Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Part-7 and 8)


Its been almost 2 weeks now.. Swara, Aryan & Gaayu shifted to a new villa. Gaayu is admitted to reputed school which is quite close to Raizada & Kundra mansion ( they’re one beside the other)

Kapoor villa

Swara : Nandini hospital

Aryan : ok I’ll go & check the details there.. They will have the family details on who recovered his body..

Swara just nod..

Aryan ; ( hugging her) everything will be fine..


Pragya’s clinic..

Abhi come & sit before pragya.. Madhu was already present there..

Abhi : hey..

She looked serious generally she would give him 100watt smile..

Pragya : we need to talk..

Abhi : why so serious.. I’ve not even shown you my face since morning..

Pragya : abhi

Abhi : ok tell..

Pragya : I feel Anjali di.. Huh Something is bothering her..

Abhi : may be the marriage pressure everyone is putting on her..

Madhu : especially nani & Arnav..

Pragya : I’ve never seen her so vulnerable & weak post that break up 9 years back.. Since the time she have returned from her trip she’s not okay

Abhi : may be work pressure


Nandini Hospital

Aryan was enquiring about Mr Malik ( swara’s dad) in the counter kushi reach their & hear the conversation.. Receptionist about to give him the details but Kushi snatch the file..

Aryan : tum..! ( you..!)

Kushi ignore him

Kushi : ( to Receptionist) how can you provide patient details some stranger like this..

Receptionist : sorry mam

Aryan : who are you decide that ah..? I need that file give it to me..

Kushi : No way.. First give me the valid reason

Aryan : I’m lawyer.. I don’t have a time to waste on you give me the file.. I’ve seeked permission to get the details..

Kushi ; and now I reject that permission

Aryan : tumhara baap ka hai hospital ( is this your father’s hospital..)

Kushi : haan ( yes)

Aryan : what..?

Kushi : Nandini Hospital.. Nandini Kundra.. Kushi kundra.. Got something

He knew arguing with her was waste ge had to find some other way so he turned to leave when he hear kushi..

Kushi : ( to Receptionist) is that CCTV footage of April 8th ready

Aryan : April 8th.. Its the same day..

Receptionist give the pen drive to kushi but Aryan snatch it


Pragya’s clinic

Pragya : I see something else.. I doubt she was under some psychiatric help & medicines for really long time & have discontinued it abruptly now..

Abhi : you’re thinking too much.. Why will she go to psychiatrist..

Pragya : I’m pretty sure if I get some 10 mins with her.. I’ll find out..

Madhu : then go talk..

Pragya : she’s avoiding me..

Abhi : Kushi can help us..

Pragya : I doubt she know everything & she’s with di..

Abhi : Arnav

Madhu : no.. He will take it way too seriously & he can’t handle it..

Pragya : that’s why I didn’t tell him.. If its anything related to di or Kushi.. He just go crazy..

Madhu : Sanskar can help us out here

Abhi : he’s busy with his new gf now a days

Pragya : shut up.. He’s the one who can help


Nandini hospital

Kushi : what the hell. Give it back..

She start hopping to get it..

Kushi : if arnav gets to know you’re playing with me.. He will kill you

After a lot a fight pen drive falls in a glass of water..

Both : Damn..

Kushi : you better get out of here before I kill you

Aryan ignoring her : ( to Receptionist) do you have another copy..

Receptionist : no sir..

Kushi : what..? Damn.. Get it from central security office..

Receptionist : we need Raj sir’s permission for that..

Aryan : who’s he..?

Receptionist : Raj Kundra founder of this hospital

Aryan : oh.. This belongs to Kundra Associations.. It means your dad.. Go call him & get the clip..

Kushi : No need I’ll get this pen drive repaired..

Aryan : its matter of one call.. Call him

Kushi gets a call..

Kushi : I’m sor.. Huh I love you arnav.. I was struck here with some ah.. Never mind.. I’ll be there in 5 mins bye.. ( she rush out..)

Aryan : pagal.. Couldn’t she give one call to her father..

Receptionist : he’s very strict sir.. They won’t talk to him unless its very necessary

Aryan : isse aur dar..! ( she & afraid..!)


Sanskar : Seriously.. ! I observed something was wrong.. Even bhai discussed it with me

Madhu : she’s hiding something really big

Pragya : I doubt she need psychiatric help

Sanskar : we need to inform this to bhai first

Abhi : no.. First we need to confirm

Pragya : just make her meet me for 10 mins.. Rest I’ll find out..

Sanskar : ok done..


GR office

Arnav waiting in his cabin.. A man enter..

Man : Sorry for the delay Mr Raizada I was struck

Arnav : Have a seat Mr. Kapoor. I understand Mumbai traffic..

Arnav call Aman

Arnav : where is kushi..?

Aman : sir on the way..

Mr. Kapoor : Any problem..

Arnav : No.. Let’s discuss the terms..

30 mins later..

