Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -4)

Hi guys! Maya here again! How are u guys? Really touched and overwhelmed by each and every comment in my ff! Ok now just let’s go into this shot!

Days passed being Abhi roaming in the same canteen where Pragya have her lunch. At first he couldn’t believe Pragya is a dubbing artiste but as days passed he knew how well she changes her voice to suit other actresses….

Pragya, He is so carefree always roaming here with his friend! Yes he does help his friend in work but doesn’t he feel he need to find a job? He also have responsibility right?

Having that thoughts she about to leave and Abhi came behind her to call her. Abhi “ Hey u Chasmish!” Pragya turned behind “ Can u stop calling me by that name?” Abhi “ This name suits u! Who cares about your original name when this name is very cute just like u!” Pragya looked surprised hearing that. Pragya, Did he just told that I am cute?

Abhi “ Hey where have u gone Chasmish?” Pragya “ I am here only!” Abhi “ No I saw u looking blank that’s why i asked like that!” Pragya “ Oh….” Abhi “ Ok u are going home right?” Pragya “ Yes! U?” Abhi “ Not so early!” Pragya “ Then where are u going?” Abhi “ Party!” Pragya “ Ok carry on!” Abhi “ Why not u also join me?” Pragya “ Me?” Abhi “ Ya why not it’s a my niece birthday party so it will be fun!” Pragya “ Sorry but I have to go somewhere later too!” Abhi “ Ok then I will catch up with u later!”

Pragya, I also have to go to birthday party of my friend’s daughter! I hope it’s not the same as he is attending!

Few hours later…..

Pragya entered the venue in a white saree with minimal make up and was looking like an angel under the dark night as the party was in an open space…..

Abhi sensed that Chasmish is around him. He looked around and finally caught her sight!

Abhi, Wow…simply amazing like an angel! So this is what Chasmish is in parties!

Pragya greeted her friend and gifted her daughter with gifts. She was now walking towards the dining area and sensed someone following her…..Pragya slowly turned around to look who it was?

Abhi “ It’s me!” Pragya “ So Meera is your niece?” Abhi “ Yes your friend is my cousin sister!” Pragya “ That’s great!” Abhi “ May I ask u something?” Pragya “ Yes why not?” Abhi “ Will u dance with me?” Pragya in a shocked look “ What? They are having dance here? It’s just a child’s birthday party!” Abhi laughed at her shocked look. Pragya “ Why are u laughing?” Abhi “ Arrey! I just asked will u dance with me? Did i say it’s here?” Pragya in a puzzled tone “ It…means not here then where?” Abhi “ Okok don’t get confused Chasmish! You are looking too gorgeous today and I thought of dancing with u someday…not today but some other time but before that I want to ask your permission!” Pragya was left speechless by his simple compliment, never in her life she had this kind of compliment and that too from a man!

Pragya with a smile “ I don’t know how to dance and even if i danced it should be someone I am close to…. like my friend, relative like that….” Abhi “ Then can we be friends? Like best friends?” Pragya “ Omg! Just for a dance u want me to be your best friend?” Abhi “ Why not?” Pragya “ Ok then You are sure u want to be my best friend?” Abhi “ Yes!” Pragya “ A best friend should be able to spell his or her best friend’s name without any mistake! So spell my name!” Abhi, Damn! What’s her name? I am gone now!

Pragya “ Hello! It’s just my name not some game that I am asking u to win! Why are u so scared?” Abhi “ No paper…no pen…” Pragya “ Oh I have!” She took a pen and paper from her handbag. Abhi, What’s her name? Not chasmish…is it bulbul’s sister? How can it be like that? Don’t think stupidly Abhi! Wait! That day she told me when she introduced herself! Think Abhi! Think!!!!!

Abhi took the pen and paper and started to write….

Pragya “ Done?” Abhi “ One minute!” Pragya “ My name is not that long!” Abhi “ I know! Wait yaar!” Pragya, what is he doing? Writing or drawing?

Abhi gave her the paper and she was shocked seeing it. Pragya “ What is this?” Abhi “ Not nice ah?” Pragya “ Is my name Bhagya?” Abhi “ Hey u see it’s my Bhagya to see u Chasmish and that’s your name to me!” Pragya “ Then what is it at the bottom…” Abhi “ Just emojis ???to express my happiness!”

Pragya, Seriously he is gone crazy in managing whatever mistakes he does!

Abhi “ Come on Chasmish! I have told that it’s my Bhagya to meet u! Isn’t it more than enough?” Pragya looking sternly at Abhi and said “ My name is Pragya!” Abhi “ Wow! U see somehow I made it rhyming too! Pragya! Bhagya! Hey like this Pragya u are my Bhagya!”

Pragya was just feeling how funny he is and was keep on giggling…..

Abhi’s cousin who was looking at the direction of Abhigya thought how lovely Abhigya look together when they are talking to each other. She thought, How I wish Abhi can once again believe truths….The truths of life…..

Abhi “ Why did u join this job?” Pragya “ You are asking for reason?” Abhi “ Yes!” Pragya “ Sometimes I feel silence is the best language in the world to communicate but this world never thinks in that way….This world needs communication to be connected to it, and my job paves the way for it….I connect with the characters I dub for so that I can communicate better in this world…” Abhi looked at Pragya who was sitting beside her with a lot of questions…both in his heart and mind….

Got some spare time to write this but I don’t think I can reply everyone as I don’t have enough energy! If there is any questions I will reply it straightly in the next update!

Thank u Varsha, Nirmal, Samaira, Somiya, Mone and Maahi for the caring and lovely comments on the update in my ff. Sorry if i missed anyone….

Hope u all enjoy this one! Very soon! If there is time either i will finish it by nxt update or 2 more updates! Very sorry for the irregular update for this as I don’t have time! How I wish I can pause the time for a while?? I can only wish haha.

Actually the truth is Wishes are just to wish for….

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  1. Sabeenia

    Crazy maya……oly u can think lik tis…….rocking

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sabeenia for finding it rocking??! I missed to thank u for commenting in ff! Sorry for that!?

  2. Hai Maya….abhi super ah samalichan… The way u proceed was awesome keep going….

    1. Maya

      Hi Varsha! Nandri for abhi samalicha mathiri nenachathuku!??

  3. Superb!!????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza for finding it superb!???

  4. This was The way too Amazing !? Different thought Maya Di !? Wishing u luck for your exams !??? And Take Care too !??

    1. Maya

      Thank u for your wishes!???

  5. B_Ani

    very nice epi Maya di…again you rocked it ????????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Ani sis for finding it nice????

  6. Fyn sissy?hw r u??superb episode just enjoyed keep rocking sissy eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy ❤???? intersesting precap sissy????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis for enjoying it!?? Fine too….Keep waiting nxt update will make its way when I am free enough to write

  7. This was so amazing dude ??????? i m speechless! Awesome

  8. Nice!!!

  9. Rithu

    Abhi ooda samalification semma ma

  10. Super maya dear….. Bhagya scence is really fun….

  11. Superb yaar… How funny he is!!.. Really loved it…. Funny answer and expressions…. Really cute…. Waiting for the next update… Take your time yaar.. We will wait…

  12. Prathi

    As usual CM/CS.. Amazing

  13. Kuch kehna ..hota hai bar dil krta hai ..craziness ..dikhao kiya hai na padhai . Le jati hai ..hai…dooba deti hai …bus kiya krey phir ..hum ap ka ff na pàdhe ye kaisey ho skta hai ..padhtey hai ..hum pr ik ..secret fan ki trha….IB ….U r such a IB …??????

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