Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Part-5 and 6)


Sanskar : ( stammer) bh.. Bhaiyya.. Aap..

Now these 3 concentrate on him..

Abhi : ( putting hand on his shoulder) there’s lots to discuss beta.. Come let’s sit..

Gaayu : prince ferdy you know them..?

Arnav : who is prince ferdy..?

She point at Sanskar

Gaayu : and I’m snow white.. His princess

RK : wooh.. Sanskar what’s all this.. & who are they…

Kundra mansion

Kushi’s room

Kushi : will you two speak something

Madhu : we need your help..

Kushi : anything serious..

Pragya : you have to find one girl..

Kushi : I need some details.. Who is she.. What’s her name.. ?

Madhu : our sister.. Swara.. She ran away from house when she was 9.. Its been 12 years now..

Pragya : it was papa’s last wish to find her..

Madhu & pragya become sad

Kushi : hey.. Don’t worry I’ll find her.. But I need some time..


ASR, Abhi & RK leave after Sanskar informing them that she’s just their friend & gaayu wanted to see this castle as she is Disney freak.. They invite them for Anjali’s b’day party too..

Aryan arrive Sanskar welcome him in.. After dinner.. Gaayu apologise to him & he give her some lecture & forgive her.. Now our swara’s turn.. Swara take him to room

Aryan : will you speak up shona..

Swara : I’m sorry

Aryan : I don’t get what’s the need of shifting to Mumbai.. I just hate this city & I’m not giving in this time.. Why are you doing this ah..? I shouldn’t have sent you here 8 months back

Swara : I’m not orphan bhaiyya.. I’ve a family ( her eyes well up)

Aryan ; ( shocked) shona..

She hug him & start crying..

Swara : I lied.. I lied to you.. I remember everything.. I’m from Mumbai bhaiyya.. Please let’s stay here..

He give her water & make her sit..

Aryan : tell me what happened exactly..

Kundra mansion

Pragya : she never liked papa much..

Madhu : she was too naughty & papa always scolded her for her mischiefs.. You know how he was..


Swara : I never liked him.. He looked like a villain to me.. And one day.. When I was 9

Kundra mansion

Pragya : maa & papa had a fight on something that had great affect on her..

Madhu : the same day maa had an accident


Swara : we admitted her to hospital.. But before papa reached hospital maa was no more..

Kundra mansion

Pragya : she held him responsible for her death.. Papa was already very disturbed & swara started screaming on him claiming him as murderer

Madhu : papa slapped her & she ran out of hospital.. That was the last time we saw her.. She never came back.


Swara : I sat in a random bus.. I just wanted to run away from him.. I was crying bitterly & dozzed off in the bus when I woke up I was in Kolkata

Aryan : and their I found you.. & you lied to me that you’re orphan..

Kundra mansion

8 months back when papa was in hospital..

Pragya : She met him there.. Talked to him for an hour

Madhu : But she vanished before we came


Swara : when I came here for project 8 months back.. I saw a accident.. It.. It was my papa.. He..

She start crying again.. Aryan console her..

Swara : I took him to hospital but he.. He couldn’t survive.. Again I did the same.. I ran away from there.. I didn’t want to believe it.. I just ran away

Aryan : and now you want to meet your family again.. You want your sisters right..

Swara : yes.. But I don’t know where they are..

Aryan : we will find them..

He hug her..

Swara : I’m sorry..

Kundra mansion

Kushi : di I will definitely find her don’t worry.. I’ll visit that hospital & see CCTV footage we will get her photo there.. Then we can easily find her..

Madhu : hope so..

Pragya : thank you kushi.. Tell us your fees now..

Kushi : hmm.. No milk for a year..

Madhu glare..

Kushi : 6 months.. Ah.. 3.. Ok 1 month.. Stop glaring madhu di.. Ok 15days.. What..

Madhu : not even a single day.. You need to have it everyday.. You’re weak why don’t you understand..

Kushi frown..


Next day

Anjali Kushi on temple stairs..

Kushi : you still believe in all this di..

Anjali : I don’t want to kushi but I just can’t stop coming here.. Maa used to take us here every Friday.. & she used to make special Pooja on our birthdays..

Kushi : I hope this b’day brings back all the happiness in your life

Anjali : oh I forgot the plate inside you go I’ll bring it..

Anjali go inside a temple & see a man asking to do special Pooja for someone’s b’day..

Priest : what’s the name..

Man : Priya.. Mrs Priya Aryan kapoor..

Anjali stop hearing that voice.

Anjali : Aryan..! ( her eyes well up)

Priest : arre Anjali bitiya.. Kya hua..

Aryan notice her now.. Their eyes meet after 6 long years .. Everything is changed..

