Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -6) Final shot!

This is the last shot and a super long one so no baks baks!

Day by day it was a routine for Pragya to think about Abhi as he was very charming with his smile.No matter whether he came to the canteen or not, Pragya was daydreaming about his presence. But she didn’t want to tell about her feelings to anyone. She don’t want to make it real as she knows in reality what she imagines is just a dream. Pragya, Maybe I just like being with him as he is very funny and jovial but that doesn’t mean I love him!

Bulbul did notice some changes in Pragya but whenever she ask about that to Pragya, Pragya would very smartly change the topic. As for Abhi he was planning to do some work that he believed would be fun to do! Abhi called Bulbul “ Hey Bull! How are u?” Bulbul “ I am not Bull!” Abhi “ It’s suits u! Bulbul the Bull!” Bulbul “ Whatever and why did u call Bhai?” Abhi “ Can I have your sister’s number?” Bulbul “ Why? Are u trying to flirt with her? Do u know she is like your sister? U shouldn’t do like this Bhai!” Abhi “ What? Like my sister? Both of u are same! That day she called me Bhai too!” Bulbul “ What? When did u met her?” Abhi explained everything to her about his meetings with Pragya. Bulbul was very surprised and asked “ But why di never mention anything about all this?” Abhi “ I know she never mention anything about me!” Bulbul “ How did u know?” Abhi “ I know that if not u would not have teased me saying that I am asking her number to flirt with her!” Bulbul with a laughter “ Okok I will text her number to u but why u want to talk to her?” Abhi “ Secret!” Bulbul “ Secret with my di! Good choice as she won’t reveal anything to others!”

After that conversation with Bulbul, Abhi called Pragya “ Hey Chasmish!” Pragya in shock “ How did u get my number? Who gave u? Why did u call?” Abhi “ Woah! Wait! It’s a lot to answer Chasmish! But what I can say is I am working now!” Pragya “ Really? Where?” Abhi “Hmm…It’s a very fun job and as u said its not that something bad but it’s something very…..Okok Chasmish I got to go as someone is calling me here! Bye!” Pragya “ Ok Bye! Take care!”

Pragya, So finally he got a job! But why he never mention what is the job about? Maybe he is too busy now and that’s why he never mention about it…..

Pragya realised that now Abhi would be very busy and he won’t call her or text her frequently, but something strange was happening.

Pragya, Instead of talking to Bulbul he is now talking to me frequently but he knows her very well compared to me…and he talks to me especially at nights! The strange thing is I heard from Bulbul that he is not even talking to his brother, Purab properly. I also heard that he doesn’t really return to home regularly. I am wondering what kind of job that makes him so busy! Strange! I have been talking to him for weeks now but until now he never mention about his work….Whenever I start to ask him about that he just say Its my work and it only have to work in my mind and not yours! What kind of reason is this? And I too can’t ask anything further as I am not that close to him…..

With all these thoughts Pragya was walking to the dubbing studio and before she could respond Abhi came from a van and kidnapped her! He tied a cloth around her mouth and she was keep on struggling to escape from his strong grip.

Abhi “ You are very tough Chasmish! Stop moving like this if not I will eat you!” Pragya was shocked by his words and looked at him with her eyes widened. Abhi “ Just be like this in shock until we reach the place!” Pragya was now wondering why did he kidnap her? Is it because he loves me and wants to propose? What the hell? If that is so why does he have to do in this way? He don’t even look like that…Oh my god! Is he going to ask ransom for kidnapping me? What is this?

Abhi was not at all looking at Pragya but he was busy texting someone with his left hand and while keeping his right hand around Pragya and trying to keep her as near to him as possible.

The van moved so fast that Pragya landed up on his lap and Abhi with a smirk “ Oh now u want to sleep on lap! Sleep Chasmish! As after this in the place we are reaching there is no pillow and u can’t sleep there! Feel my lap as pillow!”

Pragya was still unable to talk as her mouth was tied with cloth and she was keep on thinking what is he planning to do. She tried to get up from his lap but he placed his hand on her making her difficult to move from… Very soon she fall asleep due to tiredness…..

