Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 13

Kanchi’s Wedding

Sanchi wears a nice red saree and Kabir wears a white kurta. They both walk downstairs and find everyone waiting for them.

Sanchi: Sorry we are late
Kusum: You aren’t late at all
Kabir: Morning Dad, Kunal
Kunal: Morning Bhai
Kabir: Where is everyone else
Kusum: They went to their homes
Kabir: I thought they were staying until the reception
Kusum: No they will be here for the reception
Once breakfast is set. Kabir holds Sanchi’s left hand … and Sanchi gives a small glare and Kabir winks at her. Sanchi slowly starts eating with one hand.
Kunal: Bhabhi why are you eating with one hand
Sanchi: I usually eat with one hand
Kunal: Really??
Sanchi: Hmm
Suraj: Sanchi, I don’t think you eat with one hand, is something wrong
Sanchi brings her left hand up
Sanchi: As you can see I have to eat with one hand
Kabir immediately lets go and Sanchi smiles at him
Suraj coughs and so does Kusum
Kusum: Kabir why are you bothering my bahu
Suraj: You should know better to not bother our beloved daughter-in-law
Kunal: Oh come on Bhai was just teasing
Kabir: See only Kunal is my real family.
Sanchi smiles a little

After breakfast, Sunny comes to Kapoor Mansion and Sanchi goes and gives him a tight hug.
Sunny: How is our Bua doing??
Sanchi: Bhai we’ve been over this, your child will call me Ms. Lovely or Mishti. Bua is so tacky
Sunny: Okay Ms. Lovely
Sanchi rolls her eyes and takes Sunny in.
Sunny: Uncle, Aunty. I hope you don’t mind me stealing, Ms. Lovely, and Khadoos Uncle
Both Kanchi look him like he is crazy
Sunny: And these are for you
Sunny hands two boxes of sweets
Kusum: Arre we already have so many sweets
Sunny: These aren’t for the wedding
Sanchi: Wait!! Are you serious?!?!
Sunny looked and nodded
Sanchi: OMG!! Congrats!! Why didn’t you tell me before
Sunny: I didn’t want it to take attention from you
Sanchi: I wouldn’t have cared!! Did mom and dad know
Sunny: Nope
Kabir: Sorry but the rest of us need an explanation…
Sanchi: Naina Bhabhi is pregnant!!!
Kusum: Oh wow!! Double Khushi
Suraj: Congrats Son
Sunny: Thank you!!
Kunal: Congrats Sunny
Sunny: Don’t worry I will still be working
Kunal: Oh god
Kabir: Congrats Sunny
Sunny: Thanks Kabir

Sunny takes Kanchi to the Mishra Mansion for Sanchi’s pag phera.
Sanchi goes and hugs Naina
Sanchi: Congrats!!!!
Naina: Thank you so much !!!
Sanchi: How many weeks
Naina: It’s been 2 months
Sanchi: What?!? And you didn’t tell us
Suniel: Well, someone is sneaky
Jaya: I can’t believe you pulled that
Sanchi: 2 Months!! Wait doesn’t that mean
Sunny: Sorry Sanchi
Sanchi tears up and hugs Sunny
Suniel: Sanchi you knew Sunny and Naina were going back
Sanchi: But so soon
Sunny: Sanchi …
Kabir: Will you guys be coming back
Naina: Maybe after our child is born
Kabir: So
Naina: Maybe 3 years later …
Sanchi: What?!
Sunny: Sanchi you know London is much better and safer for him/her
Kabir: He is right
So Kanchi spend the afternoon and evening at the Mishra Mansion.

Driving Home
Sanchi: I can’t believe they are going back… so lucky
Kabir: Hey?!?
Sanchi: What…
Kabir: Without me
Sanchi: Aap ke bina kaise?
Sanchi leans over and rests her head on his shoulder and Kabir wraps one arm around Sanchi…
Kabir: Where do you want to go for our honeymoon??
Sanchi: Somewhere NOT in India
Kabir: Europe??
Sanchi: I was thinking Canada
Kabir: Canada??
Sanchi: Yes, it’s the country that’s rarely in the news for stupid reasons
Kabir: True
Sanchi: Canada it is
Kabir: Let’s find tickets tonight and we can just leave after our reception
Sanchi: Hmm

Once they get home they buy their tickets and eventually go to sleep. The rest of the week, Sanchi adjusts to her new home and family. And Kanchi’s romance is only growing day by day.

