Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 7

Kabir accidentally tells Sanchi he loves her
Sanchi decides to stay in London to completely recover
Leap of 7 ½ months,
Sanchi returns with some attitude and more confidence
(Quick Note the dinner is now on Saturday)

Sanchi’s Home
Sanchi: Okay lemme edit this video and post it. Wait!! Saturday is in 2 days!!! I need to prep. Ugh after…

Kabir’s Room
Kabir is on his laptop and is on Sanchi’s channel and looking at her vlogs for the 7 months…
Kabir: I didn’t know that she was going through so much at one time. And now look at her, confident, hot and happening, and so much attitude. I should get her something as a welcome back gift…

The Next Day, at SDCH
Sanchi enters SDCH and immediately sees Isha walking to her
Sanchi: What’s up
Isha: Oh my god!! I was up all night watching your videos. I can’t believe you went all through that and why didn’t you ever tell us
Sanchi: Then everyone would be senti and try-hards, did you like the dance videos
Isha: YES
Sanchi: Shh, let’s walk
Isha: You are like a little pataka
Sanchi: Are you bi
Isha: Hahaha
Sanchi: Anyway I have a lot of work and you might want this
Sanchi gives Isha a monster drink
Isha: Thanks

So everyone gets to work and at lunch the entire gang ends up in Sanchi’s office
Veer: Sanchi when are you getting a phone
Sanchi: When Bhai gives me the money
Isha: But you earn lakhs
Sanchi: And who will pay my bills, you?
Isha: No thanks
Pragya: When will you accept our Kabir’s proposal!!
Sanchi: I don’t know “ Soon ”
Kabir: Why don’t you try to mend your love life Pragya??
Sanchi: Anyway guys be there 5:30 sharp
Pragya: For??
Sanchi: The dinner party
Pragya: Sorry totally forgot
Sanchi: Anyways… lunch is over so y’all might want to get back to work
Sanchi looks at Kabir but then looks away, once everyone goes Kabir stays and goes behind Sanchi’s chair and looks for a file.
Sanchi: What are you looking for
Kabir: My heart
Sanchi: I don’t think I have it
Kabir: So is that a no to my proposal
Sanchi: I may have it, I may not. You should be more careful around your heart
Kabir: Kya karu, jab ko jata hai toh bari mushkil se milta hai. But you can give yours in return
Sanchi turns her chair around
Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor… you really need to work on your flirting skills
Kabir: Sanchi tell naa
Sanchi: What?? That you are late for your meeting with Dr. Adarsh
Kabir: Shoot
Sanchi: Byee
Kabir hurriedly walks out her office
Sanchi: Pagal

So Saturday Night finally comes and Sanchi is done prepping for the dinner.
**Ding Dong**
Sanchi opens the door to see Veer, Isha, and Pragya
Sanchi: Heyy, come on in
Isha: Wow you really revamped this place
Pragya: Looks really nice
Sanchi: Thank you!!
Then Kunal and Kabir come in …
Kunal: Hi Bhabhi
Sanchi: Hello Dewa… Kunal
Kabir: So you do accept
Sanchi: I never said that
Kunal: I’m just going to walk away…
Kabir: I bought you this
Sanchi: What??
Kabir: Open it later
Sanchi: Okay…

Veer: Okay so aaj kya milega
Sanchi: Poison
Veer: KYA
Sanchi: Chill, I just made this
Veer: Now I don’t want to eat this
Kabir: Dramebaaz chup chap kao
Veer: Yes Dad
Sanchi: “ Oh god”
Pragya: Sanchi how long will you be staying here
Sanchi: Forever
Pragya: Won’t you miss London
Sanchi: Yeah but Mom and Dad are thinking about moving back, Sunny Bhai and Naina might move to our London house
Isha: We still haven’t met Naina
Sanchi: Really?? She’s always with him though
Kunal: You mean her
Kunal shows a pic
Sanchi: Yeah
Kunal: I thought she was his PA
Sanchi: She’s younger than Bhai and as a college job she did work as his PA but now she works in some other company that Bhai recently bought or something like that
Kunal: Dang, so are you just waiting for Sunny to propose so that you can accept Kabir’s proposal…
Sanchi: SO Isha how is your BF
Isha: We broke up like 3 months ago
Kunal: Thank god for that
Isha: Excuse me??
Kunal: Nothing
Isha: You said something
Kunal: Isn’t this some nice paneer?? Can you pass me some more
Veer: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Hmm
Veer: Guys guess what!!!
Sanchi: You are the new dean of SDCH
Veer: How did you know
Sanchi: I will be giving my resignation letter soon
Veer: Dang… but that’s not it, Priya di and Sanket are coming back
Sanchi: Isn’t that a bad thing since … Kunal had a major crush on Priya
Kunal: Did not
All: Did so
Kunal: Well not anymore
Kabir: I think all the ladies need to lock their doors
Isha: And disconnect their phones
Kunal: Very funny guys
Sanchi: I’ll take your plates… you guys can go to the living room and I’ll bring dessert
Everyone goes to the living room except Kabir
Kabir: Here let me help you
During the entire time Kanchi were in the kitchen Kabir kept touching Sanchi on her hands or her waist and Sanchi would just smile and ignore him….
Kabir: Sanchi ab bata bhi de do
Sanchi: I like this desperate Kabir
Kabir: Excuse me
Sanchi: Chalo… raindrop cakes!!
Kunal: Bhabhi you put way too much effort into everything
Sanchi: That’s just who I am
Isha: This is so pretty
Veer: And yummy

