Pyaar hamara hero,dosti hamare heroine (ishqbaaz ff) Episode 1

Hey hi and hello. hope u all had a happy nd safe Diwali.i really want d no of comments to increase. so silent readers plssss do d needful.
All suggestions nd critics r welcome will fa sure concentrate on all d 3 couples. OK too much of talking .lets get into d 1st episode::::

(its morning. a room is shown in d oberoi mansion. a girl wakes up yawning .she sees d time.)
girl:thank god! I dint oversleep. Today is sahils PTA meeting at school.i have 2 get ready.(u guessed it right. it is our pannika opps anika.a man is sleeping on a couch parallel to her.)

anika:billuji hasn’t yet waken up.( yes it is our sso.she tiptoes out.she gets ready,has a bath nd comes to her room.shivaay is still sleeping.she takes her phone nd calls sahil)

anika: sahil did u have yourbreakfast?remember its your PTA meeting today. be ready I will come nd pick u up.

Sahil:ok anika you.

Anika: love u too.(while she is speaking,shivaay gets up nd stands behind anika,which she fails to notice.he stretches his arms nd anika turns nd stumbles,as shivaay is standing is close to her.she is bout 2 fall when he catches her. Ohh Jana plays.they have an eyelock .its a beautiful one with the curtains moving behind them nd d sun-rays touching them. They break it nd get awkward.)

Shivaay: cant u be careful? U never utilize ur eyes properly!

Anika: y r u worrying? I can take care of myself.

Shivaay: I have seen that.everytime I save u. now where r u going?early in d morning?

Anika:its PTA meeting in sahils school I have to leave,

Shivaay: all right. Shall I drop u?

Anika: no need.i will go by myself.. anyway u said u have an important meeting its ok.

Shivaay: ok.but be careful. I cant leave my meeting to come nd save you.(he leaves,anika stares at him)

anika:only now he suggested 2 drop second he changed his words!!!! wait a min, why am I even thinking bout him. I have to leave. She also leaves d room. The scene shifts.another room is shown.a girl wakes up stretching her arms.)

Girl: wow,what a dream I had??? my god! I met Ranbir Kapoor! But wait where did I met him? Hardly had a glance when dis stupid alarm went off! No worries, I’ll for sure meet him today.she tries to get up holding d bed when she experiences severe pain in her legs nd someone holds her shoulder,a guy wit long hair,yes its our nandhini nd omakra. Music plays nd they have an eyelock)

omkara: y r u taking unwanted stress? Doc has told u 2 take rest na?

Nandhini: oh gosh omkara! Each nd every doc says d same thing! Whether it is a normal fever or a major phenomena, all docs say d same thing.

Omkara: I agree, taking rest cant improve ur condition,but it wont get worse.

Nandhini: it will get worse for me only if I take rest. I am very hyperactive by nature,thats why d accidnet haunted me. I was not able to move for 3yrs.(om’s face gets pale nd is buried wit guilt,she notices it nd realizes that she had slipped her tongue) ohh come on now. Dont start ur senti dialogues now! I was just telling u bout me! Now smile! Thats better! Now will u let me get up?
(he smiles nd helps her get up nd he also gets ready. At the beakfast table.. rumya r sitting, sowmya is busy over her phone.)

Rudra: who is she texting to? (He tries to get a glimpse when nandhini comes there.)
nandhini: good morning guys.

Sowmya: good morning did. Come sit.(she helps her sit.)

nandhini: whom r u texting to huh?

Sowmya: rehaan. He told he would pick me up.
(rudra’s face is red with anger.)

nandhini: wow! R u guys planning a date?

Rudra: haan did, date ki naam pe they go see documentaries on mosquitoes nd fungus!

Nandhini: really? Thats interesting! ( she laughs,sowmya glares @ rudra, when rehaan comes an calls sowmya she smiles seeing him nd rudra angry.)’

sowmya: hi rehaan. This is nandhini didi.( they shake hands)

Nandhini: well rehann I really appreciate ur creativity on seeing documentaries on ur what documentary r u gonna see today?(rudrs laughs luking at rehaan)

rehaan: no didi, I have booked tickets for aye dil hai mushkil!

(sowmya nd nandhini r surprised nd rudra stares open-mouthed at him!)

sowmya: wow rehaan I never knew u can be romantic!!!!!!
rehan: it was rudra who enlightened me bout dis! (nandhini couldnt control her laughter) thank u rudra, sowmya shall we leave?
( they leave rudra is seething with jealousy. Scene shifts. Prinku is waiting for someone outside her collage., ranveer comes there nd hugs prinku)

ranveer: is everything ok?
Prniku: no ranveer. I am l little worried for us. For how long will we hide our love? Dont u think its better we inform all of them? Now that all problems are solved?

Ranveer: I know! But cant u wait for a little longer? Only now all prolems are solved, give ur family members a little time to come out of it. Then I promise we will tell them! Ok? ( she nods her head)

PRECAP: tia nd roop plot against d oberois…. anika’s life is at threat…..
shivika have a fight. Rumya have an eyelock. Nandhini nd omkara have a heartfelt conversation.

Thats all of today guys. Ik its a little boring nd short but I have heaps of work 2 be completed. I will add more romance in d subsequent episodes. But do drop in ur comments!!!!!!!! bye for now

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  1. Priyali

    So Shivika are married? Anyway,, I really liked the episode dear..

  2. Nansshivika

    Ya its awesome post next asap

  3. Kamakshive

    S shivika r married. I said that In my intro. Nd thank u guys

  4. Cute episode..

  5. Sat

    The episode is too good Yar
    I really loved it. It is like intro of every couple
    And shivika sceneis superb
    And nandkara is also too good
    And Rudy getting jealous is quite funny
    Please update the next epi ASAP

  6. Tulasi

    Awesumm yaar…i luvd ittt…..asap post d next…do have a look at my ff toooo….plzz

  7. Kamakshive

    Thank u thulasi,sat nd chandini.!!!!!!!

  8. Vincy

    Nice yr

  9. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

  10. Kamakshive

    Thank u !!!!

  11. Anu16

    Super episode…but Nandhini is from which show?

  12. Yay!! nice one.. next asap?

  13. Awesome episode, i really liked it.

  14. Hey u also cut ishana part
    Anyway I like it dear becoz sivika were married
    Continue ur ff
    I am waiting for ur next episode

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