Night Before Reception
Sanchi was in the closet trying to figure out what to wear when Kabir came in and wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder…
Kabir: Whatcha doin
Sanchi: Outfit for the reception
Kabir: You will look beautiful in anything
He lightly kisses her neck
Sanchi: What are you wearing tomorrow
Kabir: Maroon tux
Sanchi: Perfect, I can just wear this and I have the perfect diamond set that goes along with the embroidery
Kabir: Great!! Ab chalo mere saath
Sanchi: Where??
Kabir: To the room
Sanchi: But I still have to set this for tomorrow and have all my makeup laid out on the vanity so that it’s easier tomorrow “ I know what you want but I rather tease you ”
Kabir: Do it later
Sanchi turns around
Sanchi: Mr. Kabir Kapoor, let me do my work and then I will go and sleep. Thank you for caring about my beauty sleep
Kabir tightens his grip around her waist
Kabir: Really?!? What work Mrs. Kapoor
Sanchi: Well you see here, I have to iron my saree and then take out the diamond set and put it on the vanity then I have to lay out my makeup so that I won’t delay myself tomorrow night
Kabir: That’s more important than your husband, and you shouldn’t keep your jewelry and makeup outside. Lay it out here
Sanchi: Why don’t you just move the vanity in here and yes it is much more important than you
Kabir: I will not get that done then
Sanchi: Arre, Mr. Kapoor you know I am only joking
Kabir: Then, I will get that done but for now …
Kabir picks up Sanchi and carries her to the bed. Sanchi is on the bed and Kabir’s arm is around Sanchi and is lying diagonally from her body (if that makes sense). Sanchi starts to caress his hair.
Kabir: You know because of you, I found the true meaning of life and I just love you so much Sanchi!!
Sanchi: You’re so sweet
Kabir: This sweet man can be rough too
Sanchi: Oh really !?!?
Kabir goes in for a kiss right on the lips and they soon start making out …

12 PM
Kunal: Mom where are Bhai and Bhabhi
Kusum: Let them sleep
Kunal: Ohh
Kusum: Shut up Kunal and you have to supervise the decorators because your dad will be with the food people
Kunal: And you …
Kusum: I will be going in and out
Kunal: Man bhai and bhabhi are so lucky
Kusum: Chup now go

Kanchi’s Room
Kabir opens his eyes and stretches a little when …
Sanchi: Mhmm stop moving Kabir
Kabir sees a sleepy Sanchi’s head on his chest and he slowly brings his arm around her
Sanchi: Kabir please let me sleep
Sanchi turns to the side but Kabir immediately brings her close and wraps his arm around her waist and Sanchi again turns around and faces Kabir
Sanchi: Good Morning Handsome
Kabir: You mean good afternoon
Sanchi: What?? Kabir we need to get up
Kabir: Don’t worry everyone woke up late, I’ve been up for an hour and Maa and Dad woke up around 10 according to Kunal who woke up a few minutes ago
Sanchi: Okay then … sorry Maa
Kabir smiled a little and Sanchi smiled back…
Sanchi: Ugh I need to shower …
She was about to get up when Kabir pulled her back
Sanchi: Kabir let go of me
Kabir: No
He pulls Sanchi and she lands on his chest
Sanchi: Kabir we should
Kabir: Shh
They look into each other’s eyes and then soon start making out. A few minutes later
Sanchi: Kabir we really have to get up, what will Mom and Dad be thinking
Kabir: Nothing I already texted them saying that you have a headache and prefer to be alone
Sanchi: Kabir!!!
Kabir: What
Sanchi: Choro mujhe and I am going to shower now and go downstairs and eat my lunch
She kisses him
Sanchi: Okay??
Kabir let go of her
Sanchi: Love you

One Hour Later… Kanchi heads downstairs and Sanchi apologizes to Kusum even though Kusum doesn’t care … everyone talk for a while, eat, walk around, and then go and get ready for the reception.

Kanchi’s Room
Kabir: How do I look (wearing his maroon tux)
Sanchi walks up to him and removes his tie
Sanchi: Sometimes you can be a little … extra
She puts his tie back and gives him matching cuffs
Sanchi: Here you are
Kabir: Thanks ab chale
Sanchi: Hello?!?! I’m not ready
Kabir: Okay my queen
Sanchi goes to the vanity and opens her jewelry case and she puts on her necklace and earrings.
Kabir: Something doesn’t look right
Sanchi: What I have everything, necklace, earrings, bangles, sindoor, mangalsutra
Kabir: Here
Kabir walks up to her and hugs her
Kabir: Now it’s perfect
Sanchi: It is… chalo ab
Kabir: Hmm

Kanchi walks down the steps hand in hand and everyone was appreciating the couple

They pose for the media and then meet some guests
Isha: Sanchi!!
Sanchi: Hey!!
Isha: You look fabulous
Sanchi: Aww thank you
Isha: So how’s being a married woman?!
Sanchi: Great but I can’t openly flirt anymore
Isha: Tsk tsk tsk and what about Kabir …
Sanchi: Shh, that’s something that is not meant to be talked about
Isha: Ohh I get it… a little bit too much of romance
Sanchi: Bye
Isha: Hey !!!!
Kunal: Hey
Isha: How are you doing
Kunal: Terrible without you
Isha: Aww
Kunal: Now about that date
Isha: Your choice
Kunal: Sunday … 6PM
Isha: Sure
Kunal kisses her cheek
Kunal: Love you
Isha blushed
Isha: Kunal…
Kunal: Okay see you around
Isha: Hmm

