Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 6

Sanchi goes to meet Sharmas
Kabir describes Sanchi in a very sweet way
Sanchi describes Kabir
Something going on between Kabir and Kusum

The Next Day
Sanchi: Okay Papa, I’m going to the hospital
Suniel: Be careful
Sanchi: Thanks Papa

Kabir’s Room
**On Call**
Kabir: Maa please I don’t want to talk about this right now, especially where I am
Kusum: That means you like her
Kabir “blushed” (shied away) and did the SRK hand thing from Main Hoon Na
Kusum: KABIR!!! I am so happy for you
Kabir: Maa please my silence doesn’t mean
Kusum: Of course it does
Kabir: Maa I will talk to you when I get back
Kusum: Now I really want you to come back
Kabir: And please don’t tell this to everyone because… it’s not true
Kusum: My lips are sealed also I’m your mom. Even on the phone I can tell you are shying away
Kabir: Byee

Sanchi: Dr. William!!!
William: Sanchi!!
Sanchi: How have you been
William: My heart has been aching to see you
Sanchi: You’ve gotten worse
William: I saw you on the cover of a magazine!! Best female doctor!! Congrats
Sanchi: All thanks to you and everyone else here
William: Come everyone is in the
Sanchi: Coffee room !!!
William: Starbucks
Sanchi: Oh… it’s been a while since I came
William: 3 years
Sanchi: He he he
William: Follow
Sanchi: Following

Group: Sanchi!!!!
Sanchi: Hey guys!!!
She hugged everyone and sat down
Sanchi: So how’s life
Nurse: Terrible, no one to joke around
Dr: No one to complain
Dr: And no one to make the patients laugh
Sanchi: Aww, I wish I could stay but now I have a life in India. Hey can I see the elderly

A room of elderly patients
1: Look it’s Dr. Sanchi
Sanchi: How
4: All of our friends would only talk about you sweetheart
Sanchi: So this boring hospital killing you
3: Yup
Sanchi: T.V not helping
All: No
Sanchi: Well…
Sanchi starts talking to everyone individually and as a group, making them smile and laugh
Sanchi: Okay!!! Before I go
All: Aww
Sanchi: I need to ask something serious
She pulls up a chair
Sanchi: You all have the most life experience of anyone I know, which makes you intelligent
2: A nice a way to say that We Are All Old Boring People
Sanchi: Shoot I have to get going, it was nice meeting you!! And thank you!! You all are amazing and gorgeous people!! Love you! And life is too short to beat around the bush so call your kids and tell them how bad they’ve been. Byee

Sanchi breathes heavily.
Nurse: How was it
Sanchi: Great therapy from Dr. Life
Nurse: Haha
Sanchi: Anyway enjoy your day

Background Music:
Kuch Toh Hua Hai (Kal Ho Naa Ho)

Sanchi: Time to go shopping, by myself!!

Kabir: I should get Sanchi something, after all she invited me

Sanchi: “Hey that will look good on … Kabir!! What am I thinking”
She looks around, then a salesman comes
Man: Getting something for someone special
Sanchi: No just shopping
Man: Well we have
Sanchi: I can look around myself
Man: “Well okay”
Sanchi goes around the mall, she easily bought two things for the gang, except she was having a hard time finding something for Kabir
End Of Song

Sanchi is sitting in the food court…
Sanchi: “ Should I get him the new apple watch? A tablet?? Clothes?? He has everything, what does he not have!! You know what I will get him a apple watch!! He doesn’t have that and he has an iphone. I know wayy too much about him ”

Towards the Evening
Sanchi is walking downstairs and Kabir is heading upstairs when Sanchi slips and is about to fall luckily Kabir comes and holds her from the waist. And both engage in a deep eyelock…

Sanchi: Umm thanks
Kabir looks down
Kabir: Why are you wearing heels inside
Sanchi: I went shopping and I wanted to just test walk them.
She takes off the heels and both walk downstairs to the living room
Sanchi: So how was the conference
Kabir: Great
Sanchi: That’s good, I’ll be right back
Kabir: Okay
Sanchi goes into Kabir’s room and places the watch on Kabir’s bed with a little note and goes back

