Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Intro

Abhi: Jobless with the aim to find a job that is not the same everyday
Pragya: A budding dubbing artiste
Purvi: Pragya’s best friend
Purab: Abhi’s younger brother and Bulbul’s best friend
Bulbul: Pragya’s sister and Purab’s best friend
The rest of the characters remain the same

Love happens between Abhigya. It happens like an intoxication. An intoxication that makes them feel that their day gets incomplete without seeing each other.

Intoxicated in love. Immersed in love. Inhaling love is Abhigya’s love. Love that brings hopes and desires. Love that makes new destinations and routes to their aims. Destinations of love and routes to dreams is also their love.

Love makes their destinations to be filled with dreams, happiness, sorrows and most importantly with love. Let’s see how is Abhigya’s love here.

This is an intro to a new ff. I had this idea and let’s see how far this can work. Thank you for reading the intro

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  1. nice intro

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  3. Nice intro…….and d idea s quite good….continue yaar……and all d best…….

  4. Superb.continue.

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    Superb yaar continue and pls reveal who u r☺

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    superrrrbbbb simply awesome!!!!! elegant!!!!!

  7. Superb intro…

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    Nice intro….looking foward to reading this ff?

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