Pyaar hamara hero,dosti hamare heroine (ishqbaaz ff) Episode 4


Hey guys!! It’s me again! I hope all of u have forgiven me!!I don’t think so cause from d number of comments it’s evident!! Pls silent readers of plss post ur comments!!!!!! Anyways my exams r over nd  I can post regularly for quite a time nd I will definitely post lengthier ones! So let’s get into by terrible ff!!

(Rudra is driving. He is very much worried nd is terrified thinking bout romi. He reaches d farm house nd gets in. .he searches every room but could not find her.he then gets into a room nd d door gets locked automatically.he gets scared.he knocks d door but no one listens to his shouts.He sees a big photograph of romi in a traditional attire nd is precisely in a devi look. Rudra gets mixed emotions  seeing d photo.he recollects romi warning him that she will turn him into a fly.he gets petrified nd steps back in fear when he suddenly turns in a shock. Scene shifts. Anika is busy in d kitchen when nandhini nd sowmya come there.)

Nandhini: so anika what special r u cooking?(she sits on d slab)

Anika: nothing much parathas

Sowmya: ohh my god my fav!! Anika dhi I love u!(she takes a piece nd is bout to eat when nandhini grabs d piece)

Nandhini: what is dis sowmya? Haven’t u learnt that by sharing, happiness increases?(she eats it. sowmya makes a puppy face) wow anika it’s amazing!! I am loving it!!!!!

Sowmya: it’s not fair anika di, u r being biased towards nandhini Didi!! She always takes my portion of my favorite dish!.(she turns her face nd nandhini stuffs in a piece in her mouth making her smile)

Anika: nd she is always d one who feeds u at last right?

Sowmya: I agree!! I love u both!
( They have a group hug. Nandhini feeds anika nd sowmya gets thinking)

Sowmya: it’s been quite a long time since rudra left. I wonder where he might be??

(Scene shifts. Rudra gets startled seeing romi in front of him.he starts sweating nd breathing heavily)

Romi: rudra dev… Finally my dev has come to his devi!!

Rudra:romi….. Why did u ask me to come nd meet u??? Nd that to urgently? What’s wrong?

Romi: nothing is wrong. In fact whatever is wrong in dis world, after today we will make it right together!

Rudra: why what’s so special today??is it ur birthday??

Romi: No rudra, it’s our wedding day today!!
Rudra:(open mouthed) what??? Wedding day???

Romi: s rudra! We will get married today nd from today we will rule d world together!!! As rudra dev nd romi devi! So get ready for d eternal wedding! Whatever u need is over here. So see u soon.

(Rudra is hell shocked nd is almost In a daze .romi leaves shutting d door behind her.rudra tries protesting but in vain. He decides 2 call someone. Simultaneously sowmya calls rudra but it’s engaged. Finally rudra gets sowmya’s call nd answers it.)

Sowmya: hello rudra where d hell r u ??
Rudra: hello sumo?
Sowmya:hello rudra…… D signal is very weak hello? where r u?
Rudra: I am stuck with romi
Sowmya: what?? I can’t hear u!
Rudra:(literally shouts) ROMI!( His phone goes out of battery nd sowmya becomes tensed)

Sowmya: did he just say romi!! Ohh god! I just hope he is fine! Now what do I do?????( Scene shifts. Shivaay is busy with his laptop when anika comes there nd says to herself)

Anika: what should I do now? After all that he did, I should thank him! But how can I? He  is just hell bent on picking up a fight!
( She crosses him when she notices a wound on shivaay’s back neck. It’s a large wound nd anika panics on seeing it)

Anika: billuji ur neck!
Shivaay: what’s wrong with it?
Anika: u r injured.
Shivaay: it’s OK. I am fine
Anika: how can u be fine?? Did u notice it? Let me dress it.
(Before he could protest, anika bought d first aid box nd started applying medicine on it sitting behind him.shivaay was struggling 2 get a glance of her. Bolna…. Plays…she completes her dressing nd leaves but shivaay holds her hand.she gets shocked.he gets up nd moves her hair front. They get lost in d moment when suddenly they come back 2 senses wiy shivaay’s phone ringing nd they get awkward. Scene shifts. Om comes across Nandini’s room but could not find her there.he gets worried nd goes to d terrace.he gets relieved in seeing her taking photos)
Omkara: what d hell is wrong wit u nandhini??? Dont u know u r not yet healed properly? Then y did u come all d way up to d terrace?

Nandhini: just chill omkara!! Sitting in my room idle gives me a strong headache!! That’s y I came here juz to get some fresh air!!( Sunset happens nd nandhini takes photos of it.)

Omkara: so is dis for a magazine??
Nandhini: no for myself! In ur language dis is not juz my profession,its my passion! All these photos r for my satisfaction nd not for d world!! Sometimes a person needs 2 b selfish!!

Omkara: maybe u r Right!! Haa! Juz look at d sunset!! Money does not give peace as much as dis does!!! Actually nothing can!!

Nandhini: one thing can! Dairy milk can fetch me immense peace!!( Both of them laugh. Scene shifts.sowmya is hell tensed!!)

Sowmya: what d hell should I do now!! How am I gonna save him?? Who can help me??? Think!! Yes, Priyanka can! She can through Acp ranveer. With his help I can trace out him!!!!!!

Rudra finds a way out of romi’s house…. He lands up in a temple…. Acp ranveer,priyanka nd sowmya arrive there…. Rumya get married!!!!

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow waiting for the next episode

  2. Kashi

    u know first i was confused regarding the title of ur when i saw adhm..i understood.. ab i dont know ur ff will go like adhm or not but up till now i m really enjoying it…update soon..

  3. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

  4. Nansshivika

    It’s superb loved nanom and shivika moments and aninansom bonding its awesome

  5. Kamakshive

    Thank u guys. Nd kashi d story is not like adhm.i just found d dialogue very attractive . Nd In my ff, along with love frndship also has an important role. Hence d title!!! Thank u again

  6. Ruchitha

    Hey,,,it’s awesome,,and I loved your title,,,

  7. Kamakshive

    Thank u ruchitha!!

  8. Tulasi

    Hey dear
    ……its awesummm…i luvd it a lottt…shivika r really cuter?

  9. Kamakshive

    Thank u tulasi!!!!

  10. Priyali

    OK so I finally read your ff..
    It’s a unique concept …. I really like it….

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