Pragya dreamt of Abhi misbehaving with her and she started to yell for help and Abhi saw that and shook Pragya to make her wake up from sleep. Pragya opened her eyes and saw that she was still lying her head on his lap!

Abhi “ Chasmish! Enough of your dream and we have reached the place!” First Abhi got out from the car and before she could stand to walk, he somehow had carried her in his arms! Pragya, Now what is he trying to do? Going to drop me somewhere ah?

Abhi placed her on chair in a dark room and tied her with ropes so that she couldn’t escape and he left from there locking the room.

Pragya, why did he kidnapped me and kept here? What did I do to him that he did this to me?
It’s so dark and I feel like crying…..After a while she heard the sound of footsteps and looked up to see him who was opening the door. .Abhi in taunting tone“Welcome to the club of kidnapping!” Pragya was left speechless in shock after hearing that!

Abhi “ Oh u want to speak right? Wait let me untie the cloth around your mouth!” He untied the cloth and made her stand up too. Pragya started to shout at him. Abhi “ This is my job Chasmish and I have fun in this so I just wanted to show u how it is in my style!” Pragya “ What? This is your job? Kidnapping others?” Abhi with a smile said “ Ya but I have restrictions too! I only kidnap for good causes!” Pragya in a puzzled tone “Huh?” Abhi “ Yes Chasmish! Today I kidnapped u for a good cause too!” Pragya “ What are u saying?” Abhi said “ Lights on!” Pragya’s entire family was there and she looked stunned seeing them. Bulbul “Di! It’s your birthday and we wanted to surprise u and that’s why we did all this!” Pragya “What? Who will do Birthday surprise in this way? I thought I was going to be tortured by him!” Abhi “ Really Chasmish? Your torture to others is more than what I have done just now!” Pragya “ When did I torture others?” Abhi “Tell me that u are not torturing others by not telling what is in your heart….U only feel u are the only one in this world having a problem right? That too which is not even a problem at all!” Pragya “ What problem are u talking about?” Bulbul “ Di! We know everything what u have been hiding all these years from us!” Pragya “ Can u all just tell me what is that?” Abhi “ Chasmish! I didn’t expect u to be like this….” Pragya “Arrey can anyone please tell me what did I hide from u all!” Abhi “ You hide yourself from us!” Pragya was totally confused after hearing that…..Pragya “ I am leaving! Nobody here is talking directly!” Abhi held her wrist firmly and looked directly into her eyes…..Bulbul signalled to others to leave and she too left from there. Abhi “ Tell me what u have hidden deep inside your heart all this while!” Pragya “ Why are u asking like this?” Abhi “ Because I hate u!” Pragya “ Hate me?” Abhi “ Yes u heard it right! I hate u for coming into my life and made me sleepless! I hate u for imagining me when I was right in front of u that day!”

Pragya was completely lost now….Pragya, Is he telling that I disturbed him?

Pragya with tears “ I am sorry….I am always like this I don’t know how to talk to others and then end up being a disturbance to others….I am really very sorry for disturbing u with my presence….I didn’t mean to…but I…” Abhi held to her shoulder firmly now and said “ I was referring to this only why did u consider yourself as disturbance every time?” Pragya “ I am always like this…I want to be like you…as in lively and talk to everyone around me with a open heart but when I want to be like that I always have the fear that what if others think that I am wrong…..” Abhi “ But u don’t have that fear when I am with u!” Pragya “ Haan but I don’t know why is it like that too….” Abhi “ Do u know why? It’s because u are truthful to me! You are showing your true side to me but the fake side to this world and the people around u!” Pragya now started to look down and Abhi held her chin up. Abhi “ You know something? I lost faith in truthfulness after believing everything blindly in my life but u made me realise that if u believe something truthfully it is worth to be believed….It is worth to be even considered as a strong belief too!” Pragya “ I made u realise all this?” Abhi with a smirk “ Then who else? It’s definitely not your Chasma!” Pragya “ Huh? What are u telling?” Abhi “ It was a joke and wait! Why are u so confused?” Pragya “ Because….you are holding……” Abhi “ Holding what? Can u just complete your sentence!” Pragya “ My waist!” Abhi realised how close she was as he was holding onto her waist. Abhi “ Oh I am sorry!” He took his hands from her. She was very shy and turned to the opposite side not facing him.