Aryan : Mr Raizada I’ve to leave.. We can discuss the rest in next meet

Arnav was embarrassed.. Kushi didn’t come & he had to make Aryan wait.. He hated to waste others time.. It looked unprofessional..

Arnav : I’m sorry for the inconvenience Mr.Kapoor she must be struck somewhere

Aryan noticed uncomfortableness on Arnav’s face.. He knew how professional arnav was.. He was known for perfection.. He didn’t mind this delay his partner must be really struck somewhere.. He thought

Aryan : ( smile) I understand Mumbai traffic..

Aryan walked out.. Kushi was hurrying in & both bumped again..


Madhu : now give me your schedule

RK : can’t you forget work for some time.. Get a life girl..

Madhu : get a life seriously RK.. I’m workaholic not alcoholic.. Its better you think of your life than poking mine..

RK : I took you here for lunch.. & you’re eating my head

Madhu : did I ask you to take me here

Rk : how rude..

Waiter serve the food..

Pragya : Am I dreaming or its real my di.. ( she exclaim as she notice rk madhu in the restaurant)

AR office

Aryan : your name should be changed into bullet train.. & why do you always hit me only

Kushi : excuse me.. You bumped into me..

Aryan : me..? Yea right I should be careful as your blind..

Kushi : you.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : kushi.. ( she shut seeing his glares) Mr.Kapoor you know her..?

Aryan : yes.. This is 3rd time she’s bumping into me.. ( to kushi ) btw what are you doing here

Kushi : its my office what are you doing here ah..?

Aryan : its AR office not Kundra’s if you’ve read the board properly

Before Kushi could rattle more arnav interrupted

Arnav : Mr.Kapoor she’s co owner of AR Ms.Kushi Kundra

Aryan : Then Mr Raizada I must say she’s not late because of Mumbai traffic she must have started fight with someone

Kushi : excuse me Mr Attitude.. I was struck in traffic..

Aryan : for your information Ms Bullet train even I was at hospital with you & you left before me

Arnav : Hospital..? Kushi ar.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : I went to digital shop to get the pen drive repaired which you drowned..

Aryan : I drowned.? You slipped it..

Kushi : you..

Arnav : Shut up..

Kushi zipped her lips.. Aryan expected her to retort at arnav too as she did with him.. Oh he’s the one who can tame this jungli billi he thought & he remembered kushi mentioning arnav’s name sometimes..

Aryan : oh.. So he’s your Arnav.. About whom you rattled that only my arnav can do this.. Hold me like this.. Drop me like this..

Kushi : yes.. &.. ( she stop seeing arnav in not so good mood )

Arnav : why you went to hospital

Kushi : huh.. Some work.. ( he barrow his eyes suspiciously) I went for madhu di’s work.. You ask her only. I’m not lying

Arnav nod & concentrate back on Aryan

Arnav : now that she have arrived shall we continue the meeting

Aryan : yea sure..


RK : thank God you’re here.. I was fed up with her..

Pragya : what’s new in it ( she tease)

Rk give her a HiFi saying ; point hai.. ( they laugh while madhu fume )

Madhu : what are you doing here

Pragya : come on di stop questioning everything anyway rk I’ve a news..

Rk : what..?

Pragya : ( whisper) today’s party only u,me, ASR & abhi..

Rk : really.. ( pragya poke him gesturing madhu may get suspicious)

Rk whisper ‘ but why..? ‘

Pragya : for you.. ?

Rk ;( loudly) me..?

Pragya hitting him.. : we know your secret.. Just chill man we are here..

Madhu : stop whispering you two.. I’m here at least show some minimum manners.. What were you telling him..?

Pragya : sorry friends secret..!


Kushi : which dress shall I wear for a party today

Arnav : you’re not coming

Kushi : what.. Why..? Its ___ party &..

Arnav : No.. Its only boy’s party tonight let’s ___ party later..

Kushi : but I want to come arnav.. Please..

Arnav : no.. Its in midnight no need to come

Arnav was already disturbed & many thoughts were running his mind.. Kushi was making him loose his patience

Kushi : please..anyway it will be only you 4( abhi, rk, sanky & ASR) na..

Arnav : no sanskar.. Only we 3.. Its not completely party kushi.. We have something to discuss

Kushi : you can discuss later why to postpone party for it.. Dont cancel the pla.. ( interrupt)

Arnav ( roar) : enough.. There are many other important things than party.. This topic ends here.. I need no more discussion..


Sanskar : ( on call) kushi.. Have you went to pick gaayu..

Kushi : yes sanskar.. I’m infront of her school only..

Sanskar : oh.. Ok thanks.. I got some work suddenly & bhai even looked bit pissed so I didn’t..

Kushi : I know.. God knows what happened to him today..

Sanky : I’ll call later bye

Sanky call Aryan..

Sanky : bhai I’ve sent my di to pick gaayu you don’t worry

Aryan : but I’m already infront of school..

Sanky : no problem.. Then you two meet she’s very sweet.