After eating and talking and playing some games the gang finally leaves … except for Kabir
Once Sanchi closes the door and goes to her living room… she sees Kabir sitting on the couch. She walks up to him and Kabir pulls her and she lands on his lap…
Kabir: Sanchi tell me… yes or no. I waited for 7 months, I can’t wait any longer
Sanchi gets up but Kabir pulls her again and this time Kabir lays down and Sanchi is on top.
Sanchi: So now you are going to force me
Kabir: I just want an answer …
Sanchi: You already know what my answer is
Kabir: I want you to say it
Sanchi: Kabir Kapoor… I would like to give my heart in return for yours
Kabir(stern): Sanchi…
He tightens his grip
Sanchi: Kabir I frickin love you
And with that both of them kissed each other…
Kabir: By the way aren’t you going to open your gift
Sanchi: Totally forgot about that … I’ll go get it
Kabir: After …
Sanchi: I didn’t know that the Hitler would be so romantic
Kabir: Hitler??
Sanchi: Kabir let go naa
Kabir slowly started kissing Sanchi when … Kabir’s phone rang
Sanchi: Ha …
Kabir: Ignore it
Sanchi: What if
Kabir: Fine
Kabir held onto Sanchi and picked up his phone

**On Call**
Kabir: Hello
Kusum: Kabir?? Where are you?? Kunal has already returned
Kabir: Maa stop worrying, I am at Sanchi’s house
Kusum: Kabir…
Kabir: Maa do not start please
Kusum: Accha will you be
Kabir: Tomorrow is Sunday
Kusum: So you are staying there
Kabir: I will be coming later…
Kusum: You have the keys right
Kabir: Yes, just don’t tell Dad
Kusum: Don’t worry
**Kabir cuts the call**
Kabir: So where were we
Sanchi: Kabir I have some work to do
Kabir: Like??
Sanchi: I have to close all the curtains, turn on the dishwasher, turn off all interior lights, turn on all exterior lights, then kick you out, then go to my room and sleep
Kabir: How about we just go to your room and sleep
Sanchi: Kabir let go
Sanchi gets loose from his grip and does all her chores, escaping Kabir but when it was time for Kabir to go …
Sanchi: KABIR !!! Kabir!! This isn’t funny, you have to go. Kabir!!
When Sanchi went to her room and found Kabir holding his gift…
Sanchi: Kabir give naa
Kabir: Open it
Sanchi: Then will you go
Kabir: Fine…
Kabir sits on her bed and Sanchi sits right next to him…
Sanchi: You got me a … new phone.
Kabir: You said…
Sanchi: Thank you!!!
Sanchi hugged him and kissed Kabir’s cheek….
Kabir: Now I really don’t want to go
Sanchi: Kabir go now, I will see you on Monday
Kabir: Or tomorrow
Sanchi: Bye Kabir
Kabir: Bye Love
Sanchi walks Kabir to his car and they kiss goodbye

The Next Day Kabir and Sanchi are at the gym
Kabir: Maa… was really… happy.
Sanchi: Of course…. Her Khadoos son …. Finally has …. A GF
Kabir: What did you
Sanchi: Want to go out and eat
Kabir: Health Nut
Sanchi: Same!!
Kabir and Sanchi go from the gym to the restaurant and then eat in the car…
Sanchi: Kabir you better distract yourself tomorrow at work
Kabir: You better not distract me
Sanchi: Maybe you should learn to focus better
Kabir: Anyways…
Sanchi: I love how when Palak can’t think of better comebacks she just puts Anyways….
Kabir: I know right sabki besti ho jati hai
Sanchi: Just google next time
Palak: Okay guys now should I add hot sauce or hot peppers into your salads …
Sanchi: Where were we??
Kabir: Let’s go to your house
Sanchi: Why mine
Kabir: Because no one is there
Sanchi: What are you thinking of right now Kabir
Kabir: Nothing much just a little this and that
Sanchi: Kabir, I don’t want a smelly man in my room or house
Kabir: Fine I’ll drop you to your house…
Sanchi: Thank you

Monday, SDCH
Sanchi is working with some patients when Kabir pops in to check on the interns…
Kabir: Is everyone doing okay in here??
Interns: Yes, Sir
Kabir started talking to the interns and glanced at Sanchi whenever he had the chance…
Once Kabir left
Intern 1: Why did Kabir Sir come in to check on us
Intern 3: Because Sanchi Ma’am is here naa
Intern 2: Why does that matter, it’s not like they are dating
Intern 1 and 3 slapped each other’s forehead…
1: He’s been madly in love with her since who knows when
3: You are such an idiot
2: Thanks guys feeling the love
Sanchi: I think it would be better if you focus on your work and not your senior’s personal lives. It would be better for your grade. And maybe you didn’t hear but from now on, there will be a senior in every area the interns are working because what’s been going on recently with your grades.
All: Sorry Ma’am
Sanchi: That’s better

