Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa Part 17 & 18

Firstly I’m really sorry for all this delay.. I wanted to write something different in this ff like show some intimacy between arshi but I couldn’t.. This ff was ready 2days prior only but my attempts to write intimate scene delayed it & atladt also I couldn’t so forgive me for that..

This chapter contains live in relationship & some different type of relations which are generally not in my other ffs.. So guys thus story needs this if any of you have anything to share or tell about it you can ( you won’t like what I’ve written them do tell me )

Recap : New party at castle kushi get drunk due to rk so arnav take her to Raizada mansion. Madhu want a special person different person as her life partner. Anjali’s car get totalled & she’s struck with Aryan in jungle

Aryan Anjali under the hut

She start drawing the map of this place on ground with stick which kushi showed once

Anjali : our car was here.. We took right.. There came that tree & this turn…… …… .…. …… ….. ….. …… .…. …… ….. ….. & here.. Then we took left turn we must be here then..

She blabber like that for another 15 mins.. Finally finding something…

Anjali : I got it.. We took left instead of right turn

Aryan : I’m not coming anywhere with you.. I don’t want to get lost more in here

Anjali : I know the way let’s leave are you planning to spend all night in this jungle

He ignore her

Aryan : ( looking at his phone) and damn there is no signal here…

He start climbing the tree

Anjali : what do you think you’re doing

Aryan : searching some signal

He try to get a mobile signal & get it to..

Aryan : thank God..

He was about to make a call but..

Anjali : ( scream) ahhh… snake… Aryan…

He jump down the tree to save her& in process mobile falls & breaks down.. Due to her screams only snake run away.. But Anjali didn’t notice it start jumping & hug him in fear..

Aryan : sshh . it’s fine.. It’s gone now.. ( he pat her back & Anjali calm)

Both realise their position & pull back

Arnav’s room

Arshi couldn’t resist each other’s charm but Somehow arnav controlled his thoughts & spoke

Arnav : you sleep now I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow

Kushi : I don’t want to

Arnav : kushi.. ( interrupt )

Kushi : is everything fine now.. Are we.. I mean.. ( tears form in her eyes)

Arnav cup her face

Arnav : kushi.. Everything is fine.. Let’s forget it..

Kushi : I’m sorry I shouldn’t have trusted that sooraj & I shouldn’t have hid all that from you.. I made you really angry

Arnav : you think I got angry for this kushi

Kushi : yes

Arnav : I was bit angry but something else made me more angry

Kushi get confused

Arnav : I found the letter.. The one you left in that room how could you even think of suicide dammit

(Remember the letter Arnav found while rescuing her from sooraj a suicide note & a poison. its in part 13 & 14 guys.. If u dont remember then read this part)

Kushi : I’m sorry.. ( she hug him) I couldn’t imagine that monster touching me how could I let him do that

Arnav : you thought I would’ve let that happen

Kushi : no but..

Arnav : but what..?

Kushi : I’m sorry

Arnav : enough of these sorrys now come let’s go

Kushi : kahan? ( where?)

Arnav : your surprise party I can’t wait till tomorrow anyway we can’t sleep after all this right

Kushi : right

Abhi : why didn’t you tell me before piya.. We would’ve never..

Piya ; I know.. But what about RK what would you answer him.. How would we face your family

Abhi : but running away isn’t solution.. Though it’s late but I’ve realised it & I’m not letting you go anywhere.. What we’re you thinking while hiding this pregnancy ah..

Piya : I thought I could live with this little angel all my life abhi.. ( tears form in her eyes)

Abhi : and leave me alone to suffer & you two enjoy there ( to baby) see baby how selfish your mumma is she wanted all your love for herself

Piya : That’s why God cursed me & snatched everything

Abhi : what are you talking.. Piya I’m not leaving you I’ll set everything.. I’ll handle RK he’ll understand

Piya take the baby from him & make her sleep on bed & hold Abhi’s hand

Piya : its too late abhi.. We can’t be together I just came to.. To.. ( her voice choke)

Abhi : came for what.. ? I’m not letting you two go anywhere

Piya : baby will stay with you but I can’t

Abhi: what. !!? Look piya if you’re still thinking of rk then.. ( interrupt)

Piya : no abhi.. Its not about him.. It’s.. Its

Abhi : its what.? no reason no person can separate us now.. Get it in your mind.. No one can separate us.. Nothing can

Piya : death can Abhi..

Aryan : the phone broke too..

Anjali : let’s walk I figured out the route

Aryan think for a second & was about to agree but it’s starts raining

Both : damn.. !

They move into the hut..

