought them
All: Kya!!!
Sanchi: I bought them according to the original plan so we are leaving in 2 weeks
Isha: Sanchi I have to pay you back
Sanchi: Listen no one is paying me back. Pay for the hotel So shush!! And lunch is over
Once everyone leaves
Sanchi: We are so sharing a room
Kabir: Really…
Sanchi wrapped her arms around his neck but then an intern came and
Sanchi: Your collar was messed up
Kabir: Thank you
Kabir winked and turned around…
Intern: Hello Sir
Kabir: Is something wrong
Intern: I actually missed the lesson because of duty
Sanchi: Come I’ll help
Kabir: I am going into surgery so you will drive
Sanchi: Fine
Intern: Sorry but I didn’t
Sanchi: Don’t act innocent
Intern: You two are really cute. The IT couple of SDCH
Sanchi: What’s your question
Intern ………

Late At Night
Sanchi: Kabir chalo,
Kabir: Chalo
Sanchi: I am so excited for Dubai
Kabir: The safari
Sanchi: Shopping
Kabir: The water show
Sanchi: SRK !!!
Kabir: Kya??
Sanchi: Srk’s pictures all over Dubai… uff
Kabir: Excuse me
Sanchi: Listen SRK will always have a special spot
Kabir: Accha
Sanchi: I’m just joking Kabir… I love you and SRK is my celebrity crush
Kabir: Chalo ab I am actually tired
Sanchi: Okay

2 Weeks Later, Delhi Airport
Sanchi: Dubai here we come
Veer: I can’t wait to race
Pragya: I call Veer’s team
Sanchi: Of course you do
Kunal: And Isha is with me
Isha: When did that happen
Kunal: Just now
Kabir: Guys time to board
Sanchi: Two hours of silence
Kabir: Relaxing and peaceful
Sanchi and Kabir sit on the their seats and immediately go to sleep holding each other’s hands…

2 Hours Later
Veer: Come on guys
Sanchi: Here’s the address
Pragya: This isn’t a hotel
Sanchi: I found … rental house… all pay … cheaper
Isha: Okay…
Once they get into the taxi …
Kunal: She is wayy too sleepy
Kabir: She didn’t sleep last night because she stayed up packing and finishing some last minute presentations
Sanchi: Hmm
All: Oh ho
Kabir: Come on guys, she’s worked a lot and got us here.
Isha: I wish my life partner is as caring as Kabir
Kabir: Sorry but only one piece, you can take Kunal
Isha: I’ll pass
Kunal: Heyy
Pragya: Omg look!!
All looked in awe at the house Sanchi found…
So everyone goes in the house and choose their rooms, Kanchi choose the largest room and Sanchi immediately plops onto the bed and falls asleep…

Next Morning
Sanchi is wide awake, playing music, dancing, and making breakfast. When Kabir comes and sits in front of the counter. Sanchi gets a little surprised when she turns around
Sanchi: You want to wait for the others or eat now
Kabir pulls Sanchi close to him and makes her sit on his lap. He wraps his arms around her and rests his head on her shoulder…
Sanchi: Someone will come Kabir…
Kabir: Then let them come …
Sanchi: Kabir…
*Cough* *Cough*
Sanchi gets up and walks into the kitchen while
Veer whistles while Isha stuffs pancakes in her mouth
Pragya: What about your figure
Isha: I can work it out, but Sanchi’s pancakes are a must!!!
Kunal: These are amazing, good thing I will be having them after their marriage
Isha: I will marry you just for these every morning
Kunal: Really??
Isha: Well someone’s desperate
Kunal: Speak for yourself
Isha: Huh
Veer and Pragya slowly walk away and eat at the table
Kabir looks at Sanchi…
Sanchi: Guys we are leaving at 1 so you better be ready
With that Sanchi and Kabir walk to their room…Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Wear this
Kabir showed a … revealing outfit
Sanchi: I don’t want to get arrested
Kabir: Come on
Sanchi: I am not wearing that… I will be wearing this
Sanchi showed a similar outfit but less revealing
Sanchi: What will you be wearing
Kabir: I don’t know
Sanchi: Where this
Kabir: Umm how about
Sanchi: It’s going to be really hot outside
Kabir: Jeans and white shirt
Sanchi: Why are all men so boring
Kabir: Hey I want to stay comfortable
Sanchi: Okay whatever, just get ready
Kabir: Hmm

So our gang quickly gets ready and then go out wandering Dubai… taking pictures and selfies, shopping, and finally after 2 hours of touring around they find a restaurant to eat at
Sanchi: I literally found everything for anyone who didn’t come
Kabir: Here drinks on me
Sanchi: Thanks!!
Kabir put his arm around Sanchi and she rested her head on him
Veer: I found the perfect gift for Dad
Kunal: Did he give you money
Veer: Yup
Veer: If I buy my family gifts and then only spend where I need to
Sanchi: Wow, that sounds like uncle….
Pragya: Yess lunch is here
Kunal: Let’s dig in
Isha: Arre where’s my salad
Pragya: Weren’t you just shoving like 50 pancakes in your mouth
Isha: Yeah but I burned that all off while walking around so no more cheating
Kabir: Isha you need to relax and eat some actual food
Isha: Well you see Jiju… I like to maintain my figure just like your beloved
Kabir looks at Sanchi he sees Sanchi eating her salad…
Kabir: Really??
Sanchi: It’s a special Arabic salad, not my typical salad
Isha: Oh really
Sanchi: Why don’t you have some
The waiter brings Isha’s salad in a plastic container
Kunal: Perfect timing