Priest continue Pooja & return the plate to Anjali.. Aryan walk out & Anjali join him..

Anj : tum yahan.. ? ( you here..?)

Aryan : it shouldn’t matter you..

Anj : what were you doing here then..?

Aryan : I was here for my wife Mrs Priya Aryan kapoor not for you Ms..

He walk away leaving Anjali behind in tears.. She sit on stairs to compose herself

Angry Aryan bump into kushi in parking slot.. He manage to hold her..

Aryan : sorry..

Kushi : are you blind.. What do you think of yourself are you bullet train.. And how dare you hold me like this.. Only my arnav have right hold me like this..

Aryan : look it was not my mistake alone.. Couldn’t you watch out.. And if you don’t want me to hold you then fine..

He loosen the grip..

Kushi : aah stop.. Only Arnav can leave me like this..

Aryan pulled her up & made her stand.. & move to his car

Aryan : ( muttering) saari pagal ladkiya Mumbai mein hi hai ( all mad girls are in Mumbai only)

Kushi : I heard it.. How dare you call me mad.. You.. ( he sit in a car & start it) don’t ever come infront of me again.. I’ll kill you.. ( he drove off)

Kushi : ( scream) you’re mad not me.. Go to psychiatrist..

Anjali : kushi who was that.. ?

Kushi : ignore di.. Koyi ahh.. I’m not getting bad enough words to scold him..


Arnav & Anjali in a garden planting some plants..

Arnav : di..

Anjali : hmm..

Kushi : what are you thinking about nani’s words

Anjali : please kushi now you too don’t start that topic..

Arnav : its high time you move on di.. He didn’t deserve you

Anjali : I’m not hearing anything change the topic..

Arnav : I’m not leaving you this year.. I want jijaji to be with us here on your next b’day..

Anjali : me & marriage only in your dreams

Kushi : not marriage.. At least you can have boyfriend di..

Anjali look at arnav.

Arnav : I don’t have a problem unless that guy is decent..

Anjali : what a siblings you are.. Teaching me all this ah..?

Kushi : di you just need an excuse that’s it..

Anjali : you know very well why..?

Kushi become silent

Arnav : he was blo*dy cheater.. I’m not letting you waste your entire life because of him

Anjali : There’s more than you know chote.. End it here


Pragya & madhu were all gloomy remembering their dad..

Swara & Gaayu enter & everyone welcome them..

Sanskar introduce them to anjali..

Anjali : ( taking gaayu in her arms) aapka naam kya hai ( what’s your name )

Gaayu : snow white

Anjali : how sweet..

They both instantly bond.. Anjali didn’t feel like letting her go at all..

Kushi : look at madhu & pragya di..

Swara : they look so worried..

Rk : I don’t get why they’re missing him so much.. He too was no less than a hitler..

Kushi hit him..

Swara : who..?

Sanskar : their father.. He passed away 8 months back..

Swara could see their pain.. She was going through the same.. She felt bad for them..

Abhi : I’ve a idea..

( I’ve changed the lyrics a bit.. )

RK & ABHI : ( pointing at madhu & pragya)

In pe karam, bachchon pe sitam
Re baapu mere ye zulm na kar (x2)

Ye zulm na kar..

Ding danga ding danga ding danga ( rk & abhi poke madhu pragya & twirl them )
Ding danga ding danga hey bapu (x3)

Sanskar & Kushi join them & all 4 together :

Bapu sehat ke liye..

Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh hanikarak hai (x2)

Hum pe thodi daya toh karo
Hum nanhe baalak hai (x2) ( making innocent face)

Sanskar : ( looking at arnav.. )

Discipline itna na
Re discipline itna
Khudkushi ke laayak hai

Arnav glare him so he move towards Kushi & both sing.. :

Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikaarak hai

Ding dong ding dong
Ding dong hey bapu (x2)

RK :

Tanne bola party warty
Jaana hai mana
Yo toh torture hai ghana
Re yo toh torture hai ghana

Kushi :

Re Bapu!
Re bachcho se ee bole
Ke na karna bachpana
Yo toh torture hai ghana
Re yo toh torture hai ghana

Abhi :
Hey Bapu!
Pizza Burger race cars

RK add :
Cocktail wine vodka ( everyone glare him )
Keh gaye hai tata
Jabse bapu tune danta

Sanskar :

Jis umar mein shobha dete
Masti sair sapata
Uss umar ko naap raha hai
Kyun ghadi ka kaanta

Kushi :

Apni kismat ki gaadi ki
Khasta halat hai (x2)

O re mhaare baapu, oh ye hitler ya mhaare bapu

Abhi :

O humare bapu
Iss ghadi ke vaahan chalak hain
Bapu sehat ke liye
Haan tu toh hanikarak hai

Sanskar : ( dancing around arnav )

Tanne bola sirf office
Trucking karna hai mana
Yo toh torture hai ghana
Re yo toh torture hai ghana

Arnav : accha..

