Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-9


hi…………..Jaan is back after a loooong time.hope you all remember me. i am really sorry for making you all wait for long, but what to do i was struck up with my classes and also festival season you know….and i will try my best to be regular. sorry again
thank you all for your wonderful comments and love towards this ff.
hope you all had a happy, safe and bright diwali. and
Happy Kannada Rajyotsava to all my kannadigas.
ok lets start…..

recap – raglak in office. raglak in lift,laksh to get to know that ayu was rags crush and his possessiveness towards her. ragini in confused state to see the bonding between laksh and her family.

here ragini is sleeping in her room, where as laksh is enjoying being pampered by his inlaws. yaa would be inlaws…
dadi : (looking towards laksh) kailash i think we should get laado married as soon as possible. coz you see its not safe and also not good for her health to work till late night. once she is settled we can be tension free. what do u say laksh?
laksh suddenly cough coz of his paro’s sudden attack.
dadi: are what happened i talked about her marriage not yours.
laksh glares at her where as kailash gets a hint that there is something fishy for sure. but he decided to keep numb.
laksh : paro its already late i should go now, maa will be waiting. he bid bye and goodnight to all and just looked once towards ragini’s room which didnt go unoticed by dadi.
dadi : laksh if you dont mind can you do me a favor
laksh : (he was scared that what will she ask for now ,but still) yaa of course paro tell me…
dadi : as you and laado are working together can u pic and drop her daily, coz riya and her parents are shifting their house next week, so i dont want my laado to go alone. and i am sure that you too dont want to miss this chance.
lak : what!!!…
dadi : i mean how can you miss the chance to meet us daily and my janu’s coffee of course.
kai : but maa what is the need to trouble him, i will manage that….
lak : no…!, a….a…i…mean it want be a trouble, sure dadi i will do it, how can i miss my chance. he winks at her
ok now bye every one, good night. i will be here to wish you all good morning..
dadi : wait i will leave you till out side
laksh and dadi walked towards out side where as all others dispersed to their rooms.

dadi : so did you like my gift…
lak : paro, tell me clearly what is running in your mind
dadi : same as yours
lak : what?!!
dadi : so,you dont want to share with your paro also…… i know you love my laado
lak :WHAT!!!!!!! whot told you?
dadi : what is the need to tell, it can be clearly seen in your eyes. and dont worry i am happy with that
lak : (taking a deep breadth) sooo you know it, thank you paro. but plz dont say it anybody. i need sone time to make her understand my love towards her. hope you understand it.
paro : sure, i am with you. ok now you go and have a nice sleep and come soon morning ok. bye.
lak : bye ,kissed her forehead good night
he drove back to MM, he shared every thing that happened today with his family(of course not his romance. lol), this had now become a routine for them to talk about ragini. then they all dispersed to their room.
next day
laksh went to GH ragini cane out of her room all ready to leave,but poor her dint know that one mor shock is waiting for her
rag : dadima i am getting late, from today riya will not come, she is busy in shifting, so i have to go alo……
she traled off seeing laksh in front of her, her eyes got widened. she thought that she was still dreaming. she pinched herself to confirm to confirm it. and hissed in pain. by that time dadi came to her.
dadi : laado no need to go alone, laksh will com along with you. from today you will go and come with laksh. he will pick and drop you.ok. she passed her warm smile and kissed her forehead, giving her breakfast. ragini took it started eating it. after all she is getting back to back shocks and surprises. so she thought to let it be as it is, not spoil it more. after having it she went with laksh by bidding bye and kissing her mom,dad, dada and dadi on their cheeks.

now its 4 month that ragini started working, their project was almost ending only the presentation part was left. by this time all five, lucky ragu,ayu,shona, sanky shared a great bond. laksh was more protective towards his ragu. ragini was also vey much impressed by laksh’s care and concern towards her, she felt so special. so as laksh. laksh was feeling insecure by the bond between ragu-ayu but still he didnot want to restrict or control her.
san : guys, so now we are almost done with the work assigned to us successfully. just two more days and done. so after that we are free to change our group for next project, after this we will be having 2 weeks time till next project. so as a group head its my responsibility to ask you all. dose anybody wants to change?
ayu : what yaar sanky, is thid a quest to ask? after the bond we share do really think that we will change it.
swa : leave it ayu. he dont have that much of brain. what about party in the name of our success
san : ok ok. party will be there but only after two days. today is thursday so party will be on saturday evening in my house. by that out project will be completed.
all : ok done.
lak : ok but sunday will party at my house
ayu : what so special?
lak : its my di’s birthday.
rag : wow, then i will be there for sure
lak : do u think that u have any option?
san : guys back to work now, u can discuss it later.