Sanchi: Black Coffee??
Kabir: Sure
Both side down and drink their coffee
Kabir: So ready to go back
Sanchi: No
Kabir: We are leaving Sunday
Sanchi: I know… so what do you think of my parents
Kabir: Well… all I will say is that opposites do attract
Sanchi laughed on that comment
Sanchi: I agree on that too!!!
Kabir: Sanchi… when will you tell them
Sanchi: Kabir not again
Sanchi got up to walk away but Kabir quickly got up and held her hand
Kabir: Sanchi stop pushing your emotions down, you need to let it out or else one day when you will explode and that might hurt way more people
Sanchi: Listen Kabir, the only reason I told you was because I had no other choice
She frees herself from his grip
Kabir: Crying at night won’t help the pain, it only increases the pain
Sanchi: It’s my life Kabir Kapoor, and why don’t you tell everyone about your past
Kabir: My past doesn’t hurt me and I’ve learned to move on
Sanchi: So you are calling me immature
Kabir: Yes
Sanchi: Why do you care so much
Kabir: Because …
Sanchi: Because what….
Kabir: Because I frickin love you dammit!!! I love you Sanchi Mishra and I can’t see you torture yourself like this, I can’t see you suffocating yourself in your pain and grievance.
He cups her face
Kabir: I can’t hear you crying yourself to sleep every single day. I just can’t. I want you to genuinely smile and laugh and enjoy life.
Sanchi: Please just leave me alone
Kabir: Sanchi…

Sanchi goes to her room and starts crying onto her pillows and Kabir follows and pats her and eventually hugs her. Once Sanchi calms down
Kabir: Here drink some water
Once she gulps down the water
Sanchi: Kabir there is something, I need to tell you
Kabir: What??
Sanchi: I … I am not going back to India
Kabir: What??
Sanchi: I actually don’t want to leave my parents alone especially during this phase of their life. So I decided to leave SDCH for about 6 months and maybe during these months I will have my life sorted. I just don’t want to be in India because it reminds me of my childhood as well.
Kabir: What do you mean??
Sanchi: I may be a part of the gang since childhood but I always felt left out because of them and their constant teasing, once I moved here I had forgot all that until I went back to India. It brought all those lonely memories of school and everything else so I just don’t want to be in that environment. And since Bhai isn’t here someone has to be here with my parents. So I volunteer as tribute
Kabir smiles but also frowns a little
Sanchi: And I will definitely be thinking about your proposal!!!
Kabir looks away
Kabir: So …
Sanchi: Here I bought this stuff for them and their stuff has a letter for them so you won’t be confused either…
Kabir(chuckles): Thanks, Sanchi
Sanchi: Kabir I promise you that once these 6 months are over you might see a new Sanchi, the real Sanchi
Kabir: I will trust you this last time but ….
Sanchi: You can trust me
Kabir kisses her forehead

So Sunday comes and Sanchi drops Kabir at the airport, they hug goodbye and are off their ways.

Delhi Airport
The gang is waiting outside for Kabir and Sanchi, since they don’t know
Once Kabir comes out
Kabir: “Oh God” Hey guys
Veer: Where’s Sanchi
Isha: She might be inside
Kabir: Actually… Sanchi didn’t return
Kabir: Calm down she is just leaving SDCH for about 6 months and staying with her parents, just for support. She has sent everyone a letter along with gifts which I will give when I get home

Kapoor Mansion
Everyone reads their letter and get teary-eyed
Veer: I never thought that impacted her this deeply
Isha: Me neither
Pragya: She might never return, she said that she didn’t seem to like it here or seem to fit in here either
Kunal: Dang guys, you all really messed up
Isha: We can’t even contact her
Veer: I guess we just have to wait
Kabir: Yup, now we can only wait for these next 6 months “How will these 6 months pass”

So for the next 7.5 months, our gang diligently works at the hospital and wait for one phone call or email from Sanchi, but nothing!!! And Kabir… was anxiously waiting for even a text message from Sanchi, according to Kabir these 7.5 months felt like years. While in London, Sanchi went to a psychiatrist and started to work on herself emotionally and physically. After 7.5 months…

Suniel: You can do this Sanchi!!!
Sanchi: I love you Dad
Suniel: I love you too!!!
Jaya: Sanchi you can just work here
Sanchi: Maa I am not your baby anymore I am 28 years old. I can handle myself. And now that I have my life composed I need to fix some relationships and answer some … questions
Jaya: Just don’t forget to call us when you are
Sanchi: About to board when I am at the layover airport and when I reach India. Okay??
Jaya: Chalo jao
Sanchi: Thank you!!! I love you two!!

