Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -5)

Hi! Back again with this shot! Most probably the second last one…I hope so!

Nowadays, Abhi had not been visiting the dubbing studio where Pragya works. Pragya too was not that much worried about that but only felt a bit..some kind of feeling like as if she misses him whenever she is at the canteen. Pragya, He is just a passing cloud when I see him it makes me feel lighter….

Just as she was thinking like that Abhi came there and hurriedly went to his friend who was working there. Pragya, He looks very tensed and why is he like that?

Abhi was talking his friend…Pragya couldn’t hear what they were talking as she was far from them and was sitting down having her lunch. After talking to his friend with a lot of worry on his face, he was about to leave but saw Pragya there and smiled at her. She too smiled back and he sat opposite to her.

Abhi “ Are u free to talk?” Pragya “ Yes sure! I am free for rest of the day! I was hungry that’s why I am having lunch here” Abhi “ Can I talk to u? Not here how about outside at the park?” Pragya nodded her head in response and once she finished her lunch both walked to the park.

Pragya, He said he wants to talk to me but why is he so silent?

Abhi “ There is a bench! Let’s seat there!” Pragya “ Ok sure!” Abhi “ I need a opinion from u..” Pragya sensing its something important that he is going to ask replied “ Anything important?” Abhi “ Kind of…Ok Chasmish let me ask u something…Why did u join this job?” Pragya looked surprised and said “ You are asking for reason? As in why I am in this job?” Abhi “ Yes!” Pragya “ Sometimes I feel silence is the best language in the world to communicate but this world never thinks in that way….This world needs communication to be connected to it, and my job paves the way for it….I connect with the characters I dub for so that I can communicate better in this world…” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “ So your job helps u in some way and that’s why u like this job. Am I right to say that?’ Pragya “ This is how it is to everyone. People work so that it helps them improve in some way…..” Abhi “ But what if is not that truthful enough?” Pragya “ What do u mean by not truthful enough?” Abhi “ I mean the job u work maybe is not like what it was supposed to be…You believed truthfully that it was supposed to be in a way but in the end it turn out to be something else…..” Pragya “ It happens like that everywhere not only in jobs but in life too!” Abhi “Exactly! Then why do we still continue to do that?” Pragya “Maybe we still continue as we believed truthfully that it was supposed to be in the way we expected. We just continue it for our belief!” Abhi “ Just for belief?” Pragya “ Ya if we believe something with a lot of conviction then we can continue to do whatever it is as long it is not something very bad…..” Abhi “ Now I know what to do!” Pragya “ What u know?” Abhi “ I will tell once I have done that! By the way thank you for enlightening me!” Pragya widely smiled as his face was now very bright with a smile. But a few moments later Abhi started to look at Pragya who was sitting beside her with a lot of questions…both in his heart and mind….Abhi “ May I ask u something?” Pragya “ What now?” Abhi “ The reason u told for being in your job have a lot of depth to it. Why is that so?” Pragya with a smirk “ Depth? Maybe the depth that is deep inside my heart!” Abhi “ Hey Chasmish! Tell me if u want to share with me anything! I can try to help u if possible!” Pragya “ Certain things are better to be kept deep inside our hearts as the depth of the issue is very difficult to be revealed…..” Abhi looked into Pragya’s eyes that now expresses some kind of unexplained worries…..

Pragya “ Ok I need to leave! Bye!” Abhi came back to his senses and smiled at her in response. Abhi, I am not sure why do I feel that she also have some kind of worries just like me…..Whatever it is she helped me to clear my doubt and now it is my turn to help her in some way……

Pragya, I don’t know whether to tell what is kept deep inside my heart all this while. I don’t know whether what I am having is that deep enough to be understood by him….He is such a shallow person…Will he be able to see the depth of the matter that I am facing all this while? What if he look it just from the surface?

Abhi, One thing is for sure that she really have a lot of depth in what she talks and whatever she told me just now clearly shows that….

Pragya, But wait! Why was I feeling so satisfied when he smiled widely after I told my opinion on what he asked for? I was feeling as if I fulfilled my responsibility to make him happy! Pragya! Stop this feelings and this is not what u are supposed to be feeling!

Abhi, Now I need to get back to my work!


Abhi kidnapped Pragya!

Pragya, why did he kidnapped me and kept here? What did I do to him that he did this to me?
She heard the sound of footsteps and looked up to see him. Abhi in taunting tone“Welcome to the club of kidnapping!” Pragya was left speechless in shock after hearing that!

Ok thank u all for reading this very random shot that is coming at very random timings….I am so sorry but I will try to finish this asap!??

One more thing I just had a very crazy idea to continue the You are and always be my life ff!
In one line if I want to tell the concept it would be Mysteries at Mehra Mansion with M… (MMMM)….So what is the last M? Just make a guess! Until then bye guys!

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  1. OMG u r really a crazy yaar and making us crazy for ur ff and another ff title triple M is so nice to hear pls continue ASAP…

  2. Sis, I think M stands for Maya as u r going to reveal all the mysteries. Haha just guessed Bye sis take care

  3. On The Whole Update was ???????????????????????????? NO WORDS Sweetie !
    And Jollllllllyyyyyyyyy U gonna continue The FF !!! SOooooooooooooo Happppppppyyyyyy Now ! I know what does it mean ?? MMMM Means Mysteries At Mehra Mansion With MAYA !!!???????????????????? Am I right ??? ?????????I know this is a bad guess but then I Would Love it if this is the full form .????
    Love U MTMP ?????! Waiting for The MMMM ???? and The Last shot of PYPTH !????

  4. Wow superb maya sissy very much happy to hear that u r gng to continue YOU ARE AND ALWAYS BE MY LIFE supree duperre thank you so much sissy really u didn’t expect awsm awsm… and this ff no wrds to xpress sissy lovely update but u said this s second last wt s this sissy….keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy take care❤❤❤????????????

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Really Interestingggg Yaar!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Superb!?? and I am so happy that u r going to continue that ff! Waiting for the next update!

  7. Superb man ?????? i loved this one to core… and M stands for Maya ??????????? that’s just my wrong assumption as my brain is already not working due to hectic schedule of clg! Haha well update was more of awesome one ???

  8. Super dear……

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