Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-7

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its night at GH all are having dinner,but our ragoo is lost in some thoughts, eating silently
dadaji: laado what happened, where are you lost, is every thing ok?
janki: ha laado what is bothering you, why are looking lost from noon? what are you hiding from us?
ragini thaught: are how can i tell them……i need to divert the topic
rag: maa i am thinking about lakshmi auntie
kailash looked at her keeny, while janki choked as soon as she heard lakshmis name
kailash: who is that?
rag : are papa wahi, yours friend pandey uncle’s wife’s sisters…….i dont know you ask maa
kailash looked at her
jan : wo, wo…..

dadi saw her stammering so she thought to rescue her
dadi ; kailash you can ask about that afterwards also now you eat and laaod stop thinking unnecessary things complete your dinner and sleep you should get up early tomorrow is your first day in office, i dont want you to go late on very first day
rag : ji dadima
janki sighed in relief kailash found something fishy
they all continued having dinner
meanwhile in MM they all completed their dinner and dispersed to their rooms but our hero cannot sleep without seeing our heroin. so he was slowly sneeking out of the house but today ap and dp were waiting to see their majnu’s avtar
ap : ji, look at him how he is going like a thief, let go and catch him saying this she moved forward but dp caught her arms and pulled her back
dp: purna wait let him come back then we will pull his legs or else it will be late and our bahu will go to sleep. so we will wait till he comes back dont worry i wont let you get bored till then we will have ice cream. he said excited
ap glared at him, while he made a puppy face pleading her but then
ap : but i want chocolate flavor.
dp’s face lit up instantly
ap: dont be soo happy, its only for today bcoz i am happy that i got to know about my bahu, so celebration to banta he. but but but you will have to do 5 min extra walking in morning, get that in your head

dp : ok any thing for ice cream
ap laughed at his childishness then they heard a voice from back
anju: celebration and without us?
arj: not fair ha
ap : are what happened you are always welcomed to join us, kyu ji
dp: exactly
ap : ok you all wait in garden i will bring ice cream
they all had ice cream in the garden enjoying full moon

all completed their dinner all were sitting and talking in hall while dadi sent ragini to sleep as she will get up late in morning
kailash : ok now tell me who is lakshmi, pandey’s wife’s what ever
all looked at janki
jan: are today i saw laksh in the shoping mall, i was about to call him then i realised that laado was there so to divert the topic i said that
kai : oh, ok it has been almost a week that laksh did not visited us
dadaji : yaa i miss him soo much
dadi ; then i have an idea
every body’s gaze shifetd to dadi
dadi : why don’t we marry laado to laksh, we know him since years and arjun is also very nice you know that janki find her son in arjun. and as per laksh said ap ji and dp ji is also very nice and any how laado have completed her studies. we will hwve to get her married someone. why cant that some be laksh!
janki’s facial expression changed a thin layer of tear formed her eyes, kailash and dada ji notieced it
jan : ma i will not get her married to some one, i want her to marry my brother’s son. i know bhai was angry on me when i married kailash with out his concern. but it has been long time now and i am sure he would have forgiven me and he will be missing as much as no no more than i miss him pla maa, i want to mend my relationship with my bhiyya by starting a new relationship between our family. tears rolled down her cheeks.
dadi: but janu beta we dont know where is your bhayya after we moved from kolkatta to delhi, we heard that your papa died of heart attack and your baeyya and babhi shifted some where else. how can you risk our laado’s life due to that and what if your bhayya dont have a son at all. all we knew was your bhabi was pregnent.
jan : no ma today i met sujatha she with her family is shifting to delhi, i met while coming back. i was about to tell you all but…….any ways you know she told that bhai i also shifted to delhi,
a smile appeared on her crying face while she continued
jan: you know ma after he left kolkata he shifetd to bangalore, to his friend Mr.mehra who was supposed to marry me. they both a new buisness and got succeeded in it and they shifted to delhi. he had a daughter and a new born son then, when he shited. so i am damm sure i will find my bhai, ask for his for giveness and i am sure he will for give me after all i am his janki, his janu.
dadaji ; but beta what your brother’s son is married or i in love with a girl. or what if laado dont like him we cant force our disicion on anybody.
janki’s face its color which it had some time back after all what dadaji said was true, and its about her daughter’s life. she thought for a while. then
jan : dont worry papa ji in any such case i will not force anybody lets wait and watch what shiv ji has for our laado. i dont have any problem with laksh saying this she went inside crying. kailash was about to go
dadi: kailash let her be alone for some time, she is upset.
the family lost is charm it had some times back….
on the other side laksh cane to GH near ragini’s window for the first time she was standing silent without speaking just staring at the moon, lost in thoughts. ofcours it was about laksh.
fr the first time ever ragini thinking about laksh. it was all new to her, what ever happened with her in morning. she found it strange. a strange feeling, a strange kind of happiness, a strange kind of nervesness , just a complete different feeling
rag pov:

this is the first time i am feeling like this.i dont talk to any boy that easily but but when he collided with me and asked me sorry i immediately replied him. first i dint even responded to any boy whether he said sorry or thanks or what heart beat used to increase when ever i speak to any boy or he used to just pass near me but when i met him it felt soo peace for the first time, i used to search for my dream boy in whom ever’s eyes i see. but today i was just staring into his eyes not searching, his eyes had different sparkle it them and when he kissed me, OMG laado! he kissed you, even if it was accident he kissed you!!! when no boy touched you till now, he…..
but there was a different kind of attraction in him which just pulled me towards him. which i never experienced in anybody not even in my first crush aayush or my resent crush vikas sir. laado what the hell are you thinking he is your teacher, you cant think about him like that! and more over he is getting married in another 15 days so stop your drama. god bless your stupid mind. hey shiv ji mujhe maff ka do plz..laada now go and sleep before dadima come here with a glass of milk, run laado…..!!!

rag: bye good night. she gave a quick flying kiss to her to be husband and ran to her bed put on her ear plugs and tried to sleep. with in no time she slept as she was tired.
but laksh found it strange that today she dint said her dil ki baath but was thinking some thing deeply. deep inside his heart he knew that she must be thinking about the morning incident after all he was thinking the same, that for the first time ever the touched her when she was in her conscious, for the first time ever he talked to her in real, for the first time ever he was soo close to her, heard her heart beat and for thr first time ever he kissed her even may be it was an accident kiss is a kiss right.
laksh was feeling very much restless. he climbed up the window and jumped in her room making some noise as it was complete silent. he bit his tongue and looked up to see if she woke up. but after all it was ragini. she was sleeping peacefully. he realesed his breath which he was holdong till now. he saw that she was sleeping peacefully with her ear plugs on which she forgot to remove.
then he went to her side, sat near her held her hands only after confirming that she is sound asleep.
lak: pata hey i cant even sleep now without seeing you, listening to your voice. i dont what magic you had done to me. ok now listen you know what today i said every thing to maa and papa. they aggried to out relationship. and they are soo happy that now i have girl in my life. they are eager to meet you.they said that they dont want to see your photo but they want to see you in real and they are eagerly waiting for you to know every thing and give your approval, specially jiju and ofcourse me.dont worry i will make you meet them soon and he winked at her. you know today by seeing you soo near to me my heart just skipped beat. i just felt like let this moment stop, so that you will near to me always.
ok anyways those days are also not for away when i will have you in my embrace while sleeping and that content of smile on our faces. you know i think today your shiv also game the permission to kiss you after 4 lonf years.thanks to him. and now i should use this opurtunity right. saying so he kissed her on forehead and smiled, she smiled in sleep only to increase his happiness.
lak: ok sooon to be Mrs lakshya maheshwari good night and my dreams. you have a sweet surprise tomorrow. and he was about to go from there after removing her ear plugs and covering her with duvet. but to his luck may be bad or good some opened the door of ragini’s room. his eyes widened in shock and that person’s too.

who was the person who saw laksh in ragini’s room, what will happen now! will janki find her brother,will he forgive her. who is janki’s bhai and his son? what changes can he bring in ragini’s life?, will he destroy raglak’s blossoming love? to find answers stay tuned to pyaar the feeling of love.
guys plz suggest me some songs for raglak,laksh and ragini plz….

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