London Airport, Boarding Gate Waiting Area
Sanchi: Uff. Okay I got a rental car and since Bhai knows I am coming he got my place cleaned up and all I have to do is take my stuff. And then go to the hospital…

Sanchi has finally returned to India!! Let’s see what she does
Sanchi: Tmr back to work!! I wonder how everyone is!! Should I make an BANG wala entry or quiet surprise?? I think quiet will be better since I can’t afford background dancers

So the next day… our Sanchi walks in wearing a short black dress, heels and a high ponytail… holding her laptop. She catches everyone’s eye. She goes to Anand’s office.
Sanchi: Hi Uncle
Anand: Sanchi!!!
He goes to her and hugs her
Sanchi: So good to see you
Anand: I am so happy you are back. And look at you!! You look absolutely amazing
Sanchi: Thank you. But for now you are my boss and I would like my office keys
Anand: Of course of course Dr. Sanchi here you are
Both laugh and Sanchi goes to her office…
Sanchi: Great to be back…
She pages Nurse Fernandez
Sanchi: Ms. Fernandez may I please get my patients for today??
NF: Is this thing working correctly
Sanchi: Nurse it’s me Sanchi but please don’t tell anyone
NF: I will be right over!!!!

Nurse came in and hugged Sanchi
Nurse: I am so happy to see you and look at you, killing the game
Sanchi: Thank you, please don’t tell anyone that I am here. I want to see their reactions
Nurse: Okay, I will try. Here are your files and would you like the interns work
Sanchi: I got those from Dr. Malhotra but thank you
Nurse: Okay, but what if someone sees me going out
Sanchi: Just say there is a new doctor
Nurse: You sure
Sanchi: Yes Nurse

Isha: Nurse why were you in Sanchi’s office
Nurse: Umm we have a new doctor
Isha: WHAT, who
Nurse: Umm Dr. Ashu
Isha: Is he cute
Nurse: I just handed him Sanchi’s files and walked out
Isha: Thank you
Isha texts the gang…
Group Chat
Isha: We need to meet during lunch
Veer: What happened
Isha: New doctor and they gave him Sanchi’s office
Kabir: WHAT
Isha: Kabir calm down
Pragya: Let’s talk at the cafe and Kabir don’t go to him and make him miserable
Kabir: I’ll try

Sanchi continues to work until lunch and then goes out to eat lunch. When she was walking Kabir saw her from the back but couldn’t recognize her since Sanchi always wore traditional clothing before.

At the Cafe
Isha: I can’t believe Dr. Malhotra replaced Sanchi
Pragya: Well it’s been 7 ½ months, she had said 6 months
Kabir: Guys, you don’t think
Veer: I think she has
Kabir: I don’t believe it.
Pragya: That also means the new doctor will be working with you
Kabir: I don’t think it will go good
Veer: Kabir, it’s Sanchi’s choice if she wants to come back
Kabir: I don’t want to talk about this
He walks out

All go back to the hospital and Sanch also returns to her office…
Sanchi: Wonder why anyone hasn’t come in, I thought they would get a mob together and come attack the new doctor. Whatever, time for me to go and to meet my new dance group.
Just then Sanchi receives an email…

From Kabir:
Sanchi, I never thought you were a liar. Why haven’t you come back? You had said 6 months. It’s been 7 months almost 8 and forget email you haven’t even texted or called us. Is something wrong? Are you in danger? Please if you are reading this please reply back asap

