Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 4


Kabir and Sanchi Argue
Kabir’s Past Revealed
Sanchi’s Brother, Sunny, Comes To Live With Her
Kabir and Sanchi Can Bear Each Other
Kabir and Sanchi In The Hallway
Kabir: Have you ever been to Kashmir
Sanchi: Nope and you
Kabir: Nahi…
Sanchi: So we are totally getting lost
Kabir: We are flying to Kashmir and then driving to the hotel
Sanchi: Thank god… So what is the conference about
Kabir: Just our overall hospital and how we have been doing business wise, patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction…
Sanchi: Should I send out surveys
Kabir: Yes
Sanchi: I will get on that
Kabir: Wait!! Maa actually wanted to talk to you…
Sanchi: I will call her
Kabir: Okay
Sanchi: Hello, uhh huh…. wait WHAT no no no Papa that’s not fair Sunny Bhai can’t come live with me… I don’t care if he is handling your India branch… why can’t you just leave me alone?!?!

Kabir: Anything wrong!!!
Sanchi: My brother is coming to live with me
Kabir: You have brother!!!
Sanchi: Yes
Kabir: I need a gun
Sanchi: Why?!?!
Kabir: To shoot myself
Sanchi: Sunny is just a ruthless businessman, he doesn’t have any emotion most of the time
Kabir: So like Kunal
Sanchi: I guess but Kunal is fun and everything
Kabir: Oh you haven’t seen him in business, he is ruthless
Sanchi: Then they might not get along, Bhai is coming to take over Delhi
Kabir: Uff
Sanchi: Yeah and that duffer is going to live with me
Kabir: Good Luck
Sanchi: Anyway I have to go get him from the airport now
Kabir: What ?!?
Sanchi: See I thought he was going to stay in my dad’s house but dad told me a week ago that he will stay with me
Kabir: …
Sanchi: I know no logic, see you tomorrow

Delhi International Airport
Sanchi: Yaar bhai kahan hai!! It’s so frickin cold
Sanchi then hears a knock on the window
Sanchi: Ahh…. oh it’s the monster
Sanchi opened her trunk and then let Sunny in

Sunny: It’s so blo*dy cold
Sanchi: I know right
Sunny: So how have you been
Sanchi: Fine…
Sunny: And…
Sanchi: I don’t have a boyfriend, just been working with my friends at SDCH
Sunny: You have friends?!?!
Sanchi: Shut up
Sunny: Hey!!
Sanchi: Oh I’m going to Kashmir for a conference next weekend with Dr. Kabir
Sunny: What?!?!
Sanchi: And then vacationing there for a week, so don’t destroy my house
Sunny: Excuse me
Sanchi: Listen Priya and Sanket are coming from the US so Anand uncle asked me and Kabir and we are the best employees of the month so conference and vacation. Nothing will change, so stay shut and sleep
Sunny: But…
Sanchi: Chup ho jao mere bhai
Sunny: You’re so rude
Sanchi: Thanks!!
Sunny: Hey can I drive this car??
Sanchi: Actually I kept my old one so you can just use that, not this one
Sunny: Hey a Tesla is a Tesla
Sanchi: Hmm

2 Days Before The Flight
Sanchi: SUNNY!!!!
Sunny: What!!
Sanchi: Did you do the laundry? It was your turn
Sunny: I’ll do it now
Sanchi: Ughhh, I am going to the dry cleaners
Sunny: BYE
Sanchi: When are you starting office
Sunny: Week you come back
Sanchi: Okay

Day Before Flight
Kabir: The presentation is ready and has been approved
Sanchi: You have your tickets ready
Kabir: Yup and only warm clothes, don’t pack a mini skirt
Sanchi: I know!!
Kabir: See you tomorrow at the airport
Sanchi: See you

Sanchi’s House
Sunny: Sanchi!! Dad said that I can’t take over Kapoor’s
Sanchi: Told you and you also HAVE to make an alliance
Sunny: How do you
Sanchi: Bhai it’s so obvious why would Dad want to take over his friend’s company
Sunny: Business is business
Sanchi: I will be inviting the Kapoor’s for dinner some time
Sunny: Why??
Sanchi: Because they invited me a while back
Sunny: Anyway… go to sleep you have conference on Saturday!!!
Sanchi: And you have an empire to create!!!
Sunny: I know that