Anjali : what now

Aryan : you’ve to tell you got me into this

Anjali : excuse me I got you into this .? Are you kid you agreed to come here

Aryan : I was mad. I should’ve waited on road aleast I could call a cab there

Anjali : you.. ( interrupted by a loud sound of thunder)

She hug Aryan again in fear

Abhi : death..! ( he notice leap of tablets on table) what’s wrong.. What do you mean.. ( he clutch her by shoulders) what happened you’re fine na.. ( looking at tears in her eyes) piya speak.. Your tears are scaring me.. Piya..

Piya : I’ve brain tumour

Abhi : (shocked) Tumour..!? Huh…

he try to calm himself taking some deep breaths..

Abhi : ( cupping her face) we will consult best doctors.. Nothing will happen to you.. Don’t worry everything will be just fine.. Don’t worry ( his voice starts shaking..)

Piya : no abhi.. Please calm down.. Listen to me.. See its.. Try to understand..

Abhi : no piya.. ( he scream waking up the baby)

Piya immediately calm the baby & give her to servant.. Abhi was in tears now

Piya hold him..

Piya : abhi.. Listen.. Please.. Arnav got me checked with best doctor we tried everything possible there is no chance

Abhi : ( hyper) how there is no chance.. They might have not checked properly we will do everything again. Let’s go…

Piya : abhi.. Please.. Understand I don’t have time I’ve only 3 months left.. You’ve to accept it..

Car halt at AR office

Kushi : party at office!?

Arnav : wait & watch & ah walk too

He take her in & they step in on lift arnav press 25th floor


Abhi piya are sitting on bed piya resting her head on abhi’s shoulder

Piya : I didn’t wanted her to grow like a orphan like I grew.. You’ll take care of her na.. You will give her family right.. Your name.. Respect

Abhi : yes.. I’ll give her everything but what about mother piya..

Piya : abhi.. ( she hug him)

Little later piya fall asleep but sleep was very far away from abhi tonight


Flashback of Anjali Aryan

Anjali Aryan lost in jungle 7 years back

Anjali : I think it will rain.. we’ve to get out of here

Aryan : don’t worry I’ll find the way out

Anjali : yeh jungle hai vakeel saab aapka koyi case nahi jo aap suljalo ( its jungle Mr.Lawyer not any of your case that you’ll solve)

Aryan : humne iss jahan ka sabse mushkil case solve kiya hai phir yeh jungle uske saamne Kuch nahi ( I’ve solved the toughest case this forest is nothing infront of it)

Anjali : accha.. Aur woh kounsa case hai ( well which is that case)

Aryan : “pyaar” woh bhi the mystery girl Priya se jinka asli naam hume abhi tak nahi pata ( “love” that too with the mystery girl Priya.. Whose really name I don’t know till now)

Anjali lean to his ears & whisper.. “Anjali”.. Anjali hai humara naam ( “Anjali”.. Anjali is my name)

( Anjali went undercover for one NGO work where she introduced herself as Priya – remaining details I’ll tell later in story)

Aryan : Anjali..! ( he smile)

Anjali : yes.. Anjali.. Anjali Aryan nice na..

It’s starts raining so they take shelter in a near by hut

Flashback ends


Kushi : 25th floor !

She remember what’s there but why is he taking her there.. It had all the beautiful & bitter memories too

Flashback of arshi

Arshi had decided to enter a live in relationship they wanted to take their love to next level & they consummated their love too at some island but what now in Mumbai they cannot stay together infront of family nani & Raj would never approve it so arnav built a big penthouse on top floor of AR office but before they could live & love each other there sooraj’s incident spoiled everything

After handing over sooraj to police arshi reached penthouse

Kushi was sitting on bed crying.. & Arnav was in bathroom standing under the cold shower trying to calm his anger down but it didn’t help him much the sight of kushi’s suicide note was raging his anger more

He walked out of bathroom & kushi walk to him

Kushi : Arnav I’m sorry

He gave her one raged look & move to living room & she too follow him

Kushi : Arnav I’m sorry .. Sorry please

While running behind him her dupatta get struck & she trip on ground arnav tend to her.. Her leg was sprained he pick her up & take her to dining hall & make her sit on chair..

She continued to cry & mutter sorry arnav poured a water in glass & passed it to her

Kushi : sorry please talk to me

Arnav : drink ( she take the glass & drink )

He hold her leg & spray the pain killer

And then he remove that dupatta that’s when he notice scratches on her neck & hand.. All his anger reaches its peak.. He was feeling helpless for letting all this happen to her how could he not protect her & how dare that bastard hurt his Kushi he threw the vase on dining table hurting his hand too

Kushi : arnav..

She hold his hand he was about to withdraw it but tears in her eyes calmed him a bit & he let her dress his wound

Kushi : please don’t hurt yourself for my mistake I’m sorry please talk to me.. Yell at him please don’t be silent I’m sorry sorry..

He clutch her by shoulders..

Arnav : enough.. Don’t utter sorry again.. I hate that word.. It reminds me how I failed to protect you it reminds me of that bastard it reminds me how you.. ( he stop & storm out)

Flashback ends..


