Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -2)


Pragya reaches Abhi’s house. Pragya was surprised to see how big the house was and looked around to see where Bulbul was…

Dadi who passed by saw Pragya standing and came near her. Dadi “ Are u looking for someone?” Pragya “ Yes…Bulbul my sister!” Dadi “ So u are Bulbul’s sister! You look very different from her and she is there in the garden! Come with me and I will bring u there!” Pragya followed Dadi and finally saw Bulbul happily chit chatting with Purab and someone else. Bulbul “ Finally u are here di!” Purab and Abhi smiled at her and welcomed her too. Bulbul “ Di! It’s because of Abhi, Purab’s brother we are having party!”

Pragya, Maybe he achieved something and throwing a small party to his friends. He also seems to be very happy. Let me wish him for that.

Pragya walked towards Abhi and said “ Congrats Abhi!” The trio there laughed at her wishes and this made Pragya frustrated. Pragya “ Why are u all laughing?” Bulbul “ No di…..We okok u don’t get angry! But the reason for this party is Bhai went to interview and it was his 10th attempt to get a job! But as usual it didn’t work out! So we were celebrating his 10th anniversary of failure in job attempt!”

Pragya shook her head in disbelief! What is this and who would celebrate for this kind of things?? Unbelievable!

Abhi “ I am thankful for your wishes so no worries!” Pragya “ Unbelievable!” Abhi “ But u are here so it’s believable!” Pragya was unable to stand his mocking look and just turned away. Abhi “ Bulbul! I think your di is not enjoying being here yaar!” Bulbul “ Di! Come on na just enjoy this small party!” By saying that she forcefully feed her a piece of cake.

Pragya “ Bulbul! I am just here for u and let’s go now!” Bulbul “ To where?” Pragya “ Home then where?” Bulbul pleadingly asked “ Please di! We still want to play truth or dare game!”

Pragya couldn’t say no to her and said “ Ok carry on and I wait for u!” Purab “ Di! No need to wait! Just join us too!” Pragya was hesitant but both of them persuaded her too much so she had no choice and ended up agreeing to it.

All the four of them were sitting and Abhi swirled the empty bottle on the table.

Firstly it pointed towards Pragya. Pragya, Oh no! Why should it point towards me first!

Abhi gave a smirk to Pragya and asked “ Ok since you’re new here! And u are very new to me so I will ask u the question! Truth or Dare?” Pragya “ Truth!” Abhi “ Ok Pragya! Tell me what makes u different from others?” Pragya “ What kind of question is this?” Abhi “ The question for truth!” Bulbul “ Di! Just tell something and nothing is wrong di!” Pragya “ Ok! Truth makes me different from others!” Abhi “ Huh? Meaning?” Pragya “ Truth is what I truly believe in at every point of my life! So believing the truth is what makes me different from others!” Abhi “ Very smart ah? U made an answer from the truth or dare game itself!” Pragya smiled and said “ I am telling the truth and that is what matters to me!” Purab “ Ok guys! We should continue the game!”

The game continued and Bulbul playing her dare with Purab of dancing to some random song played by Abhi. Now it was Abhi’s turn. He too chose Truth and Pragya asked him a question now. Pragya “ What makes u similar to others?” Abhi “ So u are just asking the opposite to my question ah?” Pragya “ Yes! And u know that too!” Abhi “ Hmm…what makes me similar to others..I am not sure how similar I am to others but what I know it is I am similar to my loved ones….Maybe more familiar to them…I always like to be similar to their likings as in that way I will always be familiar to them!” Pragya was impressed with his answer and clapped for it! Abhi “ You liked my answer?” Pragya realised that she clapped and tried to covered it by saying “ Kind of! Ok Bulbul it’s already late! Shall we leave?” Bulbul “ Ya di! Let’s leave and guys thank u for the fun here!” Purab “ Same to u! We should do like this more often!” Abhi “ What? Celebrating my failed attempts ah?” Bulbul laughed and told “ No Bhai! Just get to gather not like what u think!” Pragya “ Ya it’s kind of nice too! Great to meet u both and bye!” By saying that she walked in front and Bulbul followed her too.

Abhi, She said truth is what she believe in but sometimes what if truth itself is fake? What if the truth itself is deceiving? But whatever it is what she said is her belief

Pragya, Very interesting of him to say he wants to be similar to the liking of his loved ones…A very rare quality…but what if the likings of loved ones is not that likable? It is not even your liking then u still want to be similar with their likings? I don’t have answer for this but maybe he is too close towards his loved ones that’s why he said like that…..

Pragya looking at the back of a person “ Bhai! Please help me with this!” Abhi turned back and saw Pragya. Abhi “ Bhai? Me?” Pragya in shock “ You? What are u doing here?”

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