Pyaar hai ya sazaa part 9 & 10

Sanskar, abhigya & madhu searching for clues on Anjali’s health issues..

Abhigya : chasmish there’s nothing here..

Madhu : pragya even I think you’re over thinking on di’s issue..

Pragya : No.. I’m damn sure.. May be they’re in kushi’s room..

Madhu : no.. Arnav keeps going there.. They won’t be in her room

Sanskar : Kushi must have hidden them here only.. think like kushi.. You know how intelligent she is..

Pragya ; yes after all a detective..

All 4 start thinking.. However they try.. they find nothing..

Abhi : Kuch bhi karlo hume Kuch nahi Milne wala
( whatever we do we won’t get anything)

Madhu : kushi is too sharp to get caught.. We’ve to talk to Arnav..

Pragya see a tablet cover in dustbin.. She pick it up..


Arnav sprinkle water Anjali gain conscious

Arnav : di.. Are you fine.. ( he name her drink water)

Arnav : let’s go to doctor..

Anjali : chote I’m fine.. Just bit weak.. Let’s go home

Arnav but di..

Anjali : please chote.. I’m sleepy

Kapoor villa

Swara trying to call Aryan but he’s not picking her calls..

Swara : God.. Where he went not even picking my calls.. He’s too much some times..

Gaayu : he didn’t even eat properly.. Shona dont you think he’s acting weird from few days..

Swara recall seeing him disturbed since few days..

Swara : may be work pressure princess.. You come sleep its already late..

Gaayu : no I’ll wait for him..

Swara : no.. We will talk to him tomorrow you sleep now.. You’ve school in morning..


Kushi who was roaming in balcony see Anjali’s room lights on.. She think Anjali is back so decides to meet her.. As soon she enter shantivan premises arnav’s car come & halt..

Anjali : what are you doing out at this hour

Kushi : aapse Milne aarahi thi ( was coming to meet you)

Arnav : you both can talk in room now get inside..

All 3 enter room only to find these 4 in Anjali’s room..

Arnav : what are you people doing here..

Sanskar : bhai.. You were right di is not well..

Anjali kushi look at each other..

Pragya explain how she doubted Anjali’s behaviour & how Anjali & kushi avoided this topic with her

Arnav look at Anjali kushi.. Kushi gulp down fear.. It was definitely not good day for her

Anjali : ther.. there’s nothing like that.. It.. It’s.. You all are ov.. over thinking ( she start fiddling with her hairs arnav’s anger start rising noticing it )

Madhu : ( showing tablet cover) then what is it di.. These are anti dippression tablets

Arnav : what..!?

Sanskar : we found them in dustbin bhai..

Abhi : chutki tell me what’s wrong now..

Kushi look at Anjali..

Sanskar gets swara’s call & he move out..

Swara : sanskar… bhaiyya is not picking phone

Sanskar : might be struck somewhere.. What he said before leaving..

Swara : he said us to sleep he will be late.. But I’m not getting good feeling.. Please can you find him..

Sanskar : don’t worry I’ll ask police to track his phone ok..

Inside room..

Arnav : where are the reports..

Anjali : chote.. I.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : (scream) kushi where are the reports..

Kushi : woh.. Huh.. They’re in.. Uh.. ( she start thinking what to answer ) Locker.. Bank locker..

Arnav throw vase on floor Anjali & kushi gasp..

Arnav : how dare you two hide all this from me

Anjali : chote.. Hum.. Woh..

Arnav : shut up.. ( kushi & Anjali shiver seeing his anger..)

Pragya : arnav calm down.. We need to talk & solve it..

Arnav : speak up you two.. ( kushi anjali) I’m not tolerating one more lie.. ( he roar)

Anjali again fell unconscious.. They make her sleep..

Madhu : let her rest we will talk tomorrow

Pragya : don’t shout on her arnav.. She can’t take it..

Kushi was hoping Arnav doesn’t question her anything.. Arnav was about to move to her but abhi stop him..

Abhi : we will talk tomorrow let’s go rishab will be waiting..

Abhi Arnav pragya leave..


Aryan is sitting on a bench lost in deep thoughts..

