Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-8

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at GH
dadi saw laksh in ragini’s room she was confused
dadi : laksh what are you doing here, at this time!!
lak : paro wo..wo…ha! i came to see you only
dadi : but what are you doing in laado’s room? i din’t see you coming in!
lak : paro the thing is that i din’t see you for long time and i was missing you. so i came here but i thought all will be sleeping, so i came through window. i din’t knew that it is your laado’s room
dadi : but you could have called me or come in morning…
lak : wah paro i missed you and came to see you but i seems like you din’t missed me at all.
dadi : are its not like that, i missed you too.but coming out at this is not safe beta
lak : its ok paro i will go now and i will come some other day. bye, good night
dadi : good night
laksh leaves from there by giving his paro good night kiss on her forehead.
dadi thought to herself, you may think that nobody knows but you cant hide it from me,i know every thing laksh, every thing is clearly visible in your eyes, visible in your antics. my laado is really lucky. dont worry i will make you confess soon, its the promise of parvathi gadogia your paro
at MM
anju : maa its so late, lets sleep now you can talk to him tomorrow
ap : no, i cant miss this side of my son
just then laksh came there he was shocked to see the whole family waiting for him
lak : laksh, you are so dead. first its paro now whole family. now they want leave any stone to teas me
lak : mom what are you doing din’t you people sleep
dp : are we are celebrating our bahu’s arrival with moon light ice cream party
ap gave him kabi-tho-serious-ho-jao look, he grinned at her
ap : well you tell me laksh how was your night walk
lak : ha it…it was ..nice
ap : ragini’s house is quit far from here right?
lak : mom i know you are here to teas me… well even i will get my day
saying this he went from there, all laughed at him and dispersed to their rooms