Aryan : sure..

School bell rings & aryan keep the phone

Kushi move towards gate & she see Aryan putting gaayu inside a car & she run towards them screaming..

Kushi : rukho.. ( stop..)

Due to her speed she collide with him hard somehow he balance & make her stand..

Aryan : what’s wrong wi.. ( interrupt )

Kushi pull gaayu towards her..

Kushi : how dare you try to kidnap her.. For one pen drive you’re kidnapping innocent child

Aryan : excuse me.. Kidnap..!?

Kushi : yes kidnap.. Arnav won’t leave you..

Aryan : oh please now dont start your arnav jaap again.. & for your kind info she’s my daughter..

Kushi : liar.. She’s our princess..

Aryan : what..? Tum paagal hogayi ho .( you’ve gone mad) give her back..

Kushi : never..

They start pulling her & she scream..

Gaayu : stop.. ( both look at her..)

Gaayu : ( to Aryan ) she’s kushi prince Ferdy’s cousin ( to kushi) he’s my papa

Both : impossible..

Before they could argue further kushi gets a call

Kushi : ( to gaayu) hitler’s call I’ve to take it..

Aryan : Hitler. !?

Kushi : ( finishing the call) princess I’ve to leave.. Hitler’s order bye..

She kiss gaayu & giving one stare to Aryan she almost run to her car..


Gaayu was telling all about kundra & Raizada.. She liked them a lot..

Aryan : so they call their father hitler..

Gaayu : ( giggling) yes papa.. & you know they all start stammering infront of him.. They’re very scared of him..

Aryan : is he that strict

Gaayu : I don’t feel so.. He’s so sweet always speak so nicely with me.. In fact everyone but still they’re scared

Beach.. – Night..

Anjali & Arnav were walking bare footed on the shore.. They always loved it here at night.. A calm sea sky full of stars.. Complete silence..

Anjali : why you didn’t take kushi.. Firse jagada kiya..? ( again fought..?)

Arnav : I’ll talk to her later..

Anjali just nod & they keeping walking silently for another 10 mins.. This was their weekly routine.m every week all 3 ( arshi & Anjali) came here & walked & talked together..

Arnav : Di..

Anjali : hmm..

Arnav : are you fine..

That question drew her out of that little peace she had just found in her brother’s company but she suppressed her inner turmoil & looked at him with a smile..

Anjali : of course I’m.. & would be better if all of you stop those marriage talks..

Arnav : I’ll make sure no one talks about it

Anjali was surprised.. He agreed.. She didn’t expect that.. Wasn’t he was the one who started this with nani

Arnav : but you’ve to tell me what’s bothering you

She understood he had noticed those changes in her which she tried hard to suppress..

Anjali : I was just worried about this marriage stuff nothing more

Arnav stopped & looked into her eyes..

Arnav : do you want me to believe that this marriage stuff is bothering you to this extent that you’ve almost lost 5kgs, you’ve started inappropriate & inadequate diet, ( pointing at her eyes) these pale dark circles due to lack of sleep & this.. Fiddling with your hairs ( she was doing that now) it damages your hair di & you know how much l like your hair.. So tell me

Anjali : its nothing..

Arnav : don’t test my patience di.. Kushi has done that enough today.. You already look worried I don’t want to yell at you now

Though his voice was calm & controlled his face revealed how his anger was rising inside.. He hated it when both his angels lie..

Arnav : you weren’t in Delhi last month as you informed me.. So where were you & what has that got with your behaviour di

Anjali : you spy on me chote

Arnav gave her irritated look.. A second more delay from her.. He would burst out on her.. She can’t let that happen.. They both were equally scared of each other’s anger.

Anjali : I was in Goa.. My friend.. Huh.. He passed away last month..

A tear escaped from her eyes. She wiped it & brought a huge smile on her face..

Arnav : di..

Anjali : no chote.. I won’t cry.. He gave a promise not to..

Arnav : are you fine di..?

Anjali : No I’m not he cheated me chote.. How could he just leave me here.. ( she look up at the sky) you’re cheater.. Liar.. I won’t talk to you..

Tears were rolling down her eyes but still that smile didn’t vanish. Thunder strikes..

Anjali : what..? I broke the promise..? No I’m not crying its just some dust went in there.. See I’m smiling.. But how can you break your promise & leave me..

Tears well up in Arnav’s eyes.. He never saw her so disturbed & vulnerable not even when her marriage broke.. She was broken yet wanted to pretend she was strong..

Anjali : look chote he.. ( Arnav hug her.. & she fell unconscious.. )

Precap : Arnav throw vase on floor Anjali & kushi gasp..

Anjali : chote.. Hum.. Woh..

Arnav : shut up.. ( kushi & Anjali shiver seeing his anger..)

Pragya : arnav calm down.. We need to talk & solve it..

Arnav : speak up you two.. ( kushi anjali) I’m not tolerating one more lie.. ( he roar)

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