Anjali pull back realising their position.. All past memories & emotions wake inside both of them.. There remember that blissful beautiful night they spent in that jungle 7years back that changed their lives

Flashback of Anjali Aryan

Both were fully drenched. Aryan’s white kurta sticking to his skin revealed most of his upper body.. Anjali’s saree to had stick to her.. Water dripping from her hairs was seducing Aryan. It was getting very cold & they felt extra chill as they were wet

Thunder made its way into the sky only to bring two love birds together.. Anjali hugged him in fear immediately Both of them were so much turned on by this intimacy that there was no way back

They consummate their love

Flashback ends..

Anjali Aryan look at each other remembering that night. They were highly uncomfortable & Anjali could no longer sit there she get up & was about to step out

Aryan : No.. I can’t take risk of you drenching again

Anjali remember they were drenched that night which led to intimacy but was it only that much.. They loved each other.. That love united them that day but now he hate her or we can say he wants to hate her.. She quietly go & sit in other corner of hut but away from him


Arshi were standing at the door of Penthouse. Kushi was hesitant to step in Arnav noticed it

Arnav : I want to wipe if all those bitter memories from here..

Kushi : but.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : I know how excited you were for this.. You took so much time , cracked so many interior designers mind to get it designed & I can’t let all efforts of my sweet heart to go in vain right

Kushi nod yes..

Arnav : trust you will love it..

They walk in.. The whole living room was decorated with balloons & whole floor was covered with rose petals.. Arnav hold kushi’s hand & both walk to a chair & he make kushi sit on it

Arnav : remember you sprained your leg here ( kushi nod) today not even a tiny particle should prick your legs loved the roses..

Kushi : yes..!

He kneel down & take out anklets from his pocket & make her wear them..

Kushi : they’re beautiful love you..

Arnav : love you too come now..

He take her to dining table.. It too was nicely decorated & there was cake & all delicious foods on table.. And wait something else too.. Every corner had a beautiful glass vases imported from abroad & some very beautiful likes, roses were in them..

Arnav : I broke the vase you brought with so much love that day sorry

Kushi : I love you..

Arnav : I know that & love you too.. So let’s cut the cake..

They move towards cake but before that he hand her a present & she open it to find a beautiful AK diamond pendant & some beautiful earrings & a bracelet..

Arnav : can I have the honour of making you wear them.

Kushi nod & arnav make her wear them & then surprising kushi more he go down on his knees take a ring from his pocket..

Kushi was overwhelmed to see that.. It was the sane one which arnav had made her wear while proposing her.. she had left with suicide note

Arnav : will you be my love all over again

Kushi : I was always yours..

He make her water the ring they cut the cake have dinner ( feed each other)

Kushi : ( peck on his cheeks) I love you so so much…

Arnav : I love you too… ( he kiss back ) now let’s move to the most beautiful part of this penthouse ( balcony)

They move to the bedroom it was all decorated in red.. Red roses, scented candles & a beautifully decorated couch lying on glass covered balcony through which thousands of starts were peeking in .. They go & settle there & talk to brightest star for a while addressing it has Arnav’s mom & then they move in back to bedroom

Kushi knew what was coming next Arnav too was high on emotions but he didn’t wanted to rush he wasn’t sure if kushi was ready if she’s fully in her senses..

Arnav : you change first I’ll wait

Kushi looked at him like what.?

Kushi : you want me to change ?

Arnav : yes.. Woh.. Huh..

She move to him

Kushi : this isn’t the first time we’re doing this then why this back off

Arnav : I want you to be in your senses I mean you were drunk & are you fine

She wrap her hands across his neck

Kushi : I’ve never been this much in my senses since 6 months..

Saying she unbuttoned his coat & throw it on floor , push arnav on bed & give him one naughty smile

He pull her too & lean to her ears & whisper someone’s too desperate ah ! He remove her pendant moving her hair aside & place a kiss on her neck & slowly remove her earrings & Kiss her shoulders tickling her nerves

Kushi unbuttoned his shirt & Arnav unzipped her dress both deeply lost in each others eyes..

And them all barriers broke & 2 souls united again. The night was blissful all their worries differences, anger was washed away by the love between them..


Next morning

Piya woke up but couldn’t find abhi beside instead there was a note

Note : Get ready & wear this beautiful dress & hurry up I’m waiting

Piya come out wearing that beautiful pink dress he kept for her.. She found whole house decorated with white lilies & there stood her prince charming..

Piya : abhi what’s all this..

Abhi go down on his knees & take out a ring

Abhi : will you marry me?

Piya stood there shocked

Abhi : will you be Mrs Piya Abhishek Kundra

Piya : abhi..!? This.. ( interrupt)

Abhi : piya please.. Will you marry me ( she melt seeing his eyes)

Piya : yes I will

Abhi make her wear a ring & both hug

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