Aryan : why did she even come infront of me.. I can’t let her affect our life any more.. I’ve to control myself.. My priority is only swara & gaayu

A voice comes : she do affect you Aryan.. She still affect you a lot..

Aryan : no I’ve forgot her the day she cheated me..

Voice : then why you named your daughter gaayu.. She wanted that name.. Think over it.. Time heals everything try to overcome from the past its not always what you see

Aryan : enough..

Farm house..

By the time arnav abhigya reached there rk was heavily drunk.. These 2 also joined him.. Arnav was in no mood to talk.. He gulped down 2- 3 shots..

Rk : What now guys she’s back..

At the mention of she.. Abhi gulp down a drink..

Rk : rumours are she’s back to get married..

Arnav : ( whisper to abhi.. ) she called you..

Abhi : yes.. ( gulping another shot)

Pragya : stop drinking guys.. Who will drive the car back.. Remember I don’t know driving

Arnav : we are staying here only tonight

Rk : listen to me everyone.. We are here to solve my problem.. So tell me why is Ms Piya Jaiswal back..

Arnav : we’ve talked about it earlier rishab.. Her presence or absence should not affect you.. She was your past.. Get over it..

Rk : you’re right par kya kare.. Yeh dil hai ki maanta nahi.. ( but what to do my heart is not listening)

Abhi : shall I talk to her once..

Arnav : shut up abhi.. You’re not meeting her

Pragya : abhi.. Are you alright..

Abhi : perfectly ( he fake a smile)

Pragya : you can’t hide anything from me.. You meet her but for you not rishab..

Rk is not in his senses to hear all their talks he starts blabbering

Rk : how can she cheat on superstar RK.. Mujhe sapne dikha ke meri aadat banke aise mera dil nahi tod sakti woh.. ( she can’t break my heart like this after showing all those dreams)

Arnav : not again rk.. We’ve talked about it a year back.. Its over.. She’s free to do whatever she wants to..

Rk : no.. No one can get away cheating rk.. She didn’t even answer me.. She will have to answer today..

He move out before they could stop he drive off..

Arnav : damn..

These 3 follow him with another car only to find him hit a road divider.. He was fine.. But police arrive there.. They find he’s drunk..

Pragya : God what now

Arnav : I’ll handle ( he’s about to move to police but pragya pull him back )

Pragya : No you’re drunk

Arnav : Excuse me.. ASR never looses his senses

Pragya : but they will find out you’re drunk man..

They see another police getting out of Jeep..

Abhi : Crap..! It’s ACP Kabir

Arnav : damn..!

Pragya : I’ve called kushi & sanskar they’ll come talk.. Are you two listening..

Abhi : I think he’s calling papa.. ( ACP was talking on phone)

Pragya : what..? Who’s calling

They gesture towards RK & she see ACP

Pragya : yaar isse bhi abhi aana tha ( Damn.. Even he has to come now only)

Rathore mansion

Sanskar & kushi stealthily get out of the house & start car but Raj come there & spot them..

Raj : where are you two going

Kushi nudge Sanskar to talk..

Sanskar : uncle.. Uh.. We.. For walk..

Raj ; in car..!? ( look at them suspiciously)

Sanskar : no not walk for drive.. Neend nahi aarahi thi toh.. ( was not getting sleep)

Raj : no need to go out at this hour get in..

These 2 nod & move to go back but kushi’s phone ring.. ( ringtone is I luv u song from body guard & everyone knew this song plays when arnav call her.. )

Kushi was about to cut the call but

Raj : give me I need to talk to him..

He take the call but before Raj could speak..

Abhi : chutki where are you.. ACP Kabir is here.. He has called hitler… Come fast..

Raj : so all of you’re together..

Phone slip from abhi’s hand..

Abhi : we are dead today..

Aryan was going back home & he stop spotting Arnav..

Aryan : Mr Raizada any problem..

ACP saw the car & then he spotted these 3 too..

Kabir : So all are here.. ( he move towards them)

Arnav : Mr Kapoor huh..

Kabir : Hello ASR.. what a day today.. I’ve met all 3 superstars of Mumbai today..