Kabir meets up with Sanchi
Kabir: You packed your bags
Sanchi: Yes and I got them put into our car
Kabir: I will leave a note for Maa
Sanchi: Are you sure she won’t mind
Kabir: Trust me she will not mind at all. But there is one thing to worry about
Sanchi: What???
Kabir: Who knows what will happen behind those closed doors
Sanchi: Chi Kabir…
Kabir: Aree kahan chali …

Kabir holds her hand and pulls her close and soon the room goes dark with a spotlight on Kanchi. Slow romantic music starts to play and Kanchi start dancing, hand in hand, eye with eye. Soon the reception party ends and Kanchi rush upstairs…
Kabir: Just take off your jewelry and you can change once we get to our stop
Sanchi: Okay okay

In The Car
Kabir: Now a 2 hour flight
Sanchi: And then 15 hours
Kabir: No only 2
Sanchi: What do you mean
Kabir: Well…
Sanchi: Kabir …
Kabir: We are actually going to …
Sanchi: To …
Kabir: Dubai
Sanchi: Really?!?!
Kabir: Yes my love
Kabir wraps his arm around Sanchi and Sanchi rests her head on him
Kabir: I got Kunal to plan our trip and we will be there for 3 weeks. And he got us a rental home
Sanchi: Okay, but
Kabir: Canada is a bit too cold…for the both of us
Sanchi: Maybe some other time
Kabir: Maybe as our second honeymoon
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Hey it’s possible
Sanchi: I don’t think so
Kabir: We will see
Sanchi: Sure…

Sanchi: Oh my god, I’m so tired
She takes off her shoes and falls flat on the bed
Kabir: Arre what about the luggage
Sanchi: Mmhmm … leave it
Kabir: Sanchi …
Sanchi: …
Kabir goes to Sanchi and sees her already asleep. Kabir smiles seeing his angel sleeping so peacefully.
Kabir takes off his shoes, turns off the lights, and lies next to Sanchi… Sanchi moves towards Kabir and hugs him
Sanchi: Love you
Kabir: Love you too
And they both fall asleep …
Next Morning
Sanchi: Kabir get up …
Kabir: Mmmhmmm… no
He wraps his arms around Sanchi and lightly touches her back
Sanchi: Kabir … we should unpack an..
Kabir kisses Sanchi
Kabir: Shh
Sanchi: We aren’t here t
Kabir kisses her again
Kabir: You talk too much
Sanchi: Oh really Mr. Kabir Kapoor
Sanchi kisses Kabir back while Kabir rolls over, bringing Sanchi on top of him. He caresses her face. Sanchi tries to get up but Kabir holds Sanchi from the waist. Sanchi lowers her gaze and bites her lower lip.
Kabir: You know you look really cute when you are blushing
She tries to get up one more time but Kabir doesn’t let her move. Kabir rolls over again and Sanchi is now on the bed and is on top. Sanchi slowly shifts her eyes towards Kabir and both engage in a deep eyelock. Kabir slowly goes in for a kiss and well you should get the rest …

Later In The Afternoon
Sanchi comes out of the shower and Kabir is simply mesmerized by his wife’s beauty
Kabir: Wow
Sanchi: Thank you my dear hubby
Sanchi walks up to Kabir and kisses him on the cheek
Sanchi: Thank you for everything
Kabir pulls Sanchi and makes her sit on his lap
Kabir: I love you so much
He slowly kisses Sanchi’s neck
Sanchi: Kabir… not again.
Kabir: Acha theek hai
Sanchi: Ab chalo I’m hungry
Kabir: Me too

At Lunch, after ordering their food
Sanchi: Thank you so much
As she hands the menu to the waiter
Kabir: So what do you wanna do after
Sanchi: Walk around the streets of Dubai and shop!!!
Kabir: I like walking, shopping
Sanchi: Then where do you wanna go
As the waiter brings their food
Waiter: If you don’t mind my suggestion towards the evening there is beautiful sunset at …
He writes a address
Waiter: Here, ask anyone and they will be able to tell you where
Sanchi: Oh wow thank you so much
Kabir tips the waiter
Kabir: Thank you
Waiter: Thank you Sir and enjoy your lunch
Sanchi: Nice guy
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi smiled and ate her lunch with Kabir … after they paid and walked in the streets of Dubai hand in hand
Kabir: Sometimes don’t you wish that time could just freeze in some moments
Sanchi: Hmm, like now
Kabir: As much as I love my job and my profession I would much rather be walking around here with you hand in hand
Sanchi: Aww you are so sweet, but sorry I like my job better than you
Kabir: Oh really
Sanchi: Yeah really, my job is my first love
Kabir: Now you are just killing me
Sanchi laughs a little and Kanchi continue walking and end up at the place where the waiter told them about and they took a bunch of pictures ….