Sanchi: Aww such a sweet guy, we will see what happens tomorrow

The Next Day
Pragya sees Sanchi entering her office but doesn’t recognize her from the back
Pragya: Yaar Isha you had said the new doctor was a guy
Isha: Yeah
Pragya: Then why did a girl walk into the office
Isha: Might be a patient or girlfriend
Pragya: Hmm

Intern Classroom,
Sanchi is preparing the lesson for the day and the interns start walking in some were completely surprised to see their Dr. Sanchi back. Some went to even hug Sanchi…
Sanchi: Settle down everyone, so today’s lesson is about ……….
About 10 minutes later Kabir walks in
Kabir: Sorry class I am late …
He stops in his footsteps and was completely shocked to see Sanchi, standing right in front of him.
Sanchi: Dr. Kabir I think you might want to remind yourself that tardiness is something we do have great tolerance for.
The class giggled a little…
Kabir: Class dismissed
Sanchi: NO, class will be dismissed at 10:30
Kabir went to the side lecturer desk and sat down staring at Sanchi
Sanchi: Anyway so when injecting a patient you need to …
After explaining about injections…
Sanchi: Dr. Kabir will you teach everyone about the types of injections
When Kabir walks up to the desk. Sanchi gathers her stuff …
Intern: Ma’am
Sanchi: I have an appointment right now…
Sanchi gathers her stuff and walks out the class. And to her patient…

After the lesson, Kabir calls the gang into the classroom
Veer: Terrible Memories in here
Pragya: Agreed
Kabir: Guys!!!
Isha: Hmm
Kabir: Sanchi is back!!!
Isha: WHAT !! Dr. Ashu toh gaya
Kabir: There is no Dr. Ashu
Veer: Huh??
Kabir: I texted Fernandez and she said Sanchi told her tell that
Pragya: That little… then why are we here chalo
Kabir: She’s with a patient
Isha: Is she??
Veer: Chalo

They all finally go into Sanchi’s office…
Sanchi: Surprisingly you don’t have pitchforks and fire
Pragya: Very funny
Isha: Why didn’t you tell us that you were back
Sanchi: Surprise!! Anyways I have to get going
Veer: No no nooo
Sanchi: Listen I have to go to a dance rehearsal and then I have to go to an interview with Bhai
Pragya: Huh??
Sanchi: You guys were always emailing me and annoying me did you not see my channel on youtube… you could’ve used that to see how I was. Now out I have to lock this place
Veer whistles…
Sanchi: Thank you!! Also you guys are all invited for dinner on Sunday, don’t bring any family or kids. Sorry I can’t sit and talk, my coach will kill me if I am late…
Isha: Coach??
Sanchi: Check out my channel or website. Sorry and bye

Sanchi goes to her dance group and then goes home to get ready for the interview and goes to Sunny’s house
Sanchi: Hey Bhai
Sunny: Heyy Sanchi
Sanchi: Hello
Interviewer: Hello, thank you for letting us shoot here
Sunny: No problem
Interviewer: Let’s start

So the interviewer asked some surface level questions and some personal questions overall the interview was going good let’s see what the gang is doing at work

Veer: Here it is… woah
Isha: What
Veer: She has 5 million subs
Pragya: Let me see … idiot she’s had this channel since college she just stopped working on it for a while…
Kabir: Let me see…
Veer: Oh ho Dr. Kabir
Kabir: Shut up Veer
As they scroll through her channel they see many vlogs, dance videos, workout videos, and chit chat type videos…
Isha: She just uploaded something on snapchat … new dance video coming…
Pragya: We really did not know this about her …
Veer: Let’s see how well Sanchi can dance
Veer plays a video and all are in shock
Pragya: We really don’t know much about Sanchi
Kabir: Y’all know why she came to India so she wouldn’t have told you anyway
Isha: Well I feel great
Kabir: Let’s stop wasting our time, chalo get back to your duty
Veer: Ugh
Author’s Note:
Okay first of all I am very sorry because this was the dumbest episode I have ever written. Honestly I wish I could restart this ff but I will continue this from here. If you guys have any ideas want any special scenes, let me know in the comments and I will definitely try to incorporate them into the next few episodes.

Dinner At Sanchi’s
Kabir and Sanchi Spend Some Special Time Together…

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