for two days the work was hectic for them. finally they were done.
sat morning they submitted it and they were very much successful in impressing arjun as well as their clients.
lak : so guys see you all in party mood at sanky’s house. ragu lets go.
all dispersed. rag and lak were in parking area.
rag : laksh you go home today i will go on my own
lak : he frowned his eyebrows and gave her do-you-think-i-will-let-u-go look. rag understood
rag : wo… i need to go for shopping to buy party dress for tomorow.
lak : so what? where it may be shopping or any thing else, i will accompany you any where and every where and you better get that into you head.
ragini had enough from day one, her mind wanted to argue but her heart did not support her for some unknown reason, well but we all knoe the reason.
rag : are you also planning for shopping?
lak : no, that will be done by my jiju.
rag : then what will you do in ladies showroom ?
lak : what kind of quest is this? i will oh sorry we will select for you. its just that i want to be with you always
they share a passionate eye lock, which spoke every thing which they wanted to speak, but didnt find words to. it was disterbed by riya
riya : are ragini! after so long. how are you, see working in same place, still we meet rarely.
rag : i am fine riya…..they had some friendly talk and raglak did their shopping not only for ragini but for entire gadodia family only on lucky’s insistence. lak droped ragini home and informed her that to be ready by 7 and went to mm.
evening : at GH . laksh reached at exact time or may be before hand to see his love lady of course.
he invited every one to the birthday party of anjali. he was waiting for ragini since 1 hour. but ragini was taking her own time to get ready.
he was chit chatting with dadaji and his paro. kailash and janki were out on some work. suddenly our ragini came there in a beautiful multicolored long skirt and blue top with matching accessories. laksh was awestruck to see her. coz ragini always wear anarkali suit. dadi saw him and facked a cough to bring him back to earth.
dadaji : laado you are really looking beautiful.
rag : ty dadaji. just then phone rings and dadaji went to attend it.
dadi : putting kala tika behind her ears, meri laado ko kisi ki nazar na lage. then she just excused herself while going she winks at laksh who just pass a thank-you wala smile to her.
now they were alone. laksh went towards her. she saw him approaching toward her and lowered her gaze. he came to her held her by her waist and dragged her towards him. their front touched. ragini closed her eyes blushing. then laksh whispered into her ears huskily.
lak : i did not expect, this from you
rag : opening her eyes confused, what did i do?
lak : why do you look sooo beautiful. do you want to test my patience?
ragini lowered her head blushing and hugged him tight. he too held her tight like he wont let her go forever. after some time their trance was broken by ragini’s phone. it was from aayush. they broke the hug and ragini looked at phone and then at laksh. ahe was about to pic but laksh snatched it.
ayu : hello, ragu where are u
lak : hello ayu, we are on the way. we will reach within 15 min. ok bye.
then he saw her and kissed her cheeks.
lak : shall we go
rag nodded. they reached the party enjoyed it fully.
swa : challo, now lets have a song from sanky
ayu : shona why do you want to spoil the party yaar.
swara and ragini laughed while sanky threw the pillow at ayu.
then came our lucky holding guitar playing it. every body looks at him.
laksh sings wajah tum ho song. all the while looking at ragini, while our ragini blushes.
kaise kahun ishq mein tere
kitna hoon betaab main
aankhon se ankhein mila ke
chura loon tere khwan main….
sanky side hugged swara and smiled at them warmly knowing to whome laksh is singing this song. while aayush just enjoy the song.
party ended and laksh and ragini went to GH.
laksh took a long rout to GH, still ragini did not questioned him. on the way laksh was riding his bike with full speed while ragini was hugging him tight. he dropped her wished her good night and was about to leave but this time ragini held his hands and kissed his cheeks and ran inside. laksh was shocked and was tooooo much happy to express. dadi saw all this through window and smiled to herself
laksh went from there but came back after 5 mins and parked his bike at some safe distane and stood near her window
after some time ragini came there changed in her night dress. she looked at moon smiling widely
rag : till now i was searching for you, from know but today i found you. and i was so foolish to realise it late. but still i am sooooo happy to have you i my life. finally my wait is over and i got my prince charming. i got you laksh. i got my laksh.
laksh who was listening to this was so happy that his happiness has no bound. its just cant be expressed in words, only be experienced.
rag : but…. i dont know what do you think about me. by your antics i think you also like me but i dont know whether you love me or not. but now as i am in love with you, i will wait till you love be back. i love you laksh, i love you. she smiled to herself and looked at moon. till today i was giving good night kiss to my unknown prince but today i am kissing my love. saying this she gave a flying kiss to laksh. good night laksh. i love you. she went to bed.
laksh started his bike, went to some lonely place. then he started to shout in happiness, jumping, dancing madly and expressing his happiness.
screen freezes on smiling and sleeping face of ragini, and happy and joyful face of laksh

precap : party at laksh’s house. raglak romance. till then bless me and miss me. love you all. bye

Hope you all like this part. plz suggest me some songs for party dance. i will try to upload in 1 or 2 days but i am not sure coz i am really busy with my classes and assignments. hope you people understand.

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