Everyone eats their lunch and they wander around a bit more and then finally head back home…
Isha: Why does it have to be so windy in Dubai?? There is sand in my hair
Pragya mimics Isha
Sanchi: We all have sand in our hair
Kabir: Why don’t we all settle down, take a break from each other, and meet at the dining room by 6
Veer: 2 hours of relaxation
Kunal: Two hours to sleep
Kabir: After you wash this sand out
Isha: What if the hot water runs out
Sanchi: It won’t I promise
Isha: Phew
Sanchi mumbles to Pragya
Sanchi: How did we get stuck with this dramaqueen
Pragya: I still don’t understand that

So everyone disperses to their rooms, after Kanchi are done taking their showers
Sanchi comes out wearing a baggy shirt with short shorts and Kabir just gets mesmerized by her hotness …
Sanchi: Ehm
Kabir: What??
Sanchi: Why were you staring
Kabir: Can’t a lover appreciate their significant other’s beauty and hotness
Sanchi: First off we aren’t married so don’t call me your significant other
Kabir: Don’t worry you won’t be single for too long …
Sanchi: Are you alluding to the fact that you will be proposing me soon
Kabir walks up to Sanchi and carries her bridal style to their bed. Both share a deep eyelock. He then caresses her face…
Kabir: I am just waiting for the perfect day to ask you, the prettiest woman in the world
Sanchi blushed
Kabir: You look so cute when you blush
He kisses her cheek
Sanchi: I feel … uff you just make me the happiest person. Your smile, your eyes, just everything about you brightens my day
Kabir: Really?? Everything
Sanchi: You know what I mean
Kabir kisses Sanchi again, this time on the lips and they soon start making out after a few minutes…
**Knock Knock**
Kunal: Bhai
Kabir: What is it
Kunal: We were about to order pizza for dinner
Sanchi: I am coming and I can make something for us
Kabir holds Sanchi tightly
Kunal: Arre forget your diets, just work it out when we get back
Sanchi: Just order a hawaiian pizza for us
Kunal: Okay … when will you be coming out
Kabir: Once I am done shaving
Kunal: You still aren’t ready
Kabir: NO, can I shave in peace
Kunal: Okay pizza will be here in 15 minutes
Sanchi: Thanks Kunal
Kabir: Now where were we
Sanchi: Doesn’t someone need to shave
Kabir: Not right now
Sanchi: Then
Kabir gets off the bed
Kabir: Fine!!
Sanchi giggled and then went out after a few minutes

Once the pizzas arrive they all dig in but then Sanchi got a phone call
Sanchi: Hey Naina!! ….. Oh just eating pizza ….. Everyone is good …… wait what!! No way, how did that fatu … hey Bhai …. Hey lemme set up a video chat… I will call you
Off call
Pragya: What happened
Sanchi: Oh nothing, just that Bhai proposed to Naina!!!
Isha: No way
Sanchi: Yess, I am about to set up a video call and here

All: Heyy
Naina: Hey guys, how’s Dubai
Sanchi and Isha wals to put the plates away
Veer: Amazing
Sunny: Oye Sanchi do I have to break Kabir’s face
Kunal: Oye
Sanchi: BHAI!!! Don’t say that about Kabir
Sanchi wraps her arms around Kabir
Pragya: Oh ho
Naina: Sanchi please yaar
Sanchi: Did I ever say anything when I was third wheeling… NO so shut it
Naina: Arre Kabir ke liye itni defensive
Sanchi: Just like when Bhai punched those 3 goons
Sunny: Whatever…
Sanchi: So when’s the wedding and where
Sunny: Well first of all, Mom and Dad are moving back to India
Sanchi: And they are giving the London house to you
Naina: And the wedding will be in Delhi in about 6 months
Kunal: Time to party
Sunny: And the end of my bachelor years
Naina: Oh hello and what about me
Sanchi: I’m logging off
All: BYE

Isha: I can’t wait for the marriage
Sanchi: I can’t believe they are getting hitched
Kunal: He’s finally leaving … not that he was bad
Pragya: So Sanchi won’t you have to move to Mishra Mansion
Sanchi: Nope
Kabir: Yes… I said that too loud
All: Yup
Sanchi was semi-glaring at Kabir
Veer: It’s okay, it happens sometimes
Sanchi: At least humare beech kuch toh hua
Kunal: Dang
Kabir: That was meant for all of y’all
Kunal and Isha looked at each other and so did Veer and Pragya
Pragya: Anyway… what should we now?? It’s only 10
Sanchi: Anyone have any ideas
Veer: Let’s go bollywood style and play some games ….
Isha: How about we save some of that for later on in the trip
Sanchi: Tomorrow we will be racing at the dunes and y’all are so going down

Sorry guys but for the sake of the story I will have to speed this up. SO the next day the gang got ready by 2 and headed out to drive on the dunes. It was really great!! They all raced in their own cars and… Kabir spelt I LOVE YOU with his to Sanchi. And drove a heart!! So cute… then they freshened up and went out to eat. And for the rest of the trip they did some type of activity on some days while on other days they just stayed at home because they were TOO tired.

Author’s Note:
So sorry guys I dragged some unreasonable parts and ended up speeding up the episode, but in reality I was running out of ideas. Anyways I hope you liked this episode, I tried to incorporate many Kanchi scenes… and just a heads up there are only 7 more episodes after this. Episode 15 will definitely be the last episode for this ff. But don’t worry I am working on another ff which I mentioned about previously….

Gang Back In India
Senior Mishra’s Move Back To India
Sunny And Naina’s Wedding
Kanchi Romance

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