Kabir’s Room
Kabir: A week with Sanchi… I’m gonna die!! How will I handle her?! Kunal why couldn’t you also be a doctor
Kunal: Someone had to handle the business unless
Kabir: Shut up, I think you are too ruthless and naive at the same time
Kunal: Or just too nice Hitler …
Kabir: Go I need to sleep

Airplane… Kabir and Sanchi are sitting next to each other
Sanchi: If I fall asleep on you then Sorry in advance
Kabir: Don’t even
Sanchi: Okay then I will be making the next three quizzes and you can make a test
Kabir: Two quizzes = 1 test
Sanchi: Fine

Towards The End Of The Flight
Kabir: Sanchi!! We’re here
Sanchi: Hmm?? Oh that’s nice
Kabir: Sanchi wake up we are about to land
Sanchi: Shh
Sanchi was fast asleep since she finished her work quickly, Kabir also finished but he stayed up reading.
Kabir: “She’s so sweet… eww shut up Kabir”

Outside Kashmir Airport (idk)
Sanchi: Shh it’s so cold
Kabir: Hey at least we have these trench coats,
Sanchi: Look I think that’s the car from the hotel
Kabir: Chalo phir

Both got in the car and the driver took them to their hotel but at the hotel they found out that
Manager: Sorry Sir but we seemed to have given Ma’am’s room to someone else because of overbooking problems.
Sanchi: But we had booked 2 weeks in advance, is this how you run this hotel
Manager: Ma’am please try to understand, right now many people are visiting Kashmir during the winter and overbooking is a problem in all hotels. And you two look like you are together so what’s the problem
Both Kabir and Sanchi looked at each other
Sanchi: Oye Mister, we are not together!!
Kabir: We are here for a conference and SDCH staff members always come to this hotel whenever we are here for Kashmir
Manager: Room Service will be on us
Sanchi: Let us talk
Sanchi pulls Kabir to the side,
Sanchi: Listen as much as I hate to say this but we have no choice
Kabir: What if we say that 80% off on Room Service AND they have to put a couch in the room
Sanchi: Works for me
Back To The Manager
Kabir: Okay we will stay on some conditions, first if you put a couch in the room then we will pay 20% for Room Service, meaning you will cover 80%
Manager: That’s not how business goes
Sanchi: Okay Mister Manager, listen up. My name is Dr. Sanchi Mishra, best female doctor at Savitri Devi College and Hospital, Delhi. Daughter of Suniel Mishra of Mishra Industries and Sister of Sanit Mishra, most ruthless businessman currently residing in Delhi. This is Dr. Kabir Kapoor, best male doctor at Savitri Devi College and Hospital, Delhi. Son of Suraj Kapoor of Kapoor Corporates and older brother of Kunal Kapoor, another ruthless businessman. We can buy this hotel in a matter of seconds and get you fired so give us the goddamn discount and there better be a good heating system in that room or else we will call our brothers.
Manager: Okay ma’am no couch but free room service and the best heating system
Kabir: And a long pillow
Manager: I can get you that
Then the manager calls the bellboy and Kanchi leave for their room

Hotel Room
Sanchi tips the bellboy and they get the long pillow they asked for…
Sanchi: Well at least we have a good heating system
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Dibs on the left side
Kabir: Hey!!!
Sanchi: Too late Akdu
Kabir: This is going to be a fun trip
Sanchi: It sure is, you can shower first since I will take a longer time
Kabir: Fine with me

So Kabir goes shower while Sanchi sets the luggage and bed, after they both get their work done they go to bed
Sanchi: Kabir …
Kabir: Yes
Sanchi: I would just like to apologize in advance for all the stupid mistakes I will make and if I get mad at you and if I pass this bed border, because I will definitely do all three things
Kabir (chuckles): That’s fine and I apologize in advance for the same, except this bedding situation.
Sanchi: Okay… Good Night…
Kabir: Good Night

Next Morning, Kanchi walking down the hall…
Kabir: Okay I will read two slides and you will read two deal
Sanchi: I can start
Kabir: Okay, And remember just be serious and do not read off the slide
Sanchi: Got it

Conference (more like meeting)
Sanchi: Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!! My name is Dr. Sanchi Mishra
Kabir: And I’m Dr. Kabir Kapoor
Sanchi: So let’s get right into this ….