Sanskar hide behind Anjali

Kushi : ( dancing around madhu )

Hey bapu!
Re mitti ki gudiya se bole
Dhood peena hai rozana
Yo toh torture hai ghana
Re yo toh torture hai ghana

RK :

Hey Baapu.. Hey Bapu!

Tail lene gaya re masti
Jhad gayi jawani
Kar rahe hai jaane kaisi
Jang ki taiyari

Kushi :

Sote jagte chhoot rahi hai
Aansu ki pichkari
Phir bhi khushna hua Mogambo
Hum tere balihari

Madhu, pragya , Anjali swara open their mouth wide at the word mogambo..

Kushi, sanskar, RK, abhi : ( together )

Teri nazron mein kya hum
Itne naalayak hain (x2)

Re tujhse behtar toh
Manne chhod do re bapu

Re tujhse behtar apni
Hindi filmon ke khalnayak hain
Bapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikarak hai

They pull everyone & all dance together…

Ding danga ding danga ding danga
Ding danga ding danga hey bapu
Ding danga ding danga ding danga
Ding danga ding danga hey bapu..

Sanskar see someone & stop

Swara : is he your baapu..

Anjali ,Madhu & pragya too see elders standing at the door & stop dancing.. Anjali poke Arnav & he stop.. Abhi, kushi & rk are in no mood to stop they’re still humming.. ” baapu haanikarak tu.. ”

Pragya : ( poking abhi ) rukh jaav warna sach mein tumhara haani hojayega.. ( stop or else you will surely get in trouble)

Abhi : oh come on mogambo is not here to trouble..

Pragya smile & gesture towards door.. Abhi shocked..

Madhu : rk stop it..

Rk : its party madhu enjoy

He twirl her but she come out of his grip..

Rk : what happened HKC ( hitler ki chamchi)

Madhu : Hitl.. Huh uncle aagaye (Hitl.. Huh uncle came)

Rk : ( stop) don’t give such heart attacks my fans need me.. Sach mein aagaye.. ( is he really here)

Madhu nod yes..

Now Kushi is the only one dancing like crazy.. Closing her eyes enjoying the song..

Arnav : kushi.. Kushi.. ( she doesn’t hear.. )

He hold her hand & she start dancing more pulling him too..

Arnav : stop it dammit.. ( he say bit loudly)

Kushi : ( opening her eyes ) what happened arn… ( she see her father.. ) huh… ( whisper) traitors kisi ne mujhe bataya hi nahi hitler kab aaye.. ( why didn’t anyone tell me.. When did Hitler come.. )

Arnav : tum sune toh bole hum ( if you listen then only we can tell na)

Rk : ab hum sab gaye.. ( we are gone now)

Abhi : Arnav you only do something..

Arnav : me.. ! No..

Raj : kya khusur phusur ho rahi hai.. ( what are you whispering ah..!

Everyone become silent..

Raj : about whom were you guys talking ah..? Who is this mogambo ah..?

Gaayu : Kushi di ke papa

Kushi hide behind arnav..

Raj : aur hitler.? ( & hitler.?)

Gaayu ; woh bhi Kushi di ke papa hi hai.. ( it’s also Kushi’s father) swara close her mouth..

Raj take gaayu in his arms..

Raj : what else they said..

Gaayu : woh rk ke film ke villain se bhi zyada khatarnaak hai.. Bahut darawane rakshas jaise hai.. ( he’s more dangerous than the villain’s in rk’s film.. He’s scary like monster)

Rk : yeh snow white nahi humari yam devta banke aayi hai

Raj : so. This happen behind my back ah..? I’m hitler.. Mogambo.. !? Rakshas.. Khalnaayak.. Ah..?

Gaayu : ( innocent soul) arre aap nahi unke papa.. Aap bahut sweet ho ( arre not you.. Their papa.. You’re very sweet)

She peck on his cheeks.. He smile at her & now look at others..

Rk : papa.. Woh..

Abhi : hum.. Yeh..

Arnav : it was just.. Ah.. Hmm..

Raj start laughing followed nandini & naniji.

Raj : today my 3 princesses are happy so I don’t mind..

Anjali, pragya madhu hug him.. He wish Anjali

Nandini : you two should always smile like this no more tears ..

Madhu pragya smile & hug her too…

Gaayu pull Raj’s coat.. He look at her..

Gaayu : only 3 princess what about me..

Raj : you too are my sweet little princess. What’s the name of this princess..

Gaayu : snow white..

Precap : kushi & Aryan’s encounters. All is not well between arshi..

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