Sanchi goes to Kabir’s office…
Sanchi: Kabir why did you come to my sector today
Kabir: I was visiting the interns
Sanchi: Please don’t do that next time, they all are talking about us
Kabir: Baby, they’ve been talking about us since you started working here
Sanchi: Really??
Kabir: You should listen to the nurse’s convos…
Sanchi: Accha
Sanchi goes around Kabir and hugs him
Kabir: What are you doing?? We are at work
Sanchi: It’s lunch time right now, no one will come in
Kabir: Sanchi ….
Sanchi: Accha ji mere ghar par no control aur yahan…
Kabir turns around and grabs Sanchi,
Kabir: Agar mera bas chale toh abhi tumhe abhi honeymoon par le jao
Sanchi: Before marriage, itna bara paap…
Kabir started laughing
Just then someone entered Kabir’s office and Kabir immediately pushed Sanchi down and turned around
Anand: Accha Kabir I was wondering if you saw Sanchi, I needed to talk to her
Sanchi kicked Kabir and he clenched his fist
Kabir: No Sir, she might have gone out to eat. It is her lunch period
Anand: Tell her to go to my office before leaving
Kabir: Yes Sir
Once Anand left Kabir breathed in relief and Sanchi immediately got up
Sanchi: Really?? This is how you treat me?? You literally just pushed me down. I’m leaving BYE
Kabir held onto Sanchi
Kabir: I’m sorry baby, I just didn’t what to do at the moment.
Sanchi: You could’ve made me stand and pretend to look for a file
Kabir: Fine next time we will do that
Sanchi: There won’t be a next time
Sanchi walks out the office… and the entire day Kabir was texting her sorry but otherwise everyone was working… Sanchi ended up going to Anand’s office and when it was finally time to go home… Kabir goes into her office
Kabir: Sanchi I’m really sorry, that won’t happen again… I promise
Sanchi: I already forgave you!!
Kabir: Then why didn’t you reply to my texts
Sanchi: I was busy
Kabir: Ab chalo
Both walk out of Sanchi’s office and the hospital hand in hand and wave goodbye

At Night
Kabir and Sanchi are walking hand in hand on the road when Kabir raises his arm (SRK style)
Kabir: I love you Sanchi!!
Just then a truck comes and hits Kabir
Sanchi: KABIR
Sanchi wakes up
Sanchi: Oh my god!! That was a terrible nightmare… she immediately calls Kabir
Kabir sleepily picks up his phone
Kabir: Helllllo
Sanchi: Kabir are you okay?? You aren’t in pain or somewhere dangerous right
Kabir: Sanchi?? Why are calling me at 2 in the morning
Sanchi: Nevermind, sorry
Kabir: Sanchi are you alright
Sanchi: Yeah…. You go back to sleep
Kabir: Okay…
He cuts the call
Kabir: I think I should go to Sanchi she sounded tense. I will write Maa a note then leave
So Kabir grabs some clothes, brush, comb, and cologne and leaves a note for Kusum telling her that there was an emergency at the hospital and that he took his necessary supplies.

Sanchi’s House
**Ding Dong** **Ding Dong** **Ding Dong** **Ding Dong**

Sanchi: Who could that be?? What if it’s a thief??
Sanchi goes to her kitchen and grabs a roller and goes to open the door…
She is about to hit Kabir when Kabir ducks
Kabir: Sanchi!!! It’s me
Sanchi: Kabir?! What are you doing here?? Come in
Kabir: You sounded scared on the phone so I came to see if everything was okay
Sanchi hugs Kabir
Sanchi: You’re so sweet but what about
Kabir: As you can see I brought my stuff and I left a note for Maa
Sanchi: You really didn’t
Kabir: Of course I did, my lady love was troubled,
Both go into Sanchi’s room…
Kabir: Now what happened
Sanchi: I just had a really bad dream that you were saying I love you and then a truck came and hit you… I thought I lost you forever!!
She started crying and Kabir hugged her
Kabir: I will never leave you.
Sanchi: Promise
Kabir: Promise, if it helps you look really hot in these PJs of yours
Sanchi blushed and hid her face…
Kabir: You’re so cute…
Sanchi: Stop you’re making me blush
Kabir: Okay fine, let’s sleep
Kabir laid down and Sanchi laid on him and both went to sleep

Author’s Note:
Hopefully this will make up for all the previous crappy episodes. Thank you so much for all y’alls comments. And you guys can say it was a bad episode because it was a pretty bad. Last thing… I am currently writing another ff along with this one but I will release it later. Be on the look out for Is Love After Marriage Possible?? I just want that one to be the best I can make it because my last ff was terrible and I don’t like to disappoint y’all. Last thing what would you like to see next?? According to the precap ….

The Next Morning
Dubai Trip
More Kanchi Romance

Hope You All Have A Wonderful Week!!!

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