morning, laksh and arjun left to office early as they were wake some arrangements for laksh
while ragini was on her way to office with riya they both got selected to same company
they reached there, all the new inturns were guided to a seminar hall. riya and ragini were sitting in 3rd row, while laksh was sitting far and admiring ragini. by this time arjun was guiding what to be done to his assistant and informed that nobody should treat laksh as boss for some days and to treat as common employee.
soon arjun gave welcome speech and divided then to groups, he made laksh, ragini ,aayush, swara and sanskar in one team and sanakar as group head.riya was in another group. swara and sanskar were laksh friends and they both are married couple and they are the old employees of this company. and for sure ragini dint knew all this.
ragini and riya wished good luck to each other and left towards their respective group.
ragini entered to the cabin(a small room with some cubicles allotted to each group) where her group was supposed to work. she was shocked to see two people one was laksh for whom she was attracted for some unknown reason and other was aayush her first crush. she dint expect this in her worst night mare that she would work with aayush and she would see laksh again.
laksh was trying hard to control his exitement. she went to sanakar first as he was the group head and introduced herself, then swara then she went to laksh gave him shake hand but with out her knowledge her cheeks turned crimson red and she was not able to make eye contact.
lak : nice to meet you again, hope you remember me
rag : sure, and its my pleasure to meet you again.
and at last she went to aayush and gave shake hand before she could say anything
aayush : hi ragini, i am glad that at least i have some one in my group i know and someone whom i can call as friend.
ragini : same here
swara : so you guys know each other before/
aay : aa.. a kind so bcoz we were classmates but not such a good friends as she was introvert she speaks very less. but now i am sure we will be good friends, hei na ragini
rag : why not
all this while he was holding her hand which made laksh boil in jealousy
lak : ok ragini this is your cubical and took her away from him
he showed her the cubical which was adjacent to laksh’s and aayush’s was the one opposite to them next to him’s was swara’s while sanskar’s was in the middle between the two rows on the top.
sanskar explained the work to them and they all signed the bond which said that they all will be working together for next 4 months. and after that they can continue if wish of can change.
soon they started the work, laksh was helping her as she was new to all this and swara was helping aayush. sanskar was guiding all of them. days passed, its now almost 1 month they started working together and the were comfertable now. they all became good friends now sanskar was sanky, swara was shona, laksh was lucky, ragini was laado and aayush was ayu. but for laksh ragini was ragu and for ragini laksh was laksh. now laksh was comfertabel with aayush but not when he come close to ragini. ke left no stone to impress ragini and keep her busy away from aasyush.
poor laksh now he was worried for new was almost night and everybody left only laksh and ragini were left, now they were almost done they and were packing their bags. when laksh told
lak : ragu shall i drop you its late and i dont want you to go alone
rag : no laksh ayu is waiting down to drop me as riya informed him and took my vehicle.
laksh burnt on hearing this. he went aside, called sanky and informed him some thing and came back smirking.
soon ayu called ragini and said her to take lift from laksh coz he should go home quickly as he should submit report to sanky tomorrow.
ragini cursed him and herself for trusting him. she turned to see laksh but he was at the door waiting for her. she took her bag and went towards him hesitatingly
rag : laksh actually ayu said he cant drop me as he had some report work to be done and submit it to sanky tomorrow only so… plllz drop me. she said so innocently which made laksh just to keep staring at her.she dint get any reply so she she shook him which pulled him back to earth again.
rag : laksh what happened, its ok if cant drop me, i…i will manage
lak : nooo(shouts). ragini was taken aback with his sudden reaction.
lak : i…i mean how can i let you go alone that too at this hour, its ok i will drop you
and he draged her from there giving her no time to think. they went to the lift but the got struck in middle. ragini was soo tensed that she held laks’s arm tightly.
lak : ragu relax don’t worry, i am here with you see. relax notthing will happen and he kissed her fore head. ragini was relaxed a bit but still held his arms tightly. laksh called sanky and informed him. sanky called in ragini’s house and told the she will be late today as they have lot of work today, and he went to help them along with swara.
@raglak side
lak : notting will happen, dont you trust me? he asked looking into her chocolate brown eyes
rag:(staring into his eyes) dont know why but i trust you more than anything or anybody else in this whole world. after my family its you whom i am most comfortable with.
they were lost in each others eyes. then laksh broke their eyelock and asked her
lak : so you and ayu knew each other before but are you not comfortable with him?
rag : although ayu was my first crush i trust you more
lak : (almost screamed) what!!!!!!!!
ragini then realised what she said and bit her tongue
rag : wo.. laksh, ha i liked aayush in our college days but i dint said that to any one, i dont know why but i just cant keep anything away from you i just blurt out what comes to my heart. plz laksh plz dont say this to any one. i dont want to loose his friendship. plz laksh. laksh’s face turned into a serious look,
lak : do you still love sorry LIKE him?
rag : no….but now just like him as a was just that i was attracted to him but i dont feel anything for him now. she said sincerely with puppy eyes which made laksh relax a bit
laksh held her close to him holding her waist in one hand while the other was holding her face, ragini’s both hands were on his chest.
lak : you better dont, whether it is aayush or anybody else, i dont care. he said seriously and kissed her forehead while she closed her eyes he kissed her right cheek then left and looked straight into her eyes, and she did the same.
by that time lift started again and they composed them selves they reached ground floor they came out sawsan came towards them.
swa : guys are you ok?
lak : ha shona dont worry, you guys go home its late chachi must be waiting (he calls sanky’s parents as chacha and chachi)
rag : shona can you drop me actually…..laksh cutted her before she could complete
lak : no you people carry on. good night, i am here to drom her and he literally dragged her she was shocked and confused to see this side of his
swa : what happened to him
san ; dont know, hope every thing is fine. lets go
meanwhile, ragini sat on laksh’s bike but did nit held him which made him irrked. he gave a sudden jerk which made ragini fall on him.
lak : you better hold me, its for safety you know.
ragini put her hands on his sholders and they left from there, while going laksh increased his speed which made her hum him.
they reached her home, ragini got down and started going inside trying to grasp whats happening,then laksh called her
lak : ragu, dont take it light whatever i told you, good night dear.
ragini was staring at him with her eyes wide open.
just then dadi came there and saw ragini,
dadi : laado, finally you came, thank god. you know how much i was worried.
before ragini could reply laksh said
lak : paro dont worry, i was with her only, we both work together. your laado is absolutely fine
this came as an other shock to ragini. she was just cursing her fate for giving her shock after shock without prior notice
dadi : are tu, what are you doing there wont ypu come inside?
lak : paro see its already late i will…………
kai : what i will dont dare to go with out coming inside
lak ok papa chalo lets go inside.
all go inside ragini was shocked to hell by seeing her family pampering him. she just went inside her room with confused face lay down thinking what all happened few hours ago. soon sleep occupied her. screen freezes on ragini’s sleeping face.

precap : just wait till next part. till then bless me and miss me. love you all. tc

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