Pragya “ It’s ok…so u want me to change as in just be like the way that I am with u…That’s it right?” Abhi “ Ya and that’s it!” Pragya “ Ok I will change for u….” Abhi “ Ok thanks and now we leave from here as everyone is waiting outside….” Abhigya went out from the room both feeling strange for their close proximity when they were talking just now….

Bulbul looking at Abhigya “ Done?” Pragya “ What done?” Bulbul “ About both of u expressing the feelings about each other!” Abhigya looked shocked and kept on shaking their head in response to No!

Bulbul “ What? We all moved out silently so that u too are free to express your love for each other!” Pragya “ What are u blabbering Bulbul? He is just my …….” Bulbul “ Why don’t u complete your sentence di?” Abhi “ Yes Bulbul! Chasmish is just my……” Bulbul “ Arrey both of u are now having eye lock with each other without completing the sentence….This is just my fate in seeing this!” Abhi “ She is just my….” Pragya “ He is just my….” All the others were keep on laughing at Abhigya who were lost in their own world…..Bulbul “ I know what to do to make u both come back to this world!” Bulbul pushed Pragya towards and made her hug Abhi. Pragya tried to move back but Abhi hugged her back! Abhi “ You are just my…..” Pragya looking into his eyes “ I am just your….?” Abhi “ My Chasmish!” Pragya blushingly said“ I know that too especially from your tight hug!”

Bulbul “ Oh god! You two still haven’t tell the 3 precious words!” Abhi “ Bulbul! Ladies first so ask your di to tell first!” Bulbul looked at Pragya sternly and signalled at her to do it!

Pragya broke from the hug and said “ I hate you!” Bulbul “ Di! It’s not like that! How many times I had taught u before? And u also have seen it in your work na…” Abhi “ Let her tell what she wants to tell….” Pragya “ I hate you! I hate you for making me sleepless! I hate you for making me imagining you everywhere! But I can’t hate you for making me like this…As I just love being like this! I love you for doing all this to me as I love u and want u all my life!” Bulbul “Di! Is this u who is talking like this? Can someone pinch me? I hope I am not dreaming!” Purab came behind Bulbul and pinched her hand. Bulbul “ Ouch!” Purab “ You asked to pinch and I am here!” Bulbul “ You see my di proposed your Bhai and I can’t believe this at all! I feel like fainting!” Purab “ Stop it yaar! I said to u before na both are made for each other!” Abhi “ She just copied my line that I told inside the room and added an extra line! Copy cat Chasmish!” Pragya “ How would others know what u said and did inside the room? You can be lying too!” Everyone around her took it in another sense and were smiling teasingly. Bulbul came beside her and whispered “ Di! What else did he do ah? Whatever he did u can’t tell like this publicly….u see everyone is smiling at u!” Pragya was embarrassed by her words and that’s when Abhi came near her and said “ Let’s do whatever I said and did inside the room again but not here! Maybe at my house!” Pragya was about to say something but he just held her waist making her speechless. Abhi “ Come Chasmish! Now it’s time to cut the cake!”

Pragya celebrated her birthday with Abhi and later got to know that Abhi is now a event planner and that’s how he planned this whole surprise for both of them! Pragya now never felt love as boring but she felt it as something as interesting as her love life is interesting!. As for Abhi, he now starts to believe certain things in life truthfully but not blindly. This is how Pyaar hain pyaar tumse hai for both Abhigya comes to an end!

-The end-

Basically what I want to convey through this few shots is it is all about how u look at things in life and also believing whatever u experience truthfully as in that way it would be easier to identify what is the truth and lie! Hope it make sense and if not I am sorry again! Thank u all for reading this and hope I would be free enough to reply u all later! I started this few shots with some other thought but it changed into something else while writing! It always happens to me like this when my brain is infected by defects haha. Sorry again if my defects had affected u all in any way! For those who have guessed the last M in my previous update…it is Masti and not Maya! Tschüss!

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