Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Character Sketch)


Hey everyone.. So here I’m with another ff.. I know I’m already writing too many & here one more but its not my mistake when any idea pops into my mind involuntarily I start weaving it into a story.. This one would be quite different from my other ffs.. So here it is.. “Pyaar hai ya Sazaa”

Now here.. Along with Arshi I’ve added RK-Madhu , Abhigya & swasan. Arshi would be my first preference but others too would have a very interesting love story..

Guys this story is plotted on high society backdrop.. So the characters & conversations would be bit different comapered to how I normally write..

Character sketch

Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav would be as usual arrogant hot headed businessman but he wouldn’t judge Kushi no never, he wouldn’t jump into conclusions right away he would analyse first & above all of that he trust 2 people blindly kushi & Anjali… No matter what they cannot be wrong.. But sometimes he feel they’re bit stupid.. Hope this trust won’t bring any hurricane their life

Kushi Kundra

She is as usual bubbly fun loving outspoken girl but not dumb & not religious too.. She’s a successful businesswoman.. AK fashion house is been successfully set up & taken into this height by her along with Arnav.. She is as famous as ASR is for her intelligence.. But at home everyone wonder where her intelligence goes.. Being the youngest she make sure she act like one.. Loved by her elder brothers & only person who can make her act straight without any drama is her father

Rishab Kundra

The superstar of this generation & a heartbroken aashique ( lover).. Oh it was secret The most complex character & have too many shades.. He share his secrets only with his cousin cum best friend Arnav & younger brother Abhi. These 3 are best buddies

Madhubala Malik

Raj kundra’s secretary & Kushi’s new care taker yes you heard it right she is care taker.. The only person Raj kundra would trust to be impartial.. She’s infact more a spy for kundra kids.. Loving called as Hitler ki chamchi by kundra kids.. It has only been 6 months she is started working with Raj kundra.. She assist him in his construction business too.. She lost her father 8 months back who was very loyal to Raj in an accident.. She now reside with her buaji..( one from ipkknd) Least interested in high society life

I’ll introduce swasan & abhigya in a story.. And there will be one new pair too with different yet cute love story

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  1. Adhya


  2. Veronica

    Different story line…..Waiting for the ff…..I hope you get time to update all your ffs…bcuz I love all ur ffs ???

  3. Manasvi

    Itsbdifferent dear..
    Waiting for swasan…

  4. Its a very nice story line.I like R.K,madhu and all others too. ..

  5. Arshi

    Wowowoowowow another dhamaka fffff.. superb… character sketch itsekf speaks a lot ant ur ff…. ???

  6. Sravs

    wow!!!fantastic it seems different from all your ff’s and it will be interesting to read further…………keep writing…….

  7. Anaya

    Thank you so much adhya, lucky,veronica, manasvi, minu, ishu, Arshi & sravs

  8. Gd one

    1. Anaya

      Thank you yashika

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