Abhi : who were you calling

Kabir : Raj sir will reach anytime here.. ( smirk)

Arnav grit his teeth

Pragya : please kabir save us this time..

Arnav : No need to plead him.. I’ll handle uncle

Kabir : oh.! you too drunk

Arnav : none of your business

Aryan : any problem

Kabir : of course its my business.. Who drove the car then you two are drunk..

Pragya : Me.. ( kabir stare her) I learnt last month

Kabir : license please..

Pragya : its at home..

Kabir : Seriously pragya.. Do I look like a fool..

Aryan : ( bit loudly) what’s the problem..

Kabir : aapki taareef ( you are..?)

Aryan : Chief legal advisor of AR.

Kabir : you are here at right time.. I’m lodging drink & drive case on ASR & hit & run on RK

RAJ : ( who just reached there) what..!?

Kabir immediately greeted him & touched his feet..

Raj : what’s the matter kabir

He start explaining..

Sanskar move towards Aryan.. Aryan was just staring Raj..

Sanky : bhaiyya what are you doing here.. There swara is worried & why aren’t you picking her calls..

Aryan : oh.. My phone was on Silent

Sanky : she was very worried & even gaayu was waiting for you..

Aryan : I lost count on time.. God I made them angry.. I’ll have to make it up this weekend

Sanky : we already have planned this weekend

They’re interrupted my rk’s voice.. Who came & stood infront of Raj still trembling

Abhi : yeh marwayega ( he’ll get us killed )

Rk : ( putting arm on Arnav) yaar.. What is hitler doing in our party.. You invited him ?

Arnav : shut up rk..

Rk : what..? I can’t hear you speak loudly.. & you ( pointing at Raj) what are doing at our party..

Raj : enough.. ( he roar) Check their alcohol level.. ( to kabir)

Kushi abhi jerk back.. Arnav look at kushi who look hell scared now.. He remember yelling at her twice today & uncle might have also scolded her on the way here he thought.. He moved towards her & wrapped his hands around her shoulders pulling her closer to him.. Fear dropped out of her face & smile played on her lips.. Aryan who noticed this cute bond between them it reminded him of a person whom he was trying hard to forget.. They too shared a similar bond once upon a time..

Nothing lasts longer.. Initially everyone will be like this only he thought..

Raj look at Aryan..

Sanky : uncle he is Gaayu’s father.. Aryan Kapoor

Raj : ( his anger vanish listening that name) Aryan.. !

Aryan : ji.. ( he touch his feet) I’ll leave now swara must be worried..

Everyone drive back.. Arnav take kushi with him to his room..

Kushi move to poolside while arnav get into washroom to change.. He change & come hug kushi from behind who was lost in thoughts staring stars..

Arnav : I’m sorry..

Kushi : sorry? Kyun..? ( why?)

Arnav : I know you don’t like when I drink.. And sorry for yelling at you I over reacted

Kushi : no need to be sorry.. Was my mistake

Arnav : that’s also true.. Let’s discuss it tomorrow..

Kushi get tensed thinking about it..

Arnav : so what were you complaining to Maa

Kushi : I was not complaining

Arnav : then why were you gazing that brightest star..

Kushi : I was asking her how to calm her angry son..

Arnav : And what she said..

She turn towards him & peck on his cheeks..

Arnav : she said this ah.

Kushi : ( nod no) she said to releive your stress

Arnav : ( pulling her closer) nice stress buster.. I need another.. ( she peck on other cheek) you’ve become very silent..

Kushi : ( smile) let’s get in..

They get in..

Kushi : good night

Kushi about to leave arnav hold her hand..

Arnav : I love you.. No matter how angry I get I still love you..

Kushi : ( hug him) I love you too.. I ruined everything.. I’m sorry.. ( tears firm in her eyes)

Arnav : you know I hate to hear that word for that one mistake.. ( wiping her tears) Get some sleep its late already..

Precap : Kushi : why am I not supposed to attend the party.. Are you still angry on me

Arnav : Get some sleep you need it more than party

Kushi : but new year.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : No arguments.. ( kushi make sad face) we shall celebrate it tomorrow evng privately ( that brings back her smile)

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