About 1 hour later …
Once everyone leaves Sanchi and Kabir plop down on a chair to take a breather
Sanchi: Uff I think I my jaw will fall off
Kabir: But we did it
Sanchi: This conference was for something else
Kabir: Yeah… umm we need funding for our research and these were investors
Sanchi: And why wasn’t I told before
Kabir: You’re a blabbermouth
Sanchi: True
Kabir: We are totally getting that money
Sanchi: I don’t want to know, let’s go out
Kabir: You can go
Sanchi: No you and I BOTH will go chalo
Kabir: Arre
Sanchi: First we will go to the hotel room put on warm clothes and then go out and you will come with me
Kabir: I’m not your boyfriend or husband
Sanchi: Chalo naa Kabir. We are in Kashmir, heaven on Earth and you want to stay in the boring hotel and do work
Kabir: Can we go tomorrow please??
Sanchi: Pakka
Kabir: Pakka
Sanchi: Fine

Next Day,
Sanchi drags Kabir outside and both go out walking through the snowy roads of Kashmir. Both were just talking about their childhood and how everything changed so quickly for them when …

Rohit: Sanchi?? SANCHI
Sanchi: Huh??
Sanchi turned around and saw Rohit
Sanchi: Hey Rohit!!
Rohit came and hugged Sanchi
Sanchi: So good to see you, but
Rohit: Jiya and I were here to vacation
Sanchi: You and vacation since when
Rohit: Since I got married
Sanchi: Oh so sorry, Rohit this is Dr. Kabir, he is my colleague and Kabir this is Rohit, London school friend
Kabir: Hi
Rohit: Hello, so Sanchi have you finally started dating
Sanchi: Rohit please no, our parents are friends but we never met. And now he’s just my colleague, we were just here for a conference

Somewhere deep down Sanchi’s intro of Kabir hurt Kabir, let’s see what our hurt Kabir is thinking

Kabir: “ Just a colleague, parents were friends and now just colleagues. That’s it. Not he is also a friend… just a colleague. .. But wait she is right, I am just her colleague why do I care about my intro? Let’s what this drama is about”
Rohit: Hey sorry man
Kabir cleared his throat
Kabir: Just saying that will never happen
Sanchi: Can we talk about something else?? Where is Jiya
Rohit: Hotel she was tired from the flight and you know me
Sanchi: Mr. Overly Excited
Rohit: Yup umm see you around and Sanchi
Sanchi: Hmm
Rohit whispers to her
Rohit: It’s great to see you happy like this. Just stay like this and life will be
Sanchi: A nice easy ride …
Sanchi started to tear up but she blinked them away
Sanchi: So what were we talking about
Kabir: Well you were talking about your med school
Sanchi: Oh ya how Sameer… umm I mean med school was I mean it was hard but it’s all worth it, I guess
Kabir: You guess, med school was a blessing for me
Sanchi: Med School and college were the … best years of my life, just like he would say, College + first two years of med school = full freedom and less responsibility
Kabir: Sorry but who is he
Sanchi: Never mind but how about you why didn’t uncle want you to become a doctor and just join the business
Kabir: I guess since I was his first son he wanted me to handle the business since I had proven that I was much more responsible from a young age and when I told him that I wanted to be doctor… his dreams were shattered you could say
Sanchi: Ugh indian parents and their expectations
Kabir: Now back to you who was Rohit talking about
Sanchi: No one, really
Kabir: Okay “she probably just doesn’t want to share”

Late At Night
Sanchi: How could that happen??

