Pyaar hamara hero,dosti hamare heroine (ishqbaaz ff) Episode 3


Hey guys!!! I am terribly sorry.i am posting after sooo many days! But what 2 do? After Diwali I was extremely busy with my xams nd all those stuff! I am very much sorry.pls forgive me if u can!! So pls read my ff
nd post ur comments!!!!!!

A short recap:
We saw tia nd roop  plotting against d oberois.
tia is waiting to avenge anika. Anika gets attacked by goon,shivaay saves her nd they get into a tiff. Rumya share a moment, nandhkara
have an emotional convo. Now to d present

( It’s morning. Anika is sleeping on her bed while shivaay is sleeping on d couch.she gets up nd stretches her arms.she sees shivaay nd gives an angry glance.but then she remembers that he had saved her life nd recollects him fighting with d goon.she gives a faint smile nd goes. She goes gets ready, takes a bath nd dries her hair.shivaay is still sleeping. She goes near him and gently strokes his hair nd smiles.shivaay slowly opens his eyes.anika comes back to senses)

Shivaay:what r u doing??
Anika: vho.there was mosquito on u so I was….(while shivaay gets up nd  anika steps back,her shawl gets stuck  on shivaay’s shirt which pulls her back nd she falls on shivaay on d couch.both of them share an eye lock . Ohh Jana plays when rudra suddenly comes shouting Bhaiya nd gets shocked seeing them like dis nd they both come back 2 senses nd get awkward.)

Rudra: Bhaiya,can I just give a suggestion??
Rudra: whatever it is. There is something called “lock” use it bhaiya (saying dis he runs away. Shivika stare at each other.rudra goes to his room nd bursts into laughter. Sowmya is bewildered to see him)

Sowmya: r u mad? What happened??
Rudra:(still laughing) how can I tell sumo? Barging into these married couples room can b really dangerous!

Sowmya: what r u blabbering??

Rudra: I am not blabbering!  But one thing,this marriage is one stupid thing! After marriage people become mad! I literally mean that!

Sowmya: stop it rudra! Stop judging everyone nd everything.  When u will get .married Na ,then u will understand!!

Rudra: not even in ur worst nightmare sumo!

Sowmya: we will see!!
(Scene shifts. All d members gather @ d breakfast table except Nandini nd om.)

Dadi: where r omkara nd Nandini?
Anika: I don’t know dadi, I haven’t seen seen Nandini since morning. I just hope that she is fine. I will go nd check.

Omkara:there is no need for that.(they see nandkara coming together. While walking,nandhini slips as she is not completely healed nd om catches her by d shoulder nd they share a short eye lock.the family members smile seeing them. They come back 2 senses nd omp helps her sit)

Dadi: ohh puthaar r u OK?

Nandhini:  s dadi, of course I am. Just because of d pain. Nothing else.

Tej:. Nd by d way, when is ur surgery beta?
Nandhini: uncle this month end.(she drinks water)
Tej: nd when is ur family coming? Nd by d way, u have never revealed ur surname!
(By hearing dis ,she gets shocked nd d water starts choking her nd she starts coughing. Anika helps nd nd pats her on her back)

Omkara:don’t u know when, where nd what to ask Mr oberoi? Don’t u know that she is sick? Nd right at that time, u ask her something that makes her uncomfortable.

Nandhini:omkara it’s OK. Relax I am fine. Tej uncle,  is it really necessary 2 reveal ur surname? Y d hell is it so important? Is my name not good enough? Dont mistake me uncle, but d world knows u only by ur surname. If u introduce urself as just tej to an unknown person, that guy will for sure b not recognize u. Only after u mention ur surname, that guy will fall at ur feet. Now look at me. I am India’s leading photographer. Everyone knows me only by my name. Not by my surname!!
(Anika smiles at nandhini nd omkara too seems speechless)

Rudra: hmm Didi, after a looong time,  I am hearing a speech. When did u memorise it?( Everyone laugh)

Nandhini: I am sorry if I had gone too far! If u start on touchy topics,then automatically I get a little out of control!

Dadi: no problem puthaar. Whatever u said was cent percent right.!!!
(Both of them smile.while eating rudra gets a message nd is terrified seeing d phone nd mumbles under his breath)

Rudra: ohh my god! Phyco alert !!  Now what should I do? (He opens d message nd reads it) “rudra I want to talk something important to u. So pls come to my farm house dis afternoon”. Ohh no what should I do??? Hmm guys I am done. I have 2 rush 2 collage so bye!
(He rushes away. Sowmya thinks)

Sowmya: what d hell is wrong with him? Today collage is not working na? I told him yesterday.then where is he going? Why am I thinking so much? He just needs an excuse to meet his girlfriends! Huh he will never change!!

Romi traps rudra…… Romi forces rudra to marry her.. sowmya worried bout rudra… She gets ACP ranveer’s help.. shivika get romantic nd nandkara spend some lovely time together..

Guys I am sorry if dis is short. But I am really held up. Nd pls forgive me if u can for my delay! Nd plssss drop in ur comments. For now bye!!??

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