Flash forward To Sunday, Kunal and Isha’ s Date
Isha walks into the restaurant wearing a gorgeous gown and Kunal is wearing a nice button up tucked into his trousers.
Kunal: You look mesmerizing
Isha blushed a little….
Isha: Thank you and you look equally handsome
Kunal: Why thank you milady
Kunal seats Isha down and then seats himself
Kunal: Wine??
Isha: Thank you
BTWs Kunal had booked the entire place for their date
Kunal: So how has life been
Isha: You know it’s been great, work is pretty normal, dad is doing good, Kanchi are happy, and I have the best boyfriend in the world
Kunal: Why thank you
Isha: And you
Kunal: Great!! Work is casual, home is chill, and I am currently dating the hottest doctor in the country
Isha lowers her gaze as she blushes
Kunal: “She’s so cute and hot at the same time”
After eating they go out to the restaurant garden and walk hand in hand
Kunal: I love the fresh air you get walking in a garden
Isha: Me too
Kunal: So what now
Isha: Well after our date I will go home and sleep
Kunal: No I mean us
Isha: What do you mean
Kunal: Don’t you think we should tell our parents about it
Isha: I don’t mind if you don’t
Kunal: The problem I have is that, Maa will be after me all the time and I don’t want to add pressure to my parents because then
Isha: They will immediately think about marriage
Kunal: Exactly and I don’t think
Isha: it’s time yet
Kunal: Yes, you get me so well Isha
Isha: Of course I do, you’re my boyfriend. I should know what is in your heart
Kunal: But the only thing in my heart is a picture of you
Isha: Do I need to start CPR?
Kunal: Mouth to mouth would be better
Isha: Oh really
Isha wrapped her arms around Kunal’s neck and raised her tiptoes to kiss Kunal
Kunal: I love you
Isha: I love you too

Back In Dubai
Sanchi was reading a book in bed when she sees Kabir walking out of the shower room, shirtless. She slowly looks at him and starts to admire him
Kabir: Ahem??
Sanchi: I am Sanchi Kapoor, wife of Kabir Kapoor, so I have the official right to start at you when you are looking hotter than usual
Kabir: Haw, shameless Sanchi, wait till I tell Jaya aunty
Sanchi: See but will you though
Kabir: Good question … no
Sanchi and Kabir laugh it off and Kabir sits next to Sanchi.
Kabir: Whatcha readin’?
Sanchi: Fifty Shades of Grey
Kabir looks at the book cover and sees a different title
Kabir: Good one, but the movies actually aren’t that bad … according to Kunal
Sanchi: You can admit to that fact that you watched them
Kabir: I didn’t, I never had the time
Sanchi: Of course you didn’t
Kabir: Yeah because I hadn’t met you then
Sanchi looked at Kabir and smiled
Sanchi: You know being with you just makes me feel like I’m in heaven. I could stay like this for the rest of my life
Kabir:Sorry but I can’t live like this for the rest of my life
Sanchi: Huh??
Kabir: I can’t be sitting on this bed for the rest of my life, I need to move around, fool around and help people.
Sanchi rolls her eyes
Sanchi: Sometimes you’re the child
Kabir: Well someone has to fill that position
Sanchi: Really…
Kabir: Yes really
Kabir moved closer to Sanchi
Sanchi: Good Night
Sanchi put her book away and turned off the lights. Once she laid down she felt one hand slowly go across her waist (she’s wearing a small t-shirt and shorts as her PJs).
Sanchi: Kabir stop… it tickles
He pulls her closer
Kabir: So you are ticklish
Sanchi: Oh wait no I’m not
Kabir starts to slowly tickle Sanchi and Sanchi starts laughing uncontrollably
Sanchi: Stop Kabir …. Stop ….. Kabir
Kabir: I will stop when …
Sanchi: When ….
Kabir: When I get my good night kiss
Sanchi: Really??
Kabir: Yes….
Sanchi kisses his cheek, just to annoy him but Kabir kisses Sanchi back on the lips
Sanchi: Okay enough romance for one day… good night
Kabir: Good Night

Author’s Note:
Really sorry guys I posted this so late!! I just have had so much to do lately with school and home both so a little hectic. Hopefully this episode was long enough for y’all it is 3171 
words (not including this note). I wish I could say when I will be posting next but I seriously don’t know. Sorry!!
I know you might be freaking out by seeing the precap and yes I had originally planned for only 10-15 episodes. BUT I am currently writing another ff which is equally exciting and it’s polished writing. So far I have typed 5 episodes which I will be releasing one by one later on…

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