Flashback To A Year Before
Sanchi: How is that possible??
She starts tearing up
Unknown: Sanchi’s it’s true. I just never told you because
Sanchi: Because what!!
Unknown: Because I don’t want to hurt you
Sanchi: Sameer, you hid the fact that you have
She starts pouring crying
Sanchi: Sameer aise kaise ho sakta hai
Sameer: Aise he hai Sanchi aur hum kuch nahi kar sakte
Sanchi: No, Sameer please don’t say that
End of Dream/Flashback

Kabir: Sanchi… Sanchi… Sanchi!!!
Sanchi: No!!!
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi wipes her tears.
Sanchi: Nothing, you can just sleep. Sorry about that
Kabir: Sanchi … I will not pressurize you but what’s wrong ever since Rohit came you have become silent
Sanchi: I…
Kabir was about to turn around when Sanchi put her hand on his hand…
Sanchi: This all started when I was in high school, I was the indian popular girl and I had one best friend in London… Sameer. Sameer and I were the bestest of friends, we did everything together. Study, shop, pranks, even our classes were the same. Whenever I would be sad he would cheer me up with his terrible jokes. He always stood up for me and I stood up for him no matter what would happen we would remain best friends.

Start of Flashback
Sanchi and Sameer walking down a hallway in school and

Girl 1: Look the IT couple
Sanchi turned around
Sanchi: How many times do I tell you?? Sameer is just my best friend, you think I would date this idiot
Girl 2: Say whatever you want but everyone knows that you two are together
Sameer: Sanchi… why are you wasting your time on these time wasting girls
Girl 1: Excuse me
Sameer: Sorry sweetheart but you believe that a guy and girl can’t be friends and you just can’t accept the fact that we are proving you wrong
Sanchi and Sameer walk away to class.

Another flashback
Sameer: So now when all the teachers enter …
Sanchi: Color will fall on them and each color represents a word that describes the teacher. We just have to blurt it out when she comes in
Sameer: And EVERYONE has to do it
All: Yes

Another flashback
Sanchi looking down
Sanchi: Yaar this will be my second 75
Sameer: Here take my paper
Sanchi: But
Sameer: My parents will understand since I’ve made 90s all throughout
Sanchi: You are a lifesaver

Back to Kanchi
Sanchi: Sameer was the only one who knew all my secrets, I told him everything and I thought he told me everything. I was an intern and he had joined business. We would meet up whenever we had the time but about the beginning of last year, he wouldn’t meet up alot and I would see him at the hospital quite often

Sanchi: Sameer you here??
Sameer: Ya by grandpa is sick so he is admitted here
Sanchi: Oh I’m so sorry, go home and rest. And make sure to
Sameer: Wash these clothes and take a shower
Sanchi: How do you know
Sameer: Umm … the nurses told me
Sanchi: Okay??

Back to Kanchi
Sanchi: When I told my parents they said that his grandparents had passed away a while ago and I was also suspicious… nurses never say that. So I went to some general nurses and asked them about Sameer Sharma but they didn’t have any records. One day I gave up and I went into the record room and saw his name… And what I saw ….

She starts crying
Sanchi: I grabbed his file and sat down and read through it and … I couldn’t believe my eyes. The file said that … his … his heart was failing
Sanchi started crying and hid her face when Kabir hugged her…
Kabir: Shh you don’t have to tell me
Sanchi: No I want to,
She gathered herself
Sanchi: Then I went to his house to confront him and that’s what I was dreaming. He has this problem since college but never told me because he didn’t want to see me go through the break down which eventually happened. And he… he… left me last year. My best friend passed away and I have a medical degree but I couldn’t help him in any way… which is why I regret not taking cardiology and Sameer was a huge reason why I never took it because he didn’t want me to find out about this. I … every June I go to uncle and aunty just to comfort them because Sameer passed away in June and that’s really it… the Sanchi who has the prettiest smile has been through a lot …
Kabir: Why not tell everyone else??
Sanchi: I just don’t have the courage to face them…
Kabir: But you told me
Sanchi: Because you… you saw I have been through and I literally started crying after every flashback
Kabir: You will have to tell them one day
Sanchi: I know

Author’s Note
Sorry another emotional episode … I am just trying to speed up this ff so that I can finish asap maybe like by episode 15 max!! Because I have another ff idea which I will start writing soon but not post!!

Sorry guys I just kinda wrote what was popping in my brain at the moment and now the real love story will start with NO VILLAIN just a simple love story of two people with somewhat complicated pasts!!

Continuing This Trip …
6 Months Leap
Sanchi in London … with Kabir
Gang Plans A Trip!!

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