Pyaar hamara hero,dosti hamare heroine (ishqbaaz ff) Episode 5


Hello hi!! I am back wit my stuff. Nd I’d like 2 thank u guys for d comments! Though I am not much satisfied wit d comments, so plsss keep posting it!! Nd pls inform me if d story line is boring or something, I’ll definitely consider it! OK OK too much talking. Lets get into d oberoi mansion before that a short recap:

We saw that anika is gr8ful to shivaay for saving her. Both of them share a romantic moment. Anika, nandhini nd sowmya share a light moment. Rudra gets trapped wit romi. She forces him 2 marry her. Sowmya gets worried bout him. She decides to get ACP ranveer’s help.
Now 2 d present episode:

(Sowmya goes 2 Priyanka who is  engaged in a phone call. So she hesitates at d door.)

Priyanka: OK ranveer. I’ll miss u. Give me a call when u reach. Bye love u.
(She cuts d call nd turns). Arey sowmya, why r u standing over there? Come in. What’s wrong? Why r u tensed?

Sowmya: were u talking 2 ranveer?
Priyanka: yes, he is leaving 2 Jaipur for some investigation for a week.

Sowmya: WHAT??? Ohh my god!!

Priyanka: but what’s wrong? Will u tell me?
(Sowmya tells everything 2 her)
Priyanka: ohh noo! Rudra Bhaiya is in trouble! Let me go nd inform shivaay bhaiya.

Sowmya: no no Priyanka. U will not inform anyone. Just now nandhini didi’s case has come to an end nd they r at peace. Dont spoil it. now if u go nd tell dis, bade bhaiya will really get upset. That’s y I have come  to u.

Priyanka: what can I do sowmya?
Sowmya:ranveer can help us trace him.thats d only choice v have!
Priyanka; OK let me speak 2 him. Give me some time.
(Scene shifts. Rudra is going crazy.)
Rudra: ohh my god!! What do I do now? How can I get married to dis phyco? What should I do now! Wit her even I will become a phyco! How can I save myself! Ohh Lord pls help me!
(He sees d photo of romi. He gets furious nd bangs it wit his his surprise, the photo moves. intrigued, he moves d picture nd is surprised 2 find a tunnel.)

Rudra: thank God!!! I have no idea where dis will lead to, but it will definitely take me away from here!
( He gets into d tunnel nd goes. Scene shifts. Sowmya is also restless when priyanka comes there)

Priyanka: ranveer has agreed 2 help us. He has asked us to arrive at his station. So let’s leave.

Sowmya: yes let’s go.
(They leave nd reach d police station)

Ranveer:  when did he leave d oberoi mansion?

Sowmya: 3-4 hours back. nd I called him just one hour back.

Ranveer: yes we have traced his phone. He is somewhere near d Pune highway.

Sowmya: I know that place. romi’s farmhouse is located there.

Ranveer: all right then let’s go. ( All d three leave. Meanwhile, rudra reaches d end of d tunnel. He is shocked 2 find himself at a temple nd is even more shocked 2 see romi there!!!!!!)

Romi: rudra dev?! My god u reached? But why aren’t u ready? Dis is d temple where our marriage is gonna happen!

(Rudra tires running away but romi’s men catch him nd make him sit in d alter.romi goes to get ready. Meanwhile ranveer,  sowmya nd Priyanka reach d farmhouse)

Ranveer: r u dis d place sowmya?

Sowmya: yes I am. ( They get inside nd they find romi’s father )

Sowmya; uncle where are romi nd rudra? Is rudra OK?

Romi’s father: see I don’t know anything.

Ranveer: excuse me. I am assistant commissioner ranveer Singh randhava
Better tell d truth or u have 2 face d consequences.

Romi’s father: luk d only thing I know is that rudra was in that room. ( They get inside d room nd find d tunnel)

Ranveer: where does dis lead to?

Romi’s father: to a temple

Ranveer: I think rudra might be there. Lets go.( Meanwhile rudra is struggling to get out of d temple but in vain as d guards dont allow him. Priyanka nd ranveer come to d temple but it’s hell crowded)

Priyanka: ranveer . Its so crowded. How d hell can we find bhaiya? Nd sowmya… Where is she? She was wit us only Na?

Ranveer: relax, maybe she is inside d temple.we will find them. Dont worry.
( Rudra has given up, as he realizes that there is no way he can escape. He hears footsteps nd assumes that romi is coming. The girl comes nd sits near him. The pandit starts d rituals. Rudra doesn’t even look that side.They do d pheras. Rudra ties d mangalsutra nd applies vermilion on her forehead. All dis while he does not see her. Just as he applies d sindhoor, Priyanka nd ranveer come rushing there nd r shocked 2 see d scene. A drop of water falls on rudra’s hand. He looks up nd he skips a heart beat seeing sowmya seated near him!! He realizes that he has married sowmya, not romi!!!!!!!!!!)

The junior members of d oberoi family come to know about rumya’s wedding nd ranvika’s would they react?????

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