Pyaar hamara hero,dosti hamare heroine (ishqbaaz ff) Episode 2

Hey guys I am back! Thank u all for commenting on dis!but my greed for comments has increased so pllssss di d needful.ok ok lets get intod 2nd episode now!!!!

(Episode begins wit roop nd tia together)

Tia:shit mom, all plans have floped(yes tia is roop’s daughter!!)

Roop: I know my dear,but u should have been more alert!

Tia:I was mom!! one ever had a pinch of doubt on me until that anika came into my life!!!(fb shows anika witnessing tia hugging someone,revealing d truth 2 d oberois nd shivika’ marriage) mom I am sooo very frustrated!! I never knew a girl like anika would shatter our dream of destroying d oberios!

Roop:never underestimate anyone. Even a small matchstick is enough 2 blaze d whole whatever is done is done,now leave it.
Tia:I cant nd I wont mom,until I do something wit that anika,I wont rest assured!!

Roop:u r getting hyper.dont take any stupid decision in anger.

Tia: I dont care mom,but toady I will rest only after finishing off her story! (She storms away from there. Roop tries to stop,but she leaves.scene shifts, anika comes to sahil’s school,nd goes inside with him)

Sahil:how r u anika didi,how is ur sso?
Anika:yes he is fine…(realises what he asked.sahil is giggling at her.) Shut up sahil,he is not my sso.

Sahil:ohh come on didi,I feel he is not that bad,he has concern for u na?

(Remembers what shivaay usually says “if something happens 2 u then what will I do?” Nd comes back to senses)
Anika:bilkul nahi.there is no need for him to think bout me….. nd dont u have anyother topic other than sso?come lets go (they leave,scene shifts, shivaay is busy at office but yet,something is nagging him for a long time)
Shivaay:whats wrong with me?why am I not able to concentrate?why am I having dis weird feeling that something wrong is gonna happpen wit …..anika?(he takes his phone nd calls dadi)Dadi:haan puthaar!
Shivaay:dadi hmm what r omru doing?

Dadi:om is busy in his art studio,rudra is working out
Shivaay:nd….. anika?
Dadi:puthaar,she has gone to sahils school to attend meeting she hasn’t returned yet!
Shivaay:ok dadi(he disconnects d phone nd gets thinking,meanwhile anika comes out of d school)
Anika:not bad sahil,u have scored better marks this time!
Sahil: now at least u know what ur bro is?(she smiles)didi ice cream!!plsss!

Anika:fine fine,(she goes to d shop) one butterscotch pls(while she is ordering,a guy comes nd bumps into her wantedly,she gets furious)

Anika:oi r u blind?dont u see where u r going?how dare u come nd dash me nd that too in public place?
(The guy turns nd gives a furious look at anika he comes near her nd anika takes out her chappal,but d guy twists her hand nd she screams,sahil comes running towards them nd bites d mans hand,d guy screams nd lets go of anika,d guy pushes sahil 2 d floor,nd anika starts running nd d guy follows her.she runs as much as she can,she turns to see him,when she bumps into another guy,s it is our gr8 wall of sso. she gets breathelss,when d guy comes there.shivaay’s anger knew no bounds.he pushes anika back nd beats d guy black nd blue.when d guy is bout to hit shivaay back, police comes there nd arrests d guy.shivaay thankx them nd sahil comes nd hugs anika.she luks at shivaay while hugging him. Scene shifts.sowmya comes after watching d movie,rudra comes over there)

Rudra: tho how was d it,
Swomya:now what do I have to say??I have no words 2 express!!
(Rudy thinks she is talking bout rehaan nd gets jealous)
Sowmya:seriously how can a guy b soo cute??I mean soo sweet? I guess I am falling in love wit him!!omg!! (Rudy becomes sad nd upset!

Rudra:ohh!!why dint u tell me before?

Sowmya:how was I supposed 2 know?only today I realised it!!

Rudra:but…but all credit goes 2 me na?after all…I did ur patch up?!

Sowmya: I know…what? Patch up?
Rudra:haan urs nd rehaans

Sowmya:ohh my god!!!I was talking bout ranbir kapoor!!!duffer oberoi

Rudra:not bout rehaan?

Sowmya:no stupid!!ohh lord!!(she gets a call,nd turns rudra elated by what she said,starts dancing.she completes her call nd turns,he accidentally slips her leg nd is bout to fall,when he holds her by d hand!Their song plays nd they have an eye lock. They then break it nd see shivika coming..)
Sowmya:anika didi,is everything all right?(shivaay storms a angrily to his room)
Anika:yes dont worry I will be back.(she goes to her room)
Anika: billuji…
(Shivaay as usual gets angry nd pins her 2 d wall anika shocked)

Shivaay:next time u put urself in trouble,I will kill you!! Dont u have any other job other than risking ur life??each nd every time!if something would have happened to
u then,,,,,
Anika:what?what would happen 2 u if something goes wrong wit me ?huh?every time u say dis dialogue. U will be happy only if something happens 2 me!nd by d way,I dont need u to protect myself!
(she walks away in anger.scene shifts, nandhini is busy with her camera,when she touches her neck nd is shocked)

Nandhini:where d hell Is my locket??ohh my god!(she gets up with gr8 difficulty nd searches d whole room,but couldn’t find it.she becomes terribly upset nd sits crying. When she sees d locket in front of her in om’s hands.she gets relieved nd gets it.)
Omkara:searching for dis na?
Nandhini: yes yes.thank means a lot 2 me.
Omkara: for me to,seeing u relaxed.
Nandhini:life is too weird isn’t it om? We wish for something,but it ends up as something else!!

Omkara:life is full of change. That too unpredictable.

Nandhini:thats why I havent made any wishlist.the way life it must go on,we shouldn’t push it!!
(Both smile luking at each other)

No precap

So thats it guyz for today.i want d comments to increase!!so pls drop in ur comments!!!! bye for now!!

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  1. Yay! Nice ff?

  2. Tulasi

    Luvd it yaaar…….i want more shivika scenes….plzz….wats d new name for nandini n om???omini…??? Rumya scenes r cute…rudy dances……

  3. Vincy


  4. Nansshivika

    Its awesome shivay showing his fear of loosing anika by his angry is so shivay type? post next asap

  5. super come back soon…..

  6. Ishqkum

    Wow super dr

  7. Kamakshive

    thank u guys !!! I guess nandkara would do!!!!!!!!!! Thankx again! !!!

  8. Priyanka_22

    wonderful 🙂
    plz add some more shivika scenes n try to make it lenghtier

  9. Nice story interesting

  10. Kamakshive

    Thank u priyanka!!!!sure I’ll mak3 it lengthier

  11. Kamakshive

    thank u madhu!!!

  12. Sat

    Sorry kamakshive dear for the late comment
    Please forgive me if you can
    Today shivika is really good
    Billuji fighting for annika
    And rumya part is friendly good
    And nandkara is really going well
    Seems interesting
    Please update the next epi ASAP

  13. Kamakshive

    No need for u 2 apologise sat dear. I can understand that u r busy!!! I was awaiting